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Do you think the country is ready to elect a woman as president?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 8, 2006

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Photo of Jill Cannon

“I wish it was, but in reality we probably won’t - at least not in the next election. I think there would have to be a woman vice president first.”

Photo of Dane Morris

“It’s really just a matter of time. If (Hillary) Clinton runs, I think she might just be able to pull it off. It depends a lot on the international climate of the election year.”

Photo of Bob Fraga

“If it’s the right woman, like Hillary Clinton.”

Photo of Sydney Martens

“I would say yes. Many developed countries have had women leaders, and we’re supposed to be one of the most progressive, but we haven’t had one yet. I think it’s past time.”

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KsjKC 12 years ago

I say this as a lifelong Democrat--Hillary is too polarizing and too--too--liberal to embrace the majority of the electorate; if the Dems want the WH in 2008, it will have to be someone more easily embraced by all Americans--Sounds like a compromise and I guess it is...

KsjKC 12 years ago

Careful---that sort of thinking could put shudder Cheney in the White House...shudder

bankboy119 12 years ago

As a voting Republican I wouldn't vote for Cheney.

I would never vote for Hillary either.

As for the ??, I think there are too many people who would vote for anyone but a woman whether they want to admit it or not and I don't think the race will be Hillary v Condi. I say give it another 4 or 8 years and we'll have a woman in office.

neopolss 12 years ago

I liked Hilary a few years ago. Before her and Lieberman joined forces on the Grand Theft Auto evil-TV-videogame-music bandwagon. I'm not sure I'll really understand the Dems and censorship. Isn't a parent enough?

That isn't my only reason, but as a fan of games, movies, music, and TV, it irks me when someone goes on the attack of adult games, assuming that I as an adult, am an idiot that doesn't know what is good for me.

I would like a free thinker please, one who isn't afraid to go against their demonic party a little bit.

canyon_wren 12 years ago

I think it is definitely possible that a woman could get elected in the next presidential election, but I don't think Hilary would ever get elected. The general level of trust is pretty low, as far as she is concerned.

I have always voted Independent--am more inclined to vote Democrat at the state and local levels, and Republican at the national, though I could not vote for Bush. (Here in Utah, a Democrat vote is merely a gesture--and our local politics is non-partisan, for which I am thankful.)

I agree that the Democrats are going to have to come up with a moderate candidate if they want to assume any significant role in the future. They have catered too long to special interests and have alienated a large section of the population as a result. If they decide to go with Hilary, they can forget about winning.

justathought 12 years ago

As a woman....It would be nice....I however would NEVER vote for Hilary. EVER.

Kookamooka 12 years ago

Hillary Clinton/President, Barak Obama/Vice President. Now there's a ticket the Republican party would have a tough time strategizing against! I accidentally listened to Rush Limaugh yesterday and he is so anti-Hillary that to just say her name completely discombobulates him. It was a joy!

glockenspiel 12 years ago

Sure, I'm ready. I'm not ready for Hillary.

BunE 12 years ago

Sayin HC to any Repub is a recipe for coniption fit. LOVE IT?

DaREEKKU 12 years ago

Woot Woot Kookamooka! Hilary needs some tweaking though, I would agree on that, but I definately agree that Hilary and Obama would be the dream ticket! I'd really like to see a woman Democrat against a man Republican because you KNOW they would say something sexist that would make Moderate Republicans vote Democrat.

beatrice 12 years ago

I think it is, but she would have to be extremely popular to get enough votes to override the sexists who would never vote for a woman under any circumstance.

So, when Senator Clinton does become President, and I feel she has a much stronger chance than Bush's yes-woman Condi, I hope she is a great one. As a senator, Clinton received kudos from both sides of the aisle, although that has stopped coming from the right now that the Republicans see her as a potential threat. The Clintons may not have been popular in many of the red states, but remain extremely popular in the blue states. It could happen, in part because she is still interested in find a solution to the national health care problems in this country.

