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What animal are you most afraid of?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 19, 2006

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Photo of Kent Dugan

“Human beings, because you never know what they’re going to do. I think they are more violent and aggressive than most animals.”

Photo of Betsy Wilson

“Snakes. They’re disgusting. I can’t even look at them. If I saw one, I would run and scream.”

Photo of Seyda Dur

“Snakes, because there are some that are large enough to eat people.”

Photo of Brad Belt

“Jellyfish. They’re hard to see, and they sneak up on you. I was watching the Discovery Channel and saw one that can kill you.”

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Linda Aikins 12 years ago

MD - wow! Good stuff for 2:15a. Is that your time or ours?

Funny. I don't mind spiders, but do NOT put a snake anywhere in my same zip code.

geekin_topekan 12 years ago

Im not crazy about spiders.Mostly because they sneak up on you and stare.With all those eyes.Creepy. I stay away from most wildlife.Mostly because they could carry some disease.Rabies.I saw a raccon once that had these tumors in it's eyes so they looked like avacado pits. The ones that scare me are the things that shuffle around in the bushes at night.I don't know what they are and I have never actually seen them but they're there. Wildcats along the trails are a very real possibility.Look up though.Not around or down. Feral pigs would be a nasty encounter.I've never seen one but I am sure that they see me.

BrianR 12 years ago

I agree with Brad, I have a scar from a jellyfish sting - you can't really see them and they hurt like hell.

l_eustacy 12 years ago

Since she asked, I always thought she was Marion's sister.

Linda Aikins 12 years ago

HitMe, if MD was Marion, her post would have been set to the tune of Green Acres or something.

jonas 12 years ago

Man, that's crazy, but my 9 year old son asked this exact same question when I was visiting him yesterday. I had to think about it, and decided that the only time I had ever been afraid of an animal was with abused, trained to be mean dogs.

By the way, does anyone on board here know of a good car mechanic?

justsomewench 12 years ago

i'll second Kent, though i'm wondering if MD is a specific breed i should fear. that's a lot of miscellaneous info and i still have no idea who it is and didn't realize it should be important to me. sigh i'm tired.

moralebooster 12 years ago

Pat Slimmer (slimmer's automotive)has an excellent shop

he's very honest and thorough

justsomewench 12 years ago

oh, i turned off, marion. i turned off.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

I'm most afraid of the kind of idiots that allow their pets to breed and then drive them into the country and drop them off at my door. Yes, I seem to have acquired yet another cat today. This one got loaded up and taken to the neighbor's house. If they don't want the nice's off for the coyotes to play with! I'm also afraid of my idiot neighbor who's dog is on it's 3rd litter of pups in one year. Why are people so incredibly stupid?

Bob Barker here..."Have your trap door buffalos spayed or neutered!"

MD, no more late night surfing for you, young lady!

geekin_topekan 12 years ago

Try Mass St. Auto at 19th and Mass. Ask for Rick.Excellent mechanic.He'll give you a comprehensive evaluation and never try to sell you something you don't need. Un like Jiffylube!! Boycott Jiffylube!! I saw a thing on dateline last week about them and nationwide they have complaints and hidden camara to back it up in a sting.They sell you useless "new"products and don't(documented)do the work that you pay them to do. Corporate pressure to sellsellsell "new"product and quotas to be met. I have a sneaking suspicion that they simply spraypainted my tranny drain plug to give the illusion that they actually changed the fluid.

neopolss 12 years ago

Prarie Squids. They roam in packs and can take down a full grown trap-door buffalo in seconds.

justsomewench 12 years ago

i am partial to lawrence automotive diagnostic on four wheel drive behind sears.

craigers 12 years ago

Brown spiders. Those things can rot your skin out and you might not even know they bit you until it is too late. I don't know if I like any animal that comes at me like it is attacking, doesn't really matter what it is, unless it's my wife!!!

Jonas: My whole family has always gone to Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics on Four Wheel Dr next to the the car wash. Danny is the owner and they do great work.

BrianR 12 years ago

Blimey Damian, I almost forgot about zombies!

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

Sue, my parents have had that problem with people leaving animals. They live in a rural area, and it does happen on occasion. Oddly enough, they also have seen the opposite issue, too, where people have just taken their cats. They think people see a cat out by the road but not by a house (which isn't hard to do in a rural area) and the people decide the cat must be free for the taking. They have these suspicions because some of their best-looking cats have mysteriously disappeared, while the more average cats have not.

