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Photo of Ron Oelschlager

The God Delusion,’ by Richard Dawkins. I had read a couple articles in Time that he was featured in. He made some really interesting points, so I decided to read his book.”

Photo of Sandy Mitchell

“Denise Low’s ‘Words of a Prairie Alchemist.’ It’s a collection of her essays. She is now Kansas’ poet laureate.”

Photo of Kasey Duncan

Dear John,’ by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve heard really good things about it, and I’ve liked his other books.”

Photo of George Kamerick

Alta,’ by Mercedes Lackey. It’s about a boy who was basically a slave until he raises a dragon and becomes a knight.”

Photo of Nick Kessler

Annals of the Former World,’ by John McPhee. He’s a writer who travels across the country with different geologists over a period of about 20 years.”


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