I also bet Hillary won't keep cigars in the oval office, just to keep Bill from misbehaving.

holyjim 12 years ago

I don't know how I'd feel about Mrs. Clinton running: she probably is too polarizing for the cons. Still, ask someone why they don't like her and all you'll get are vague generalities like "she's too liberal," or "she's crazy," or "but her husband did..." or the ilk. Trying to get a Hilary-hater to give three concrete examples of her policies/tenets with which they disagree is usually a waste of time and energy. Cheers, Jim.

craigers 12 years ago

I wouldn't mind voting for a woman as long as she believes in the same values that I do. I tend to vote on which candidate stands on biblical principles. So bring on a woman president. I would like to see a first lady-man!!!

mr_daniels 12 years ago

A PMS President during a time of war? Nada! Nada! Nada!

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

TOB, only 5 out of 18 misspelled Hillary. That ain't half. That ain't even a third...but who's counting?

Woman for president? Sure, why not. But I like Emanual Cleaver. I say let's make him president. (I probably misspelled his name, though.) :O)

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

TOB, my bad! Sorry! Forgive?

Still think Cleaver is a good guy. (I'm aware he's not running but in my own perfect little can only dream:O))

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

There is no reason that a woman would be a worse president than a man. A woman would be just as good at listening to people's conversations, heck, they might be even better. I would, however, vote dependent on my values and if said woman stood for the same thing, she would get my vote in a second.

I will not, however, vote for Hillary or Condi, and I don't see another woman out there with the strong backing that these two have, so I might not vote for a woman in the near future, unless another one steps up.

bankboy119 12 years ago


Just the other day Hillary completely went off about Wal-Mart and how they treat their employees but she sat on the board from 86-92(I believe those dates are right) as a paid member and never fought once for increased wages. The benefits to the employees now are better than what they were when Mrs. Bill was a part of the company. Hypocrisy.


I'm assuming your solution to the "national health care problem" is to socialize medicine? We've gone over this before. If that's what you think would be best, go to Cuba. I hear their doctors don't even have to be correctly licensed. The waits are horrendous and their standard of living is awful. If that's what you want to come to the U.S. then God help us. Socialized medicine was tried in countries before and you know what happened in every single one. It failed. It damaged the economy. Why? Because there is not enough money to fund everything everybody needs. Limited resources have to be allocated as best as possible. Just giving them to everyone doesn't work. Putting the decision on the government doesn't work. Do some research on the topic before you just follow along with Mrs. Bill.

djazz 12 years ago

No "Stand by Your Man" Hillary for me. She doesn't have class like Margaret Thatcher.

Linda Endicott 12 years ago

Let's see...a PMS president, versus a president who can't control his testosterone...and lets it lead him hither and yon...hmmm...which is worse?

If that's your best disagreement, you need to think harder.

At one point in the history of this country, no one would have even considered electing a black president, either...yet no one has even mentioned that in relation to Condi...not that it matters to me...race and gender shouldn't have anything to do with someone's decision on who to vote for.

Unfortunately, we all realize how many closet bigots there are out there...

I say bring on the women presidents! They can't do any worse job than the men have, could they?

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

Geena Davis seems to be doing alright...

badger 12 years ago

I think that there are a number of fine, ethical, strong female politicians who could serve most admirably as President.

I don't believe Senator Clinton is one of them. There are probably only two or three politicians who could induce me to vote for her by running against her.

I also think that we're more likely to see a moderate Republican woman than a moderate Democrat woman in the Oval Office, and that any sort of moderate woman is more likely than one from the extreme right or extreme left.

On the topic of women and the White House, I note that former FIrst Lady Barbara Bush does not appear to have attended Coretta Scott King's funeral, though her husband, son, and daughter-in-law did (as did the Clintons and the Carters). I hope that this does not mean she is feeling very much under the weather. I have always thought her a classy and graceful lady, and have a great deal of respect for her.

enochville 12 years ago

Since someone brought up black presidents: I like Obama and Colin Powell as people; I do not know their platforms well enough to say whether I would agree with their policies. But, Powell will never run away, and Obama is years away if he does.

America would be ready for the right woman, but she has not shown up, yet. Heck, I am ready for the right man or woman if either would ever show up.

Kelly Powell 12 years ago

I want a gay black women in a wheelchair to run.....I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. Seriously, how progressive could you get.....Oh ya, she has to be qualified for the job.

staff04 12 years ago

I'm a Democrat, and I wouldn't vote for Hillary. I have a lot of respect for John McCain...

