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What will be the most popular gift this year?

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Photo of Joseph Levinson

“An iPod. Everyone seems to want one, or a new model if they already have one.”

Photo of Addie Hart

“A new cell phone that plays music or an iPod.”

Photo of Abby Olker

“I think a lot of people want a Wii, because you get to stand up and do something. It feels more like you’re actually doing it.”

Photo of Dante Colombo

“Probably an iPod, because all of their friends have one and it’s a good place to store all of your music.”

Photo of Crystal Wesley

“An iPhone. It’s like the hottest phone on the planet.”

Photo of Sara Tamez

“An iPod. You can keep so many songs on them now, and they’re a lot of fun.”

Photo of Chase Compton

“I hear a lot of kids want an iPhone, but it’s pretty expensive. There are a lot of them that want an iPod, too.”

Photo of Sean Cesare

“Probably a new cell phone that’s good for texting and getting on the Internet.”


asiansensation 10 years, 1 month ago

Ipod, IPhone, IBook, I...anything. If they made and Itoilet , I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes. That gives me an sit and it plays your favorite tunes, no more newspapers or entertained while you use the crapper. Kareoke while you go. The all new IToilet. Coming soon...

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