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Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 13, 2007

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Photo of Christina O'Riley

“Not really, because nothing bad has ever happened to me on Friday the 13th, so there’s no reason for me to start worrying now.”

Photo of Jonathan Neal

“I don’t believe in it. Sometimes people have good luck, sometimes bad luck. But it’s not a bad day for people to be a little more cautious.”

Photo of Stephanie Smith

“I am very superstitious, but I believe Friday the 13th is a lucky day for me because tomorrow is my birthday. I was actually born on Friday, April 13, 1984. All the power in the hospital went out during a thunderstorm, and I was born at 11:11 p.m.”

Photo of Ian Anderson

“No. I might think about it for a second, but it doesn’t stick in my head or affect my day.”


jonas 8 years ago

Man, I'm running out of answers for this question. OTS needs to stop asking it.

Crossfire 8 years ago

I'm gonna put on my runnin' shoes, Cause bad luck is on my trail. Gonna grab that black cat, swing him by the tail. ...ewee, I scared.

Appologies to all the old blues singers.

Christine Pennewell Davis 8 years ago

oh funny you to, nice having a laugh in the morning thanks. No not really just another day at my house.

acg 8 years ago

Nah. Friday the 13th has a long standing tradition in my house. We almost celebrate it, like Halloween, because of all of the superstition that surrounds it. We rent bad B horror movies and stay up late, eating popcorn and drinking root beer floats. My folks did it with me and now I do it with my kids. It's kind of fun. I wonder what we should rent tonight? I would love for my oldest to start watching the Friday the 13th movies, but he's still a bit young and there are too many boobie shots in those. I need bad B horror sans too much sex.

jonas 8 years ago

Cmon acg, you're talking about a slasher flick and you're worrying about boobies? Boobies never hurt anybody!

. . . . though I suppose they might be one cause for people to hurt themselves. . . .

acg 8 years ago

It's not that I think boobies are bad for him Jonas. We really try to not act like naked is bad around the kids because we don't want them to be raised with the typical American body hang ups, I'm just not ready for the "what's that guy doing to that girl?" conversation. It's only because I have enough going on right now. Kids are exhausting, as it is. I just had to have the "grandma is a lesbian and there's nothing wrong with it" conversation with him and that was hard enough.

beatrice 8 years ago

"Boobies never hurt anybody!" -- somebody obviously has never seen Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex ... but were afraid to ask."

No, I'm not superstitious about Friday the 13th. Being superstitious just brings bad luck.

acg -- tough conversation with the kid about grandma. Even worse, I'm wondering what grampa had to say when you told him.

Bone777 8 years ago

Boobies have hurt me plenty of times.

If my wife catches me glancing at anyone's, besides hers, I am put in instant pain.

Kathy Getto 8 years ago

Damn those Christians for starting this whole thing.

yourworstnightmare 8 years ago

Isn't Friday, April 13th the day that Jesus, after ascending to heaven, came back to the new world and confabbed with the Indians?

Or is it just a ridiculous superstition?

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

Bone, the wife should let you look. How will she believe you when you tell her that she is more beautiful if you don't look?

Bea, had I been drinking anything at the time I read your post, I'm sure it would have shot out of my nose.

I didn't realize it was friday the 13th until I read it here. Nope, doesn't faze me. I'll go ahead and mail my taxes today. crosses fingers

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

RI, I love to hear about your family life. Makes mine seem so normal. :D

acg 8 years ago

Hehee, Bea, you kill me! Actually, grandpa didn't much mind. He had already ran off to Thailand to marry a 15 year old hooker and I swear I'm not making that up. That's when his wife, my mother-in-law, decided she was gay. My poor, dear husband's family is seriously messed up.

asauder 8 years ago

I'm more of a believer in Friday, the April 20th.

Me too :)

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. However, being a person whose birthday is on the 14th of another month, I am always more cautious on the Friday before my birthday.

ms_canada 8 years ago

acg - they may be seriously messed up but certainly not boring, or would you prefer boring. I wish something would spice my existence up a bit. Maybe something interesting will happen this Friday 13. I have no superstitions about anything at all. And TOB what is so special about Friday Apr. 20?

sgtwolverine 8 years ago

Nope. I'm just looking out the window at clear blue skies and hoping the temperature keeps rising little by little so the scheduled high school baseball game isn't postponed or canceled. I've been looking forward to the start of the season.

Flap Doodle 8 years ago

(sitting in a circle of lodestones and chanting "rama lama ding dong" over & over) No, I'm not superstitious.

acg 8 years ago

"Nope. I'm just looking out the window at clear blue skies..." sgt

: |~

It's been raining here for so long, I almost feel like we should start gathering the animals two by two.

I didn't even realize April 20 was on a Friday this year. Woohoo! Party time! Who am I kidding? I'm old. LOL.

sgtwolverine 8 years ago

acg, we just endured a time of unpleasant weather here, and this is really the first day out of it. It's still not actually warm, but it's not actually freezing anymore.

BorderRat 8 years ago

Ian sure looks different from his flute playing days with "Jethro Tull."

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 8 years ago

Did you know it is illegal to sell beer in Quenemo Ks (near Pomana) on Friday 13? They used to have cheap draws, and bikers used to go there. It was becoming another Sturgis, but then some jealous guy killed his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, and they made this really weird law.
Anyway one time after the bar closed I was in a motorcycle accident, but technically it was the 14th by then.

Meatwad 8 years ago

Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. But the Ides of March, now that's something I worry about.

BorderRat 8 years ago

Meatwad, Why are you worried about an old instrumental rock band?

Harry_Manback 8 years ago

Both my parents were born on Friday the 13th exactly six months apart, so I think of it as a lucky day!

rocketmom67 8 years ago

I love Jethro Tull! My 13 year old has discoverd Aqua Lung and loves it! This is my lucky day!

Bone777 8 years ago

RI - A little like Jimmy, my teeth just aren't as big.

S.S. and Pywacket - I made mention to my wife about "the new rules" and she smacked me upside the head.

I will be heading the the battered husband shelter, if this keeps up.

Newell_Post 8 years ago

It was unlucky for the Knights Templar. King Philip IV busted them up on Friday, October 13, 1307. Lots of bad mojo in that date, if you're superstitious.

budwhysir 8 years ago

Friday the 13th always comes prior to the 31st therefor I do not fear this day. Anyhow, I am no more worried about this day than any other.

Kathy Getto 8 years ago

Posted by Newell_Post (anonymous) on April 13, 2007 at 7:01 p.m. (Suggest removal)

It was unlucky for the Knights Templar. King Philip IV busted them up on Friday, October 13, 1307. Lots of bad mojo in that date, if you're superstitious.

And modern Demolays carry on that tradition?

Or was it really because Jesus was crucified on Friday and there were thirteen at the last supper? Hmmm, or maybe it had its origins in Norse Mythology, one of my favorites.

In all reality, it is a modern invention I would dare to guess.

Newell_Post 8 years ago


Modern DeMolays honor some of the things about the Templars, but don't have any hang-ups about the date, to my knowledge. However, it looks like the 700-year anniversay of the Templars' demise is coming up this year. Never noticed that before...

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