In all reality, the first female president will likely be a Republican - most Democratic women (who could be candidates in the next 10-12 years) are still a little too progressive for the majority of the electorate.

extra_mustard 12 years ago

Exhume Eleanor Roosevelt for President. Couldn't be any worse than Bush and would likely stink less too :)

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Qualified for the job??? Good one redneck! :D I thought Presidents were elected by how much $$$ they had, dropped in the lobbiest's pockets and how well they lied before elections!

Seriously though, vote for a woman, I could do that if she was the right candidate, Mrs. Clinton isn't! We don't need more censorship of music/games/tv to improve our children. We need the government to quit telling them at 5 and 6 years old that we can't do anything to them and undermining our control at every turn.

I wanted Col. Powell, we need a backbone in office, not another self serving pouty eyed child.

mefirst 12 years ago

Colin Powell? Backbone??? He let himself be used by the Bush Administration to sell a lie he's later admitted he himself didn't believe...WMDs!!!

I'm a liberal, but don't really support Hillary. She is too polarizing and she voted for this war. Of course I'd vote for her over any Republican, EVER.

And Condi...I'd chop off my fingers before ever casting a vote for that lying snake. She has no credentials--even for a professor (which she supposedly is)--let alone for president.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Sorry. Did he really me first? Where would I find that info? Not arguing, just didn't catch that little bit, stuck my head in the sand for a while when it all became just so much bs.

Kathleen Christian 12 years ago

YES - past due - and I'd vote to Hillary Clinton all the way and I hope she runs.

rhd99 12 years ago

The country is ready for change, ANYBODY but Bush & Hillary. Condi Rice is definitely not my first choice. If she ran again, I'd vote for Elizabeth Dole.

mefirst 12 years ago


"POWELL ADMITS MISTAKE: For the very first time, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday evidence that Iraq had mobile biological laboratories, a major claim in his presentation to the United Nations, was faulty. Powell said, "It turned out that the sourcing was inaccurate and wrong and in some cases, deliberately misleading...and for that, I am disappointed and I regret it." The NYT reports, "Taken with past admissions of error by the administration or its intelligence agencies, Mr. Powell's statement on Sunday leaves little room for the administration to argue that Mr. Hussein's stockpiles of unconventional weapons posed any real and imminent threat." (A State Department press aide tried to block Powell from answering the question; Powell chastised her sharply and continued.)

Yes, this excerpt comes from a "liberal" blog; however, Powell's admission was no secret. He went on Meet the Press and made these statements.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Totally off subject: Is there a special place on this site to post comments about past On the Street Articles? Looked and didn't find one.

bankboy119 12 years ago


Yes, I could use Canada and England. Both are also facing crisises in medicine because of the healthcare. Their governments are having to find more and more money to take care of the people and the waits for treatment are also awful. I have heard more on England than on Canada. It is also true that the level of healthcare in those countries is lower than that of the United States. I could also use France. They are currently having to go through many changes because of the socialized society they were trying to live in. Unemployment was, last I knew, around 25%. In the US it is below 5%.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago


how does that show him in cahoots with Bush?

enochville 12 years ago

mefirst: What I take from that quote was that Colin Powell was deceived, too. Bush dropped Colin Powell because Powell was not a yes man. Powell was in my opinion more reasonable and appropriately cautious than Bush and Rumsfield. He had a tough job trying to defend the president's foriegn policy as he met with foreign leaders, but he kept true to his values throughout.

rhd99 12 years ago

Enoch & others, Powell was 50/50 as a yes man on issues while he was CJCS, yes because some of the issues raised by his fellow military chiefs were on his same page, but no (like in Desert Storm) where he thought sanctions could work. In Desert Storm, some historical accounts said he "Reluctantly" went with committing U.S. Military troops to oust Saddam's forces from Kuwait. Afterwards, when asked why they didn't go after Saddam, Powell & Schwarzkopf said the objective was achieved as set out by the elder President Bush.

mefirst 12 years ago

Mr. Colin Powell is NOT stupid. I can't believe that he was hoodwinked. And if he were hoodwinked, what's to regret? Why regret something you had no real control over?

