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How do your parents keep track of where you go?

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Photo of Terrany Rayton

“They make me check in and call me every 15 minutes. If I don’t answer, they leave a message and I have to call them back.””

Photo of Travis James

“My dad calls and checks in with me, and I call to check in with him. We basically just use our cell phones.”

Photo of Sandy Slemp

“They have me call them, and they call wherever I’m supposed to be to make sure I’m there. My mom is really smart about it.”

Photo of Brandon Goodwin

“With my cell phone. They have me call them every hour or so, and I can never be out past two. They’re pretty strict about it.”

Photo of Malcolm Sims

“They call me on my cell phone. Sometimes my mom stops by wherever I’m supposed to be.”

Photo of Jennifer Nguyen

“My cell phone. They call me, but not that often.”

Photo of Erin Thimmesch

“They have me take my cell phone or leave them a note telling them where I am and when I’ll be back.”

Photo of Sarah Bodle

“I tell them. If they don’t know where I am, they just call me on my cell. They trust me.”


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