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Just what is a Hokie?

Asked at Blacksburg, Va. on December 31, 2007

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Photo of Curt Kennedy

“My mom and dad basically told me that it was an imaginary, college, made-up turkey.”

Photo of Josh Morgan

“They say the Hokie is actually a stone : like the stone that the stadium is made out of. That’s what I’ve been hearing that it is. I don’t know why they got the bird out there.”

Photo of Vince Hall

“We’re going to show everybody what a Hokie is, come the bowl game. They’re going to see it.”

Photo of Derek Lester

“A guy made up a song a long time ago for a cheer. Hokie is just a word-filler in it, but it came to be one of the best mascots in the nation.”

Photo of Clifford Carter

“A Hokie is a turkey. I really never figured out why it’s called a Hokie.”

Photo of Paul Lautermilch

“Officially we’re the Virginia Tech Fighting Gobblers. Hokie is the unofficial nickname.”


Crossfire 10 years, 2 months ago

Main Entry: hokie &&char114&& hÅ-&&char114&& kÄ Function: noun 1: one who sits crosslegged and deeply inhales the smoke of a water pipe. "considered a privileged class in some non-smoking community's."

"I do da hokie smokie, den I'm floatin' in da clouds."

sunflower_sue 10 years, 2 months ago

something corny or corn flakes...although cornflakes are a sense.

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