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What are you reading?

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Photo of Corey Jennings

“The Silmarillion,’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s a prelude to ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. It’s about the earlier history of Middle Earth.”

Photo of Sara Stonecipher

“To Afghanistan and Back,’ by Ted Rall and Bill Maher. It’s a graphic novel about the authors’ experiences in Afghanistan.”

Photo of Armon Pollack

“The World Is Flat,’ by Thomas Friedman. It’s about the economic implications of globalization and how states can better globalize.”

Photo of Erin Morgan

“I’m reading ‘The Da Vinci Code’ one more time before I see the movie. I just want to catch up and remember all the little details. I’m interested in comparing it to the movie because I really like the book.”

Photo of Shelley Viles

Neverwhere,’ by Neil Gaiman. It’s about people who fall through the cracks and have created their own world in the sewers underneath London.”


sunflower_sue 12 years ago

same book I was reading last week. But, I'd better hurry up 'cause my sis is gonna want it in a few days.

ms_canada 12 years ago

Currently reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. One of the many books based on the legend of Arthur, High King of Britain. Arthur as High King was indeed a legend but I have discovered that in history there truly was an Arthur in the 5th Century but he was no more than a great leader of Briton's warriors who sought to keep their island free from the invading Jutes, Angles and Saxons from the continent and from the Scots of Eire plus the Picts of Caledonia (Scotland) A lot of the Arthurian chronicles contain much about goddess worship and rites and this book is no exception. Ms. Bradley seems well versed in the knowledge of paganism and witchcraft.

jonas 12 years ago

The Silmirillion is amazing. That one man's mythology is more in depth and detailed that many of the world actual countries. One of my favorite books.

ms_canada 12 years ago

I, also, thoroughly enjoyed the Silmirillion. What a mind that man had.

ms_canada 12 years ago

Have any of you Tolkien fans checked out some of the websites of the Silmarillion? One of my favourites, if you google Silmarillion, go to the Encyclopedia of Arda Site. It gives charts and time lines and other good stuff.

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