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Are you prepared for icy driving conditions?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on December 1, 2007

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Photo of Ed Wilken

“I’ve got some stuff left over from last year, but I need to buy scrapers for some of the cars and probably some salt.”

Photo of Kathy Traylor

“No. But I work at an elementary school, so whenever there’s ice on the road I’ll be staying home.”

Photo of Matthew Mitchell

“I did buy some salt last night to clear the driveway. I’ve got a shovel and everything, but unfortunately I don’t have a license right now.”

Photo of Nathan Dixey

“I think so. I’m from Chicago, so I think I’m ready for it.”


southerngirl 7 years ago

Yes, but my fellow Mid Southerners never are...everything closes down when the first flake of snow falls, but then they race home on the icy streets. Crazy, Crazy, crazy... d

jonas 7 years ago

I'm always prepared for icy driving conditions. Go slower, ease up on the accelerator, keep a large amount of space between you and the other drivers. No esta muy deficil.

OnlyTheOne 7 years ago

Nor does it help steering, Prospector.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Also remember that no matter how much your vehicle cost, it is still subject to the laws of physics.

sgtwolverine 7 years ago

After a bad accident on the highway a couple years ago (not so much bad for me, but for a responding firefighter), I am as cautious as I can be when road conditions are uncertain or dangerous.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

for those of you out of town, we got no ice, apparently none, at no time of the morning, as predicted.

thus, the only dread we have is mud. mud.

wondering when they asked this on mass st. why not go to other places to ask the ots question: lmh; bert nash; wal-mart; haskell; kansas union. or, ask at the jail.

are you prepared for winter driving? a: yeah, as soon as I steal that copcar.

jonas 7 years ago

Bearded Gnome: "wondering when they asked this on mass st. why not go to other places to ask the ots question: lmh; bert nash; wal-mart; haskell; kansas union. or, ask at the jail."

Maybe they didn't want to drive in the ice.

sigerson 7 years ago

Scariest driving experience I ever had was careening down the east side of Mt. Oread on a sheet of ice. What's the downward angle? Thirty percent? Or does it just get larger with age and every time I tell the story? Against all odds, I didn't hit anything.

Now, I stay home.

Kathy Getto 7 years ago

Perpared, yes, prepared to stay home where it is cozy.

ms_canada 7 years ago

We, here in the frozen north, had the most beautiful autumn but winter hit us with a bang while I was in Calif. last week. WOW, I could not believe the cold and icy streets. Not much snow yet but cold. We have much experience with icy streets here with out long winters, so are pretty well prepared for anything.

matahari 7 years ago

Pywacket (Anonymous) says:

I am so ready to head for the nearest ice-glazed cornfield to do donuts!

Are you serious? you just pick out someomes' corn field and drive through it? That takes nerve and a good attorney!

sunflower_sue 7 years ago

Not sure how the current auto will handle the ice. I try not to be out when it's icy, but when I am, I go slower, brake sooner, and generally try not to act like a ninny.

compmd 7 years ago

As a Chicagoan, I laugh at this pitiful attempt at wintry weather that Mother Nature has dropped on Lawrence. Seriously, its not that bad. I eagerly await some serious snowfall.

But yes, slow down people. And for drivers of newer cars, your "Winter Mode" button is not a substitute for intelligence.

snowWI 7 years ago

Lawrence is located so far south. The Upper Midwest gets much more snowfall that actually stays on the ground. With climate change occuring Kansas has a climate similar to the upper portions of the south these days.

bearded_gnome 7 years ago

Maybe they didn't want to drive in the ice.


"act like a ninny..." is that on the current driving test?

well, we survived this dreaded onslot of death!

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

What year was the big ice storm that put parts of KC out of power for a couple of weeks? Early 2003?

GretchenJP 7 years ago

I'm ready as I'll ever be considering I only have to drive 5 minutes to work. Don't hate! My husband, however, has to drive 45 minutes so of course I'll worry about him.

BrianR 7 years ago

I can walk to the office prn.

I am also prepared to stay home, I think?

Hot chocolate, check,

Bailey's Irish Cream, check.

Yes, I am ready to stay home too.

compmd 7 years ago

RI said: "When it ices it turns in to a great luge run.

I'm dying to try it out with the aluminum canoe."

Awesome! I have a carbon fiber and high density foam sled I made that would be pretty scary to ride down that I bet. :)

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