Bush didn't drop Powell, Powell resigned. He resigned to clear his conscience. I'll bet he was having trouble sleeping at night. He couldn't play Bush's game anymore, so when the opportunity presented itself, he abandonded ship.

rhd99 12 years ago

One more thing about Powell, I agree that he was thrown out of the loop in THIS administration because of the logic he applied when talking diplomacy. Well, some may have thought Powell was the weakest link, but hindsight is 20/20, so, who are the weakest links? You guessed it: Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, & BUSH! You are the weakest links, you four numbnuts, kiss your agenda BYE BYE!

rhd99 12 years ago

Let's hope the country isn't "hoodwinked" by Hillary's antics. Mefirst, couldn't have said it any better myself. General Powell was & still is a man of integrity. Something BUSH will never be.

ms_canada 12 years ago

applied logic and mefirst - Gen. Colin Powell was always against invading Iraq, did not believe there were WMDs and was all for allowing the UN inspectors more time to investigate. But he was only one man against the war mongers, bush, cheney and rumsveldt and Tommy Franks. A couple of years ago this was all on the US. State Dept. web site if anyone cared enough to read it. But probably is no longer there. You could try. As for a woman pres. who in the blazes would qualify. Oh sorry, I guess that is not really an issue. I just say, we will need the good Lord's help if that Condi Rice person thinks about running. I think I'll move to South America if that happens. Maybe Tierra del Fuego.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Wish I could take the out, but brain lapse, Col. stood for rank not name. Sorry, too much blood in my coffee stream when I posted.

I will sleep better tonight after reading today! It is a relief to know not everybody thinks Hillary in office would be a good thing!

Reflecting on the press conferances and news bits I've seen. I still feel Powell is a strong man of integrity. I can not help but wonder where we would be today if he had run and been elected when so many elected Bush not because they wanted him but because he was the lesser of two perceived evils.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Ms_Canada, Not sure why you included me in your last post. I am for Powell as I said early and was smacked by MeFirst. The article used to support MeFirst's opinion did nothing to change mine, in fact seemed to support his integrity. Just confused

beatrice 12 years ago

bankboy: "I'm assuming your solution to the "national health care problem" is to socialize medicine? We've gone over this before. If that's what you think would be best, go to Cuba."

Why is it every time you mention a change, some people just want you to go live in Cuba, or Iran, or Iraq, or China, or ... What happened to discussion and debate in this country? Oh, Mr. "You're with us or against us" is in office. I see.

Anyway, regarding "socialized medicine," I do think some aspect of this will be necessary. Making sure all Americans have access to some sustainable level of health care is important, or at least it is to me.

Are you suggesting that there should be no "socialized" programs in America? I guess you can tell that to everyone who purchased a home using the G.I. Bill, or took out a student loan from the government, or the elderly who are on Medicare. All are socialist in nature as they are aimed at helping out those who do not have the means to do so otherwise. Are you really against these things? If so, then I guess you better head to Cuba, because they don't have them there.

Now -- for a retort on hypocrisy: She would truly be a hypocrite if she were still on the Wal-Mart board. But lets look at the current President. Bush, at worst, went AWOL as a reservist, and at best just gave up his pilot's license during a time of war after the government spent thousands and thousands of dollars to train him. Then he makes huge demands of the reservists today. Why doesn't this hypocrisy bother you?

badger 12 years ago

Powell would have been a good President. However, I think he's irretrievably politically tainted at this point. Elements on the right see him as abandoning the President and going on 'Meet the Press' to say things that cast doubt on the case for the war in Iraq. Elements on the left see him as having collaborated with Bush to start that war.

Neither side is really right, and there's not enough people in the middle who recognize that while those around President Bush are responsible for advising him, ultimately they all also say what they're told to say. Policy is determined, and while they are serving the President, they publicly adhere to that policy whether they personally agree with it or not. Powell's resignation frees him from the obligation to adhere to it, but not from the political memory of him going before the UN and the nation and presenting what ultimately turned out to be faulty, incorrect, incomplete, and misleading information.

He could bounce back, if primary politics were more forgiving, but as it is he'd be politically eviscerated before he even got out of New Hampshire - whichever party he was running with.

Cokie Roberts? The perky talking head network news pseudo-journalist Cokie Roberts?

