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Do you speak a foreign language?

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Photo of Ashleigh Board

“Some Spanish, but not very much.”

Photo of Samantha Board

“I can speak one sentence in Japanese, a little Spanish and a little native from the Blackfeet tribe.”

Photo of Julyan Wilson

“I can speak a little bit of German, Spanish and French.”

Photo of Nate Shobe

“I can speak a little German, and I’m taking Introduction to Foreign Language next semester to learn more.”

Photo of Sarah Showalter

“I know a couple of phrases and how to count a little in German, Spanish and French.”

Photo of Clarke Cunningham

“I can do a little bit of French, but I’m currently getting a C in the class.”

Photo of Avery Koerner

“No. I’ve never taken any classes for it, but I want to learn German because that’s where my family is originally from.”

Photo of Levi Stroud

“I guess I know a tiny bit of Spanish, but I can’t speak it fluently at all.”


bevy 10 years ago

I can speak a few words of Spanish and count in French, and am fluent in Pig Latin.

Ancay ouyay eakspay Igpay Atinlay?

kneejerkreaction 10 years ago

All the people in this poll should have responded, "NO", and left it at that.

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