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Do you get stage fright or fear public speaking?

Asked at Southwest Junior High School on February 27, 2007

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Photo of Megan Bracciano

“No. I’m in Model U.N. and like acting, so I get used to it.”

Photo of Cody Oller

“Yes, I do. I’m very uncomfortable when I’m up on stage. I even start to shake.”

Photo of Ehab Chahine

“Yes, because there are so many people and they’re all looking at me. It’s like they’re all depending on me.”

Photo of Reina McCoy

“Yes. It’s just a lot of people. They’re just focused on you and that’s all.”

Photo of Jamal Brown

“I would say no, because I’m not really scared of speaking in front of anybody unless it’s my mom.”

Photo of Elise Denning

“No, because I’m in band and I’m used to performing in front of a lot of people.”

Photo of Jessica Booth

“No. I don’t look at anyone in the crowd in particular. I just stare out and don’t care what they think.”

Photo of Esperanza Martinez

“Not really. It’s not that hard. When you think about it, it’s never all that many people. It helps if you practice in front of someone you know and trust or only look at people you know in the audience.”


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