Well, it's not like the Presidency has a lot of credibility left to lose, and she sure can smile cheerily while she reads prewritten and vaguely informative statements off a TelePrompter...Why not?

You know, I think we have enough women with actual political experience that we needn't scour the ranks of television newsbunnies just yet.

I could see, for example, Sebelius bringing a lot to the VP spot right now, or the top spot on the ticket a few elections down the road. Elizabeth Dole's name has been kicked around for years, though I think her day has passed (I bring her up, though, because she is a lovely example of how a woman involved in politics doesn't have to be a harridan OR a constant source of warm fuzzy niceness). I'd say Ann Richards, but that's just because I went to the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre in Austin last night, and their 'Don't talk during the movie' add has Ann Richards, almost Mafia-esque, physically throwing out a movie miscreant with the warning, "Don't talk during the movie, or Ann Richards will take your @$$ out."

On a serious note, I think the first woman President will be a red-state Democrat or a blue-state Republican, someone who's learned to succeed and compromise without giving up essential principles.

mztrendy 12 years ago

i wish so so something would finally get done right...

Only kidding!

Tony Kisner 12 years ago

My daughter has a few years to go before turning 35. But when she gets there, I am almost certain she will be the president of the US.

Tony Kisner 12 years ago

Cokie Roberts is from a long line of politcios. I think her mother was the congress woman for New Orleans. Her comments after the huricane were very informative. She feared that the political fallout would be aginst the corrupt politics of LA, and that would of course sweep up her faimily. I think when FEMA guy - Brown proved to be a classic idot-fall guy she took a big clean breath.-

lunacydetector 12 years ago

hillary clinton will NOT win if she elects to run, even the people of new york say she couldn't win.

condoleeza rice would be a good candidate, but she needs to get married to improve her chances.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Why is marraige important in todays world of huge divorce rates? More importantly, why does it matter, has little to no bearing on the kind of person she is or her politics?

beatrice 12 years ago

lunacy: what people in New York would that be? The same ones who voted her in as Senator? Sorry, try again.

best thing I read today: "ask someone why they don't like her and all you'll get are vague generalities like "she's too liberal," or "she's crazy," or "but her husband did..." or the ilk. Trying to get a Hilary-hater to give three concrete examples of her policies/tenets with which they disagree is usually a waste of time and energy."

scariest: "I tend to vote on which candidate stands on biblical principles."

lunacydetector 12 years ago

it might be viewed that she is a more well rounded person if married, as opposed to being an old maid :)

i don't think hillary "stand by her man" clinton would be a good president at all. she's co-dependent and that wouldn't make a good president. her Tyson insider trading is the tip of the iceberg as well.

ronald reagan was the first president to be elected who had been divorced.

ms_canada 12 years ago

applied logic - in your post at 9:44am you asked mefirst where you could get some information. So I was just wanting to tell you about some info that I had read about the man of integrty, Colin Powell that I had read a few years back on the official US State Dept web site. It was a sorry day when he was ignored about WMDs. Sorry day for the whole world.

Richard Heckler 12 years ago

Why not a woman tomorrow although Condi Bush Rice is out of the question.

We've watched men not do so hot for 50 years.

It would also help if we would replace 90% of elected officials on both sides of the aisle. Hopefully finding some independent thinkers.

lunacydetector 12 years ago


i don't have time to write much today, but here is a poll taken in new york regarding hillary's chances of being elected president in 2008....

....dream on if you think she will win. she, like the rest of the democratic party are way out in left field and not in touch with the american people.

mefirst 12 years ago

"Gen. Colin Powell was always against invading Iraq, did not believe there were WMDs and was all for allowing the UN inspectors more time to investigate. But he was only one man against the war mongers, bush, cheney and rumsveldt and Tommy Franks."

If this is true, then WHY did Colin Powell get up in front of the U.N. and argue that there were WMDs? He got up and sold this war...perhaps he feels guilty about it now, which, I'm guessing is where you get that he's got integrity. He helped sell this war!

james bush 12 years ago

Rosiland Carter for president and Hillary for VP.

beatrice 12 years ago

lunacy, polls, like other forms of statistics, are frequently used to tell a tale that is often untrue.

