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What is the meaning of Christmas?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on December 25, 2006

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Photo of Chip Halderman

“Friends, family, holiday cheer, everyone coming together and toys for the kids.”

Photo of Megan Sabby

“Family. I haven’t seen mine since July and this is the only time I can go see them.”

Photo of Stuart Squires

“To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the salvation of humanity”

Photo of Nicolette Ross

“Christmas is my birthday, so that’s usually what it means to me.”


KS 11 years ago

One person knew the meaning of Christmas. That is so unfortunate. Sort of what's wrong with this country today. Merry Christmas.

juscin3 11 years ago

AMEN Stuart. That is the real meaning of Christmas. It's sad that they are changing it from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays and they have forgotten what Christmas is about and why we celebrate it.

RI, very beautiful with what you posted.

May God bring you peace, joy, happiness and love to your family.



trinity 11 years ago

eat drink&be merry?

nah seriously-celebration of the birth of Christ, but expand that to include all types of december 25 festivities, observations, and traditions. there we go, hah.

have a wonderful one, no matter what you do! :)

hottruckinmama 11 years ago

its jesus birthday. its family and friends. its the look on your kids face when they open their presents in the morning. its having wrapping paper and those darn little styrofoam beads strung all over the living room(i'll be vacuuming them till the middle of january!) its trying to get all those toys out of the packaging (how the heck do they get them things in there like that anyway?) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

ive_got_my_ascot_n_my_dickie 11 years ago

It's a pagan-based holiday for Winter Solstice. Jesus wasn't born on December 25th; at least the bible doesn't say so. I'm surprised more people don't know that.

killjoy 11 years ago

You mean that once all the roundabouts are in place (for sacrifices) the end will be near? I just knew that the roundabouts were a source of evildoing!

Merry Christmas anyway!

sublime 11 years ago

"To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the salvation of humanity"

  • Stuart Squires, Catholic University of America Ph.D. student, Lawrence

Amen Stuart

I_Bejewel 11 years ago

Dickie, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Winter Solstice is celebrated on the first day of winter (which was Dec. 22nd). And I'm sure most people are aware the Jesus was not born on December 25th, if fact, nobody said that. What they are saying is it is the day chosen to celebrate his birth. So, Merry Christmas or happy solstice to you. Have a good one everybody!

Kelly Powell 11 years ago

Was also the european yule festival...the roman saturnalia(which lasted a month...the romans new how to party) fact christmass used to be a twelve day holiday....and for our canuck and limey cousins there is the after party on the 26th...Boxer day. Merry christ-mass every one, whatever your spiritual predicliction is.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

I_P you are soooo continental!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas is what YOU make it, religious or not. Maybe they all got it right in their thinking, although I think I'd rather hang out with Megan than Nicolette.

JayCat_67 11 years ago

You got it Gootsie! Peace and serenity to all! Und Froliche Weinacht!

jonas 11 years ago

Main Entry: Christmas Pronunciation: 'kris-m&s Function: noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English Christemasse, from Old English Cristes mÃ:sse, literally, Christ's mass 1 : a Christian feast on December 25 or among some Eastern Orthodox Christians on January 7 that commemorates the birth of Christ and is usually observed as a legal holiday 2 : CHRISTMASTIDE - Christmassy or Christmasy /-m&-sE/ adjective"

Or am I being too literal?

yourworstnightmare 11 years ago

Almost none of the traditions we follow on xmas have anything to do with the birth of christ. Most are pre-christian traditions of western Europe. The christmas tree. Santa Claus (finnish). Yule log. Snow men, reindeer, snow, (none of these are found in israel).

Solstice, Saturnalia, Christmas. It is just a good time of the year to have a celebration.

pelliott 11 years ago

One person knew the meaning of Christmas. That is so unfortunate. Sort of what's wrong with this country today. Merry Christmas.

P This is such a sad way of looking at the answers. only one way is the right way, any chance that you think there is only one little answer, and it is the way you think. No light heart or love in that, that is what is part of what is wrong in this country. That kind of narrowmindedness and judgemental behavoir from people who think of themselves as christians. get the book out.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

R_I, I'm hoping they don't ever call you INcontinental...har har.

JayCat_67 11 years ago

Hee hee CC! Still waitin' for Sinter Claas en Swarte Piet!

trinity 11 years ago

LOL c_c, that was funny! i needed that! :)

budwhysir 11 years ago

Christmas can mean many things, all of wich comes back to something we should all keep in mind.

The way we treat each other and the way we view, live, and cherrish the life we live.

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