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What do you think is the most dangerous intersection in Lawrence?

Asked at U.S. Post Office, 645 Vt. on February 3, 2007

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Photo of Angela Schmidt

“I’d probably say the one at 15th and Engel right near the dorms and that church. There’s a lot of student traffic, and you can’t see because of the hill.”

Photo of Dean Edington

“I live at the intersection of 19th and Tennessee, and it’s really bad. It takes me longer to get out of my driveway than it does to get where I’m going. It’s bad for drivers and pedestrians.”

Photo of DJ Satterfield

“Twenty-third and Harper. People are anxious and in a hurry to get into or out of town, and they aren’t adhering to the traffic laws.”

Photo of Brian Loendorf

“I’ve seen several accidents at 15th and Iowa, but it might just be that I’m around it all the time and use it more than most.”

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average 11 years ago

15th/Engel. Yep. Naismith/Crescent (Jayhawk Bookstore) 9th/Michigan (connecting to Emery) Rockledge/McDonald (people from 6th west of Iowa getting to the Pike)

samsnewplace 11 years ago

23rd & Iowa, the one way streets have alot of idiots turning left from the right lane or right from the left lane...they must think they are in the big city. I have learned to avoid the one-way streets.

killjoy 11 years ago

Tough choice...I don't know which poorly designed roundabout or poorly applied "traffic-calming" device to pick

killjoy 11 years ago

Did you ever notice that there aren't any semis on K-10?

There will be plenty of them once the SLT is completed, because then they can take K-10 from South KC to I-70 west via the SLT.

JayCat_67 11 years ago

Harvard and Kasold is a royal pain, but mostly because of idiots who can't figure out how a four way stop is supposed to work.

jonas 11 years ago

Sure you can. You just have to plan slightly ahead so you don't have to take a left onto or off of any of those mentioned streets.

Most dangerous, I would say that 15th and Engel seems like it should be the most dangerous, particularly right after five, but in my personal experience, I've seen the most wrecks on 19th and Iowa.

lunacydetector 11 years ago

...and most of these intersections would be safer if the south lawrence trafficway was completed. from a four lane highway to a super two lane (because of the delays by the fringe in the community taking it to court, plus the enviro-terrorists destroying the construction equipment) and the after effects is all the traffic congestion within the city-not to mention all the injury accidents. if anyone is to blame for the dangerous intersections, go to the root of the problem. it is the freaks and their supporters who are now running the show....but we are going to get $750,000 from the state for more roundabouts...that will pay for at least ONE roundabout (or partially pay for one, like the one on 19th street).

build the SLT. it will save lives and stop unnecessary injury.

budwhysir 11 years ago

The worst ones are all streets intersecting with the following.


You cant get anywhere in this town,

Richard Heckler 11 years ago

The hidden cost of growth = internal traffic of residents going to shop, work or play. When KU is on break there are a few thousand less drivers which makes a huge difference so look forward to May. The SLT will NOT effect all the shoppers,students, employees and delivery traffic connected to everyday driving. The question might be where are the drivers going in such a hurry? Slowing down,getting off cell phones and obeying traffic signals could have dramatic results not to mention saving tax dollars.

Larry 11 years ago

Any intersection with a KU student driving through it or better yet, any intersection with a KU student from Johnson County driving through it. I'm live in JOCO so I know what I'm talking about here people. These kids are REALLY dangerous!

Christine Pennewell Davis 11 years ago

by the way there are tons of semis on k10 that just roll on down 23rd day and night.

Aileen Dingus 11 years ago

23rd & Mass. I'd love a left turn light off of Mass onto 23rd. I live south of 23rd and I can't count the times I've almost been clocked trying to turn.

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

I dont know about the most dangerous...

But the most annoying intersection in Lawrence is that of uneducated right-wing fanatics, the personal computer, and this LJW blog.

ms_canada 11 years ago

What did your groundhog Phil predict? Canada's Wiarton Willie of Western Ontario says it will be an early spring. Excuse the out of context comment but just had to let you know the good news.

Danielle Brunin 11 years ago


I'll second that. There is a wreck at 9th and Avalon at least twice a week. We were in a three car pileup there the day we tried to move into our apartment. It is a nightmare! However, putting in a light or a stop sign is out of the question because I think that would make it worse. It is such a difficult location, I don't know what the solution is.

Bone777 11 years ago


Where Irving Hill Road crosses over Iowa Street

if your standing on top of a double decker bus.

Bone777 11 years ago


Where Irving Hill Road crosses over Iowa Street

if you're standing on top of a double decker bus.

Harry_Manback 11 years ago

I live between Emery and Avalon on 9th St., and it's fun to sit outside and watch all the idiots during rush hour. I hear screeching tires, horns and accidents quite regularly. The road is always in disrepair and there always seems to be some road crew working on it. It doesn't help when Oldfather Studios is open during the school year, and 30+ cars try to exit when class ends. That's when it's at it's worst. I wouldn't say it's the most dangerous though, as this city is full of poorly laid out streets.

snowWI 11 years ago

15th and Engel Street is dangerous for pedestrians crossing because of the hill. I think the speed limit in that area should be reduced in that area. I think the current speed limit is 30mph in that zone.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 11 years ago

Dazie Exactly, when you're trying to turn west onto 23rd, and there are people turning east, you can't see the lane that's for going straight. When I'm going straight across on Mass, I make sure I slow down, because I know I can't be seen.
Also, those drivers turning right need to understand that they are to turn into the right lane, then signal to change to the middle, so the people turning left can turn. There are just too many people who have never taken driver's ed anymore. Intersections would be a lot less dangerous, if everyone was required to have driver's ed.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 11 years ago

Killjoy Semis don't go on 10 highway unless they are coming to Lawrence. Otherwise, they take 70, since it's already the bypass to go around Lawrence. Johnson county people are just too cheap to take the turnpike to get to Topeka, although it doesn't take long by 435. Why would we want to build a free highway for them and the semis?

Harry_Manback 11 years ago


The speed limit on 15th and Engel is 15 or 20, not 30 mph. It's also a school zone with flashing lights, so it has to be pretty low. But, once on campus, the rules of the road cease to exist. Everyone speeds, no one goes their turn on 4-way stops, and if you're driving, you risk hitting someone and vice-versa if you're walking.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

"I dont know about the most dangerous...

But the most annoying intersection in Lawrence is that of uneducated right-wing fanatics, the personal computer, and this LJW blog. "

"uneducated? your liberal stereotype is showing. I hold an M.A. here, from that institution of higher learning on the hill..."uneducated?"

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

enjoyed a great "neopolitan hot chocolate," muffin, and an espresso at Prima Tazza this afternoon. was good company there today.

ms_canada 11 years ago

Your mention of Prima Tazza brought back some pleasant memories. Do you remember that day we met there? I bet you do. It was so fun.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

yes of course MSC, don't often meet a woman like you so of course I remember that time we met at prima tazza. along with Ceallach et al.

bearded_gnome 11 years ago

Couranna1, the espresso I had was definitely up to high standards...perhaps you were there on an "off day." or, you just got up with your grumpy shirt on that day?

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