As far as the democratic party being "way out in left field," I suggest you consider how close the numbers have been in recent presidential elections. More people voted for Gore than Bush 6 years ago, but he wasn't granted the office by the Supreme Court (activist judges?), and Kerry lost by just 2%. That would indicate that the Dems aren't that far off after all. This years congressional elections should prove interesting, either way.

Kookamooka 12 years ago

A John McCain/President, Colin Powell/VP INDEPENDANT ticket would be AWESOME! If the Democrats can't put together a decent ticket, I'd vote for them against a Republican-Hand Picked Bush/Cheney UNDERLORD ticket. But what does it matter. Deibold has programmed all of the computerized voting machines to vote Republican. There will never be a fair election in this country.

thisiknow 12 years ago

I would vote for Clinton and I like Bama as v.p. But I would really like to see a mixed ticket--Like Clinton and Dole. Clinton already has 23 million in her senate seat reelection coffer. Some people out there agree if they are raising that much moola!

christie 12 years ago

A town of 5000 people produced 50,000 votes for Bush in Ohio... nobody blinked an eye. Colin Powell is a Yes-Man, I have no respect for him. Condi Rice is highly intelligent but look who she bows down to. No way would I vote for her. Hillary is highly intelligent and of high moral fiber, but not Presidential Material. Obama for President and Hillary for Vice would be a good ticket in 8 or 12 years after Obama really gets some experience.

willa 12 years ago

As an American Person, I'm pretty tired of being told who does and doesn't know what I want. Can one still be Democrat and American, or has that become mutually exclusive, LunacyD?

I would throw out a wildly inaccurate statistic about the percentage of American people who registered Democrat, but the Bobs would call me out on it...

beatrice 12 years ago

S_D: I love a good bumper sticker!

FYI everyone: extra_mustard isn't our beloved e_m, but is an opportunistic poster who is using an e and m name. This person contacted me about the Steelers (!!!), so I asked and they came clean. I'm not sure if they will even be back, but just want to let you know. bea

enochville 12 years ago

I was a McCain supporter in 2000, now I am leaning Mitt Romney. But there are still some questions I have about Romney that I'd like explained before I would be willing to stand by him enough to campaign for him and combat his critics.

avhjmlk 12 years ago

My vote is still for e_m to come back as "earwax_miner", but you never know...

badger 12 years ago

You know, if I felt that a candidate's religious beliefs would be a key component of the decision-making process, I'd certainly vote for or against that person based on the foundation and structure of those religious beliefs in relation to my own beliefs.

Every candidate will have moral and ethical criteria he or she uses in the making of decisions. Whether those come from the teaching's of one's faith, or from one's own personal morality, or from high-flown notions of logic and reason, it's all essentially the same in that one has a moral and ethical code one acquired sometime after being born. I want those ethics to be consistent with my own in an elected official.

Craigers (and many others) gets his moral and ethical guidance from the Bible. That's no 'scarier' in and of itself than if he were getting them from the Talmud, the Tao te Ching, the Koran, the writings of Thomas Jefferson, or the principles of scientific reason. I can say, having read what he has to say, that though we often disagree on points of philosophy, I consider him a moral and ethical person. He's not some clinic-bombing whackjob out there throwing blood on women who have abortions, just someone whose faith leads him strongly on a matter many people disagree on, and who is not afraid to speak his mind about it.

It's not at all unreasonable for any of us to say that we want our politicians and their views to be ethically consistent with our own. The notion of representative government is that we wish to elect people who think and believe as we do, so that government will reflect our own philosophies, ethics, and morals.

So, if one believes that the best way to live is according to Biblical principles, then one is best served by seeking to elect a politician who does so. I believe that the best way to live is the path of pragmatic compassion and pursuit of wisdom, so I'll be seeking to elect politicians who live according to that path.

Perhaps folks could get past their own rhetoric for a minute and realize that we're all looking to put the people who think like we do into positions of more power. That's what elected representation IS. We say it's about looking for the people who will govern best, but most of us are really thinking, "The people who will govern most like we would," when we say that.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

How much bigger is Alaska than the Sierra Nevada's? Think they'll find it in the next 100years?

sharktale 12 years ago

no we are not ready for a women president.
Women are too emotional and would let their emotions get the best of them. I am a women so I do have some insight on this. She would either be considered a pushover if she was too nice or a B*tch if she was too tough either way she would be screwed. An Hilary well I don't think she is a woman but a she-devil very very evil she is worse then Bill who was just her puppet you know one of those dummy dolls that you put your hand up the ... well you get the picture.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago


You forgot spiteful and vindictive! Most women I know wanted to bomb the whole middle east after 9/11 and I'm not talking the little bombs either!

