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Just what is a Hokie?

Asked at Blacksburg, Va. on December 31, 2007

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Photo of Curt Kennedy

“My mom and dad basically told me that it was an imaginary, college, made-up turkey.”

Photo of Josh Morgan

“They say the Hokie is actually a stone : like the stone that the stadium is made out of. That’s what I’ve been hearing that it is. I don’t know why they got the bird out there.”

Photo of Vince Hall

“We’re going to show everybody what a Hokie is, come the bowl game. They’re going to see it.”

Photo of Derek Lester

“A guy made up a song a long time ago for a cheer. Hokie is just a word-filler in it, but it came to be one of the best mascots in the nation.”

Photo of Clifford Carter

“A Hokie is a turkey. I really never figured out why it’s called a Hokie.”

Photo of Paul Lautermilch

“Officially we’re the Virginia Tech Fighting Gobblers. Hokie is the unofficial nickname.”


sunflower_sue 6 years, 3 months ago

something corny or corn flakes...although cornflakes are a sense.


RETICENT_IRREVERENT 6 years, 3 months ago

Something you do before you pokie, but after you put your left foot in, and your left foot out, then back in again and its shaken all about.


Crossfire 6 years, 3 months ago

Main Entry: hokie &&char114&& hÅ-&&char114&& kÄ Function: noun 1: one who sits crosslegged and deeply inhales the smoke of a water pipe. "considered a privileged class in some non-smoking community's."

"I do da hokie smokie, den I'm floatin' in da clouds."


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