However, it does not distress them much, as these are barn cats. They do not have deep emotional attachments to the barn cats.

Kathleen Christian 12 years ago

The question was "What ANIMALS are you afraid of" not bugs and snakes they are not animals. Duh!! But if we must go there I'll agree with Snooze on "Fred Phelps and I'll add fruit cake and our youth of today.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

According to Jeeves:

Animals are a major group of organisms, classified as the kingdom Animalia or MetaÂ-zoa. In general they are multiÂ-cellular, capable of locomotion, responsive to their environment, and feed by consuming other organisms. Their body plan becomes fixed as they develop, usually early on in their development as embryos, although some undergo a process of metamorphosis later on.

conservativepunker 12 years ago

Free Range Hippies. Oh...and Hillary Clinton. Thank god after she's gone, the species will be extinct.

Liberty 12 years ago

A government that has been allowed to grow to monsterous proportions through massive funding is the most dangerous animal on earth to the people. For if the government is large enough to give you everything you want, it is also large enough to take everything you have.

Topside 12 years ago

katybleu- I MAY give you spiders and bugs, but how is a snake not an animal? Where the hell did you take Biology?...from Sally Strothers through the mail? Did you get a two for one when you got a certificate in gun repair?

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

I am most afraid of animals who can take anything and make it political.

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

Marion, you have managed to invalidate your own point. That was amazing.

Brent Cagle 12 years ago

katybleu- Insects and reptiles are both part of the Kingdom Animalia, so they are indeed both animals.

Ceallach 12 years ago

Mechanic: Danny @ Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics.

geekin_topekan 12 years ago

What other species besides humana utilize mood altering substances.Do snakes or armadillers have the equivialant of crack heads,prostitutes and child molesters?

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

Sorry, Marion. I can never tell when you're joking.

Centrist 12 years ago

You guys are vicious ... I say the LJWorld forum posters!

Centrist 12 years ago

And why are bankruptcies posted as public record?? Crazy friggin country ....

krissypoetry 12 years ago

snakes--i cannot trust an animal that has no fur

Centrist 12 years ago

Both the donkey and elephant (think about it) are hazardous to us ..

craigers 12 years ago

krissy do you not trust Body builders then?

jonas 12 years ago

Marion: Actually, Black Mamba was one of the most dangerous animals out there. Just ask the Crazy 88.

jonas 12 years ago

Thanks for the info folks. I'm going to try Lawrence Automotive Diagnostic Tomorrow.

Of course, if this goes south I consider you all financially liable for my loss!

YourItalianPrincess 12 years ago

Spiders for this Princess. If they are outside, thats all good and dandy. If they come inside the house they have no choice but to die. I don't care what color, how big or small they are or what type they are= they die.

How was everyones' Dad's Day yesterday? Just thought I would ask.

jonas 12 years ago

Seriously. . . isn't it kind of low to post someone's bankruptcy announcement? This isn't real politics.

Just psuedo-politics, I guess.

Ceallach 12 years ago

I don't like spiders and snakes, and that ain't what it takes. . . oh, nevermind. Snakes, number one has to be snakes :-/ and I think putting humankind in the animal category is a total insult to animalia!

Centrist, maybe the donkaphants? They seem to swing whatever way is most beneficial to them personally.

geekin_topekan 12 years ago

Like humans?Humans have no fur.To speak of. We are completly helpless for the first ???...10 years,maybe.Totally dependent on parents. We walk up-right so our genitals and vital organs are exposed. No fur to protect from heat/cold and parasites. We are physically weak compared to other species. This is why we HAD to evolve.God gave us a brain so we could utilize it to survive.Build fire and tools.Create a hierarchy in small clans based on practical experience. Thats why we a we going to die.Because of our brains and the inablitly to utilize them properly.We are not intelligent enough to live in a metropolis much less globally.God didn't give us that much brain power.Just look around you.Wars for money and oil.We should be thinking about tomorrow and our greatgreat grandkids.Water?Will they have enough?Food?Will it be edible. The shortsightedness of the republican party pretty much guarentees an un inhabitable planet it seven generations. But they don't care.As long as they get their's today.Forget there kids.They can figure it out cuz we'll be gone.Most likely they'll look back and say"what a bunch of idiots".

