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What qualities do you think Miss Kansas should have?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on December 17, 2006

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Photo of Emelia LaFortune

“She should be socially conscious. She should be an empowered woman and she should be worldly.”

Photo of Mike Payne

“She should have unique talents, brains, brawn and beauty. It’s Kansas; we need a hearty farm girl.”

Photo of Betsy Kenny

“Someone who is genuine, honest and good-hearted. I think those are good qualities for anyone to have.”

Photo of Bob Derby

“I would look for an outgoing, warm personality. She should have a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself. Beauty comes from the inside.”


geekin_topekan 8 years ago

...and be able to lift 80lbs. over her head. the girls in the pic are good looking but,where are the hotties?

sublime 8 years ago

LOL-Marion needs a cold shower.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

this is going to be an interesting day....

sublime 8 years ago

I do agree with Marion, she does need to be HOT! She needs to have brains too.We don't need an Anna Nicole Smith--Easy on the eyes And dummer than a sack of hammers........Im sure we could find our HOT Miss KANSAS right here in Lawrence......Lawrence is full of hot woman, just look around.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

I would but I have a bad foot that would keep me from competing.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

To clarify, that foot is the 12 inches below my "girls."

marion4pres 8 years ago

Marion, Of the nearly 4,000 (OMG 4,000!!!!) posts that you have supplied to the LJW this has to be your best. Thanks for laying the foundation for a much anticipated reader response. Let the party begin....

marion4pres 8 years ago

correction.... Marion has nearly 5,000 posts to the LJW. Thanks again. It made my day.

trinity 8 years ago

py, gootsie, ss, and all us other ots gals-just let it be known, the standard should be set by US lovely wonderful fabulous ots women!

i'd run for the official contest-but there's factors against me such as age, etc-plus my life experience knocks me out of that whole "wholesome image" thing! and looks, oh dear, lol...besides, they generally don't pick a gal that hovers from size 12-14, do they?? ;) can't walk worth a damn on stilettos anyway.

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

I've had 2 babies...that should pretty much throw me out of the contest right there. And, much like trinity, I can't walk worth a damn on stilettos, either.

Ms Kansas should have "wind-proof hair." She should be able to run at full speed through a cattle pasture (in her stilettos, of course) and NOT get into any moo poo. She should be able to throw 70 lb. bales of hay while donning "Daisie Dukes" and a red halter top (she may elect to wear boots for this activity). She absolutely must know how to repair a combine.

I think we should ask Ms Canada (since she must be an expert!)

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

"I would look for an outgoing, warm personality. She should have a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself. Beauty comes from the inside." -Bob Derby

Bob, I love you! All women love you!

Bone777 8 years ago

Be from Kansas AND have branches on her family tree!

killjoy 8 years ago

She should have her picture taken on every roundabout in the state.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

lol world peace!!

And Sue - classic, as always.

Leap tall manure piles in a single bound.

trinity 8 years ago

and don't forget-the ability to bake a cherry or apple pie from scratch! ;) now THAT i could do!

killjoy 8 years ago

...and as she's baking the cherry pies, she should be able to tie the stems in knots with her tongue.

Bone777 8 years ago

She needs to have a pