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Do you think the media affects your self-image?

Asked at Free State High School on April 24, 2007

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Photo of Cera Krayenhagen

“I guess it does. The media usually affects trends in style and makes people want to look pretty.”

Photo of Michael Murphree

“I do not believe that it affects me, but I think it affects those who choose to go with the trends of fashion and what’s popular so that it affects their perception of me and the people around them.”

Photo of Katie Swank

“Yes, I’d say the media has an influence on my self-image. You can’t help but be surrounded by images and opinions of how you’re supposed to look.”

Photo of Sean Hall

“Yes. The media feeds you lies about how you are supposed to look, and it’s hard not to believe in the image that is being manufactured.”

Photo of Amelia Ferns-Hubert

“Yes, but more in terms of fashion than anything else.”

Photo of Mitchell Haverty

“I think that the media definitely affects people’s self image. I personally try not to pay much attention to it, but honestly I would say that it’s pretty much inescapable.”


Linda Endicott 10 years, 7 months ago

No...considering that I've never been a focus of the media.

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