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What are you looking forward to when school starts?

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Photo of Mackenzie Myers

“The new building. It will be a brand new experience. I’m also looking forward to meeting a lot of new people.”

Photo of Jae Richardson

“Seeing all my friends and meeting all my new teachers in the brand new building.”

Photo of Wyatt Ohse

“New teachers, having a locker and making new friends, because I’m not going to the same school.”

Photo of T.J. McDowell

“Seeing all my friends, new teachers, new classes, gym class, track, clubs and everything.”

Photo of Kara Kelley

“Having a locker for the first time.”

Photo of Sadie Devin

“Meeting new people and getting to play tennis.”

Photo of Riley Buller

“Having more people to make friends with and playing football.”

Photo of Matt Keary

“Just being in junior high for the first year and getting to have a locker for the first time.”


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