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Do you sleep enough?

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Photo of Quintin Rucker

“No, I sure don’t. Homework mixed with athletics doesn’t add up to a lot of sleep.”

Photo of Karen Combes

“No. I have too many other things on my mind like school, doing homework and my social life.”

Photo of Eli Hoelscher

“No, I have insomnia. I’ve pretty much always had trouble getting enough.”

Photo of Josh Wedel

“Probably not. I usually get about seven hours. I stay up watching a lot of TV.”

Photo of Nicole Krische

“No. I go to bed by 11 or later, and I have to be up by 6:30. I’m usually up doing homework or hanging out with friends.”

Photo of LeighAnn Krische

“I think I do. I have enough energy to make it through the school day and then practice.”


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