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Who would you want to shadow for a day?

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Photo of Christy Freeman

“A cop, because their jobs are really interesting. They help solve problems and take care of things.”

Photo of Michael Bruce

“Larry McElwain, the funeral director. He’s a close family friend, and he seems like he has a really interesting job.”

Photo of Whitney Demby

“I would follow around Madonna. She’s just done so much, and she’s an interesting person.”

Photo of Antonio Garcia

“I’d like to follow my mom around at Southwest Junior High School to check out how the school district works.”


ms_canada 12 years ago

GWB - just to record what all he doesn't do in a day.

Linda Endicott 12 years ago

This has got to be the lamest question I've ever seen here.

H_Lecter 12 years ago

Prospector, The kid has a great future doesn't he?

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