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Photo of Becky Householder

Angels and Demons,’ by Dan Brown. I liked ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ and I wanted to read more about it.”

Photo of Aaron Miller

Choke,’ by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s about a guy who is pretty screwed up in his upbringing and pretends to choke at restaurants so that people will save him, care about him and give him money.”

Photo of Britany Casey

The Hot Zone,’ by Richard Preston. It’s a really interesting book about an outbreak of the Ebola virus.”

Photo of Jonathan Bowman

Confessions of St. Augustine,’ by Saint, Bishop of Hippo Augustine. I’ve heard that St. Augustine tried to merge Platoism and Christianity to reach some sort of agreement between the two, and I’m reading it to find out if that was the case.”

Photo of Rebecca Loges

Living in Process,’ by Ann Wilson Schaef. It’s kind of about the way people think and try to make things static, when really everything is always changing.”


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