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What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Asked at Easter egg hunt at Independence Inc., 2001 Haskell Ave. on April 8, 2007

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Photo of Michelle Hiatt

“Just watching the kids have fun and going to church on Easter Sunday is always pretty special.”

Photo of Hunter Elms

“Finding candy to eat in all the eggs.”

Photo of Liza Billsie

“Good Friday, celebrating Lent and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday.”

Photo of Eliaz Borregas

“I like to find the eggs and open them up to see what’s inside.”


Crossfire 11 years ago

The New Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez Movies.

paladin 11 years ago

Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and Jesus.

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

Seeing my house from 3000 feet as I ascend toward heaven.

Crossfire 11 years ago

Bunnys Peeps and eggs... Kids w/sugar-rush and salmonella... Roll-away the stone. We are outa here.

jonas 11 years ago

Finally getting out of that frickin' tomb. You have no idea how heavy that rock was. Good thing I have carpenter muscles.

ms_canada 11 years ago

Family together is the best thing about celebrating any holiday. I had a lovely surprise on Friday when my daughter and grandson from down Calgary way drove up. Had not seen my grandson for a while. Everyone was here except the hockey player who was way back east but Tues. and Wed. his team will be playing hockey in the semi final playoffs against the Calgary team and hubby and I will motor down for the games. Yipee. That will be great. His team won the first two of seven so far.

gccs14r 11 years ago

I like seeing the latest Easter kitsch in the stores so I can laugh and point at the commercialism. What's up with the gift baskets? Walkie-talkies for Easter? Spider-Man Easter? At least no one has yet marketed a "Home Resurrection Kit" (Action Figures and glowing Ascension beam sold separately).

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

having kind neighbors that cook good food and hind bazillions of eggs in the yard for the kiddies. Being with people that love me. :):):) (I'm soooo stuffed!)

He is risen! Happy Easter y'all!

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