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What do you think about the new South Junior High School?

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Photo of Hallie Clark

“It’s very different and interesting. I like how there are windows now.”

Photo of Matt Fish

“I think it’s the complete opposite. Instead of round with no windows, it’s square with too many windows.”

Photo of Kaitlin Chichester

“It’s awesome, because you can see outside and it’s easier to find your way around. But I still kind of miss the old one.”

Photo of Mariah Schwager

“It’s really cool and really bright. I’m used to the circle, though, so all the hallways will take some getting used to.”

Photo of Alex Brown

“I think it’s great. The thing I like most is all of the windows and lots of air conditioning.”

Photo of Levi Everson

“It’s actually really cool. I like the glass garage doors inside. We have a lot of windows, bigger rooms, and it has two stories. It’s a lot better than the old one.”


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