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Thought I was seeing a ufo once, then realized it was a 4x4 on the side of the mountain on a moonless night and got another drink.

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Slim Kansas, very slim, not actually, but chances

mefirst 12 years ago


So, you base your choice for president on who's the prettiest? wonder this country's waist up in $*&#, and losing ground fast.

oldfashiongirl 12 years ago

Why does everyone have to put a label on someone else because of their beliefs? Liberal, conservative, red state, blue state?

Bankboy, you mentioned that Hillary wanted the US to have 'socialized medicine.' What in the world do you call the Social Sec. System? Medicare? Medicaid? Veterans Administration and other government run agencies? To give the devil her dues, I think Hillary would have come up with an excellent plan for the medical insurance and we wouldn't be in the mess we are today. For example, a 39 cent stamp will get a letter from Kansas or any other state to any of the 50 states. Why couldn't there be a set amount for charges for hospital rooms, certain surgical procedures and let it be the same everywhere?

I lived in Holland for 6 years and they have government coverage for most of their citizens. My husband had a small percent, like 1.8%, deducted from his paycheck and in turn it covered him and me and 2 children. I never paid a cent for dentistry, eye exams, regular office visits and even prenatal care, birth of a child, and post natal care.

Every Tuesday and Thursday you would see dozens and dozens of baby carriages parked outside of certain buildings and when I asked "why?" they said the moms were bringing their babies and children for a physical checkup. All Free.

Even the morning after a late nite snowfall, the social services would leave 2 bags of coal for the elderly people we lived with so they could have heat. I know Holland is a small country and could do those things more easily than the U.S. The Dutch are very smart and resourceful people. Remember the Zuider Zee project where they built polders and dams to hold back the water. You see, Holland is below sea level, just like New Orleans in some places, but they solved it. I'll bet that if they had a look at New Orleans, they could figure out what to do.

acg 12 years ago

well we all know that what she looks like is the most important thing. Hell, let's skip over all that qualified nonsense and just get us a dumb blond with a size 2 waist and big boobs. Woohoo!!

Applied_Logic 12 years ago


obviously humor has no business in forums today

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

How bout the tabloid shots (not sure it was him) of the beach in bikini trunks a few months about haunting!

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

Oh yeah, those were hot...

...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

scarlets_talk 12 years ago

I think Hillary Clinton's just too intimidating a figure-so many men are repelled by or uncomfortable with strong, powerful females, regardless of their political stances.

That's sad, too. A Clinton/Obama ticket would address both gender and ethnic issues, and might just cause some reactionaries' heads to explode. Whee.

Oh, the tragic heroism of voting blue in Kansas . . .

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

All humor aside, unfortunately looks do play a part in politics, at least that's what my government teacher taught. He used the Mondale (sp?)/Reagan election as an example. Mondale wouldn't wear make up on camera and looked half dead. Teacher says the over-all lack of healthy appearance really hurt his campaign.

RonBurgandy 12 years ago

A_L: I think in the JFK-Nixon election, looks played a part there also. For some reason, I think that was the first election where there was a televised debate, I could be completely wrong on this, I just thought I heard that somewhere...

Applied_Logic 12 years ago

Before I was old enough to pay attention to such things, but I've often heard JFK's looks had a lot to do with him winning.

kansaskev61 12 years ago

Hilary Clinton-President Obama Sen Laden-Vice President Nancy Pilosi-National Security Advisor Cindy Sheehan-Asst. National Security Advisor Barbara Streisand-Director Endowment for the Arts Maya Angelou-Speaker of the House Opra Winfrey-GOD! Now that's a team that would drive me straight to France!

beatrice 12 years ago

Why am I not surprised that this came around to looks. Men are so shallow. It is a wonder they ever get voted into any office.