Centrist 12 years ago

Ceallach ... yeah, like "born again" John McCain. I had some respect for him until his recent stunt with Jerry Falwell. Talk about pragmatism!

Everyone should be a swing voter. Let's vote for people who benefit US!!

james bush 12 years ago

Poisonous snakes!

Everything material can be classified into one of 3 types......animal, vegetable or mineral. Makes it easy to classify bugs and humans.

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

I concur, Bob -- go Oilers. I watched game 6. That was a lot of fun. And Don Cherry continues to amaze me with his eye-popping wardrobe.

mlemiller 12 years ago

"What other species besides humana utilize mood altering substances?"


Redzilla 12 years ago

Rational fear: invisible critters like flesh-eating bacteria, big toothy critters like alligators and Dick Cheney.

Totally irrational but unshakable fear: palmetto bugs. For those of you haven't experienced Florida wildlife, "palmetto bug" is a nice name for a behemoth premordial cockroach. Covered in nasty spines, skittery, sneaky, icky, and did I mention HUGE? I have actually killed palmetto bugs in snap mouse traps.

pooter 12 years ago

barking spiders.

especially the ones that sneak up on you.


sgtwolverine 12 years ago

I have long suspected that opossums are actually Irish, and thus should be called O'Possums.

And by "long suspected," I mean "suspected for the last two or three minutes.

SouthernBelle 12 years ago

Rats... They know they are unwanted, so they hide until its dark and you're not looking. Then they come creeping in and help themselves to anything they can possibly get into.. then go into hiding again..leaving behind disease... I have never been able to come up with one good reason why they even exist! Makes my skin crawl just thinking about them!

Ceallach 12 years ago

Centrist, I missed McCain's "stunt" with Falwell. But I consider just about anything Fallwell does to be a stunt. Political whores have given the profession such a bad name.

wolverine, I'm assuming you meant the Irish O'Possum post as a compliment to all possums :)

Ceallach 12 years ago

My mother taught me all I needed to know about snakes. If it's a rattlesnake, kill it. . . . if it doesn't rattle, it's a Copperhead, kill it.

Before someone gets their knickers in a twist about my phobia and the poor snakes . . . . as an avowed city dweller the snake population has little to fear from me :)

Janet Lowther 12 years ago

Wild hogs. They are ready, willing and able to rip you a new a** hole, and will start eating you as soon as you stop moving. Maybe before.

After government agents, of course.

acg 12 years ago

I'll agree with Kent, too, humans are the most terrifying animal because they posess malice and hate, envy and greed and those are dangerous emotions to wrap up in. Ear wigs freak me out. Pit Bulls scare me. Brown recluse spiders also freak me out. But I'm not terrified of any of them. Only humans. Hey pywacket, I used to have a corn snake, too. Her name was Delilah and she was awesome. When I finally had to get rid of her she was 4 1/2 feet long, which is pretty good for a "domesticated" corn snake. I've never been afraid of snakes. They're fascinating creatures, to me.

Sheryl Wiggins 12 years ago

I've sort of been an OTS blog voyeur (I just drop in and read the posts and drop back out) but I just have to say the sgtvolverine's post about O'Possums made me 'dork laugh'. Specifically: And by "long suspected," I mean "suspected for the last two or three minutes.

So while I'm cleaning Mt. Dew off my keyboard I just wanted to thank you for that laugh.

KsGirl 12 years ago


I figured since merriam webster online wouldn't give me a definition of "possum" unless I added the "o" I should go ahead and add it for fun.

Ceallach 12 years ago

If you want to see a great documentary that totally depicts our society at it's best/worst . . just tune in Friday nights to Animal Planet's, "Meercat Manor." It was great. Who knew there were meercat soap operas!!

Yes, that's how I spent Friday evening -- but I enjoyed every minute of it :)

craigers 12 years ago

Das, now that you mention it, the bot fly is one of the grossest insects. Especially the way it lays an egg in you. eeewwwww

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

Yes! I got a dork laugh. And from a lurker! My life is now complete. Well, for now, anyway.

Ceal, I was hoping it would be a compliment for everyone. I was just going to let both sides decipher their own compliments from the idea.

Sandra Willis 12 years ago

Ummm .... humans are dangerous, but Spiders seem to like me ... guess I'm tasty to them?

I have 4 bites now ... just in the past three days.


