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What kind of lunch do you eat at school?

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Photo of Chase Compton

“If I’m hungry enough, I eat the school lunch. Hopefully, I remember to bring one.”

Photo of Tyler Baum

“I always eat the school lunch. I’ll get some extra cookies if they have them.”

Photo of Nicole Simpson

“Our lunches are catered. It’s always good food, but it seems like we always have chicken.”

Photo of Gabriel Patterson

“I eat the school lunch. I usually buy extra cookies and chips, but sometimes I’ll eat the salad bar.”

Photo of Amy Trompeter

“Primarily Uncrustables and skim milk. It’s a great lunch, and it’s so flavorful.”

Photo of Benn Stover

“I usually go out to eat at Chipotle or Subway.”

Photo of Britni Coulter

“We can either have the salad bar, the main dish or both. We usually just have water to drink. Then we have desert at the end. We have pizza delivered on Fridays, but we have to pay $2 a slice to support the sophomore class.”

Photo of Emily Johnson

“I usually just have peanut butter and jelly or the salad bar. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s kind of hard to eat anything else at school.”


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