Speaking of shallow, does anyone remember when John McCain made a joke about Chelsea Clinton's appearance at a Republican fundraiser (Janet Reno was the punch-line). Chelsea was around 14 at the time. Talk about a slime-ball showing his true colors. No wonder he is able to smile while standing next to President Bush, after Bush allowed Karl Rove to spread rumors about Mrs. McCain's substance abuse problems and tell stories regarding the race of McCain's (adopted) children. Slimy, slimy, slimy. When Hillary moves back into the White House, she will have to call in Ghostbusters to de-slime the place.

In all honesty, who ever gets in I hope she or he will take care of the out-of-control deficit. We need some true fiscal responsibility in this country -- on a personal and a national level.

Kookamooka 12 years ago

The looks issue is what brought Bush the 18-30 Male came down to whose daughters would you rather "do" the Kerry girls (brains) or the Bush Twins Gone Wild! I don't know if Chelsea has improved enough for that demographic!

Lulu 12 years ago

The country is more than ready for a womyn president. Hillary is a gorgeous womyn and will be the new president. Doing away with male politicians will bring sanity and normalcy to the world. Gender based family planning is key to ridding the world of war. Sperm banks need to be promoted and expanded. Girl only children need to be born and only then will there be peace. I am an absent writer but an avid reader. Thanks for remembering me everyone. I love womyn!

beatrice 12 years ago

The Bush girls -- Jenna and Anheiser -- correct?

Lulu, we remember, and I thank you for the occasional comments. It helps people see that I really am sane after all. : )

Purell 12 years ago

Do you think if Hillary did make it back to the White house she'd bring back everything that they stole when they left?

beatrice 12 years ago

Purrell -- that was all b.s. spread by right-wing news sources, like Fox News, and then circulated among others. The truth came out some time later, but of course that was usually on the back page if reported at all. Apparently, the worse that happened was a couple of employees took the "w" keys off of some keyboards as a joke. Compared to the way Bush stole that election, I think a few damaged keyboards is fairly minor.

Purell 12 years ago

bea, Sure I believe you.

But, tell me what you really think and put some passion in it. :)

I do wonder how Hillary would feel sitting everyday in the same office where her hubby committed adultery. Might be hard for her to swallow.

tpatric 12 years ago

Posted by rednekbuddha (Kelly Powell) on February 8, 2006 at 9:13 a.m. (Suggest removal)

"I want a gay black women in a wheelchair to run.....I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. Seriously, how progressive could you get.....Oh ya, she has to be qualified for the job."

If only Barbara Jordon were still alive...

tpatric 12 years ago

Any leanings I might have had toward Hillary were somewhat ruined yesterday Following her highly charisamtic husband's remarks at the King funeral, she did not come across well. However, Maya Angelou.....

beatrice 12 years ago

Purrell: "I do wonder how Hillary would feel sitting everyday in the same office where her hubby committed adultery."

It truly would be interesting to get inside her head to learn what she really thinks, but she probably has to consider this every time she sees him -- as do all men and women who have decided to stay with a cheating spouse, or so I would imagine. (Me - I would have dumped him right then and there. I'd be up on the White House balcony throwing his clothes onto the White House lawn -- only after I alerted the media to have their cameras ready. I guess I just don't have what it takes to think "big picture" and run for public office.) I would hope that the job part of sitting in the Oval Office would be more important to her.

Somewhat related side question: Why isn't there a feminine word that is equivalent to cuckold?

Reason McLucus 11 years, 12 months ago

I believe it would be possible. The main problem is a shortage of women who are qualified and have a strong desire for the office. I believe Elizabeth Dole could have defeated Bill Clinton in 1996 if her husband Bob had had enough sense to get her nominated instead of himself.

Hillary Clinton seems to be the only one interested in the office right now and she lacks any executive/administrative experience. She's basically just another politician who happens to be married to an ex-president who couldn't get a majority of the popular vote either time he ran. Bill was so ineffective as president he lost control of both houses of Congress and never regained them.

I could vote for Condi Rice, but she doesn't appear to have a strong desire for the office.

ONe thing that would be useful is for the media to give more publicity to women governors because the only people since the founding fathers to be elected to and serve two terms as president previously were governors or generals. Kathleen Sebilius wouldn't be a good candidate but then neither would her male predecessors from either party.

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