Snakes don't scare me, neither do 'coons, 'possums .. unless they are rabid.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

Ceal, I wondered how long before someone quoted that old Jim Stafford song. Tee Hee didn't let me down! (Maybe you can read my mental brainwaves. I should probably be afraid of you!) :o)

Sheryl Wiggins 12 years ago

ooohhhh I've never been called a 'lurker'! Well, yes I have but part of the court-order was that I couldn't talk about it anymore : )

sgtwolverine 12 years ago

And here I thought the voyeur part would be what you couldn't talk about! I must be stuck in the 90s or something.

Ceallach 12 years ago

Be afraid . . . be very afraid :-S

Sheryl Wiggins 12 years ago

hehehe in that instance I was only lurking not voyeuring.......verbing weirds language!!!!

Ceallach 12 years ago

Pywacket (I once had a Siamese cat named Pywacket. . . and he also liked snakes. . . hmmmmm). Loved to present me with lovely little gifts after his trips outside.

N_E_waaay - snakes would be just one of the irrational phobias I learned from my Mom. They have all been helpful in one way or another. I can't even imagine making a "pet" out of a non-mammalian critter. I love nature photos, glad others feel comfortable taking the shots, but if nature gets in or too close around my house. . . I defend myself :)

Chris Tackett 12 years ago

Too much crap above to know for sure, but did no one state the obvious....


Linda Aikins 12 years ago

Well now I have to change my answers. I will never "put my arms around" a snake, but worse now is my honey's ex-wife. That woman is incredibly angry! And has been for several several months. How do I get her to stop???

She is o'mpossible.

Calliope877 12 years ago

Multi -

I have to agree that rats make great pets! I'm allergic to both cats and dogs, and even if I wasn't allergic to them my landlord doesn't allow either one in the complex I'm living in, so I had to find a small animal that would be easy to take care of and that would love me back much like a cat or dog would. I'm happy I chose a couple of rats as pets.:)

Guinea pigs poop too much, mice and hamsters are too hyper, and I think a rabbit or a ferret would be a little too hight maintenance for my taste.

I highly recommend people who are interested in having a couple of rats for pets to check into a rattery rather than a pet store because you're guranteed that the rats will be well socialized from being handled since infancy. But pet store rats can make pretty good pets too since that's where I got mine. When my two little buddies die (which hopefully will NOT be anytime soon) I'll probably check out the Landmark rattery in Leavenworth or Spoiled Ratten Rattery in Kansas City.

As for animals that I'm afraid of, there aren't very many. I hate brown recluse spiders and those big ugly wolf spiders that look like tarantulas (I think they're closely related).

And of course, the human species can be quite frightening.

Calliope877 12 years ago


I know you've received a lot of posts about different mechanics, but I just thought I'd add one more.:)

Jeff Johnson of Johnson Automotive in North Lawrence does a really good job. I've taken my car to him a couple of times before: once for a leak in my coolant system, and once to repair my air conditioner. He's very upfront about the cost before he works on it and his prices are pretty fair. He's also a really nice guy, which helps. I personally didn't think the Mass Street Auto guys were very friendly.:( Of course, that doesn't mean they're bad mechanics.

killjoy 12 years ago

Tomorrow's question: Would you be more scared if someone started killing online posters with meat tenderizers or chainsaws? It would make a fun movie. How about, which poster would be the psycho, which one would be the first victim, which one would figure out who the killer is, and should we vote on who is each one? Disclaimer: These questions are for fun and amusement only and not meant to generate fear into the hearts of anyone....not even YOU! Did you hear something behind you?

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

give me the chainsaw! Yes, I've had THAT kind of a day! >:( disclaimer No, I wouldn't actually use the chainsaw...never can get those pull start things going. Better give me the meat tenderizer and some lemonade.

ms_canada 12 years ago

Hi Guys - greetings form sunny B.C. am here visiting friends in the mountain country and I would not venture too far from civilization as there are bears to be found and I that would scare me mightily. It is also rattle snake country. Not too fond of those critters either.

trollkiller 12 years ago

Intelligent people don't post their personal gibberish for strangers to read. Everyone else gets it. Why don't you?

trollkiller 12 years ago

Marion, I think we all really value YOUR opinion here.

I'm so glad that you and Multi have found each other. I think you'd be a perfect match. We don't want any details and above all, don't breed.

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