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What are you reading?

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Photo of Lauren Cunningham

“I’m reading ‘American Psycho,’ by Bret Easton Ellis, for my English class. It was very disturbing, but very well-written. The author leaves plenty of room for your imagination to work.”

Photo of Lauren Kernes

“I just finished ‘Flowers for Algernon,’ by Daniel Keyes. It’s kind of a science-fiction novel about a man with a developmental disability, and scientists ‘cure’ him, so to speak. He then becomes extremely intelligent and realizes how horribly he has been treated.”

Photo of Harvey Steir

The Republic of Letters: The Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison,’ by James Morton Smith. It’s a three-volume collection of the all of the letters they sent to each other.”

Photo of Henry Kritikos

“I’m reading ‘Love and Respect,’ by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It’s about having a marriage that is in tune with the Bible.”

Photo of Michaelle Gudino

Echo,’ by Francesca Lia Block. It’s kind of a real-life fairy tale about a teenage girl dealing with her angst.”


ms_canada 10 years, 5 months ago

I am joyfully reading a book that was recommeded by sunflower sue, that devourer of great books. It is Ken Follett's wonderful The Pillars of the Earth. Sue I am on page 355 of 973 and I must say that you were absolutely right about this book. It is great. I love the characters. The humble and pious monk Prior Philip, the equally humble Tom Builder, the stone mason. This book is about the dreams of Tom to build a mighty cathedral in the England of 1123 and on. Mr. Follett has the ability to give a vivid picture of his characters and lets us see into their hearts and souls. I highly recommend this book and humbly thank sunflower sue for telling me about it. Thanks sue.

bearded_gnome 10 years, 5 months ago

still, 'uncle tom's cabin' by stowe. wow, what a compelling read! she does the best I've ever seen at portraying how slavery tore apart slave families for profit. very compelling.

sounds like quite a book msc. I'll look for it. and I'm glad bristas are studying how to have a marriage that fits with the biblical plan. hope it is true to the Scriptures.

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