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Are you excited about the Lawrence Outdoor Aquatic Center opening for the summer?

Asked at Buford M. Watson Jr. Park on May 28, 2006

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Photo of Isabel Carttar

“Yeah, I live right across the street from it. I think I’ll get a summer-long pass. I like to play on the lily pads. It’s fun to fall off of them.”

Photo of Degan Kaczor

“Yes. I like to swim and play under the mushrooms.”

Photo of Raquel Dominguez

“Yes. I like to swim and go on the slides. And I like to jump off the diving board, too.”

Photo of Olivia Wallen

“Yeah. I like to play underneath the mushrooms and jump on the lily pads.”


sunflower_sue 12 years ago

No longer being able to park at the, not looking forward to it, personally. I'm happy for the kiddies, though, who have nothing else to do when their parents dump them off at "baby sitter pool." We may attend 2 or 3 times this summer (like every summer). I really can't stand it and avoid it if I can. I guess I'd rather take my kids to a lake where the water is cleaner.

p.s. still no TV. WOW! Who knew?

ms_canada 12 years ago

Hey guys, since you are all dying to know, the Edmonton Oilers trounced Anahiem Mighty Ducks last night in a most exciting game and now will move on to play the winner of the N. Carolina/Buffalo playoffs. Go Oilers Go. Edmonton has the fever on. We have not been in the finals for the Stanley Cup since 1996 and can't control our enthusiasm.

trollkiller 12 years ago

prospecter, I heard the guy asking the kids if they can help find his puppy drives really slow too. (just kidding)

s_s, check the barn for cigs. & playboys (we didn't need TV either)

thunderbuns 12 years ago

Ah, the innocence and playfulness of youth. I love all the answers of those little kids.

So shines a good deed in such a weary world......

BiggPop 12 years ago

I think it is great. The kids will now have a place to go. For you lazy people that dont want to walk a few blocks so the kids can have fun,you are the one who need the walk.

avaholic 12 years ago

ms_canada, I'm so happy to hear their are other hockey fans in kansas. Edmonton has been awesome in the playoffs. I wish my Avalanche were still in it but I am cheering with you that Edmonton can win the cup.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

trollkiller, yes, my young girls are just the type to be sneaking cigs and playboys!:P Actually, my oldest has made an entire quilt top (lap quilt size) in these last few days and the little one has found out that she can play a game of concentration with the entire deck (by herself) in less than 4 minutes. They're not exactly up to the delinquint behavior yet.

Go Oilers!

ms_canada 12 years ago

avaholic - we welcome all those who will cheer for our team no matter where they live. I was not too much of a sports fan until my grandkids started playing hockey. I went to one,and only one game here of the Oilers and guess who they played that night? The Avalanche. And with the game tied at the 29 second mark of the 3rd period, guess who scored the winning goal? That's right Avalanche. With just 29 seconds left on the clock, what a goal. What a game.

TheEleventhStephanie 12 years ago

Age 30, married, and no kids to drag me there...........and I am STILL a pool rat. Yes, very glad it is open!

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