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What’s your favorite part of the fair?

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Photo of Alexis Guinn

“The food. I like the pink cotton candy. ”

Photo of Jacob Leet

“Getting the wristband so I can ride of the rides. I like to watch my friend get sick after each ride.”

Photo of Tony Edwards

“Riding the bumper cars, so I can learn to drive.”

Photo of Joshua Thomas

“The maze with all of the mirrors. It was really hard to get out, and we had to run to keep up with the guy who was showing us the way.”

Photo of Raejaan Spicer

“The gravity ride where you’re stuck to the wall and you can’t move. I love the funnel cakes and curly fries. The bumper cars are great, too.”


Ceallach 11 years, 9 months ago

Now Kearney, be nice to the babies :) I think they are sooo cute! Kids have a way of finding fun wherever they are. Having fun at a friend's expense (watch my friend gets sick) pretty much sums up good times for an 8th grade boy. I wish I could look at the fair with such innocent, young eyes. I look at it now and think this isn't safe, that isn't safe, those over there are downright dangerous. Alas, too much knowledge and all the fun is gone :):)

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