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How much do you use the Internet for your homework?

Asked at Lawrence High School on November 21, 2006

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Photo of Jessica Miller

“A lot. There are a lot of resources I can use to get facts for history papers and essays.”

Photo of Matt Rogers

“Most of the time, actually. I use it for essays, history projects and reading up on stuff for English.”

Photo of Jenny McGee

“Every day right now, because I’ve been writing a 10-page research paper.”

Photo of Faiz Ahmed

“A little, only when they give us a project where we have to do research.”

Photo of Parendi Birdie

“A lot for research, but I also use it a lot for school-related stuff like checking my e-mail for clubs.”

Photo of Vanessa Rials

“For at least half of my assignments. It makes it go a lot faster.”

Photo of Matt Nathan

“Not very much. I just use my textbooks. They’re more reliable.”

Photo of Courtney Caldwell

“Not very often. I mainly have math homework, but I use it for reports and stuff.”


sunflower_sue 11 years, 6 months ago

Why does Vanessa have big "kissy marks" all over her face?

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