Where would you hide your treasure if you were a pirate?

“I would put it in the toolshed at my house, because nobody uses it for anything.”

“I would bury it in the sand behind my house with a little marker to remember where it is. I would make a map, too, just in case.”

“My basement. There is a lot of clutter down there, and no one ever goes there anyway.”

“I would probably hide it under my dog house, because nobody goes in there.”

“I would hide it under my playhouse. I don't think anyone would look under it, and I could always check on it.”

“I would hide it under my bed. There's so much stuff under there already, I don't think anyone could find it.”

“I would bury it in my backyard underneath my trampoline. That way I can remember where it is.”

“At the public library. I could hide it the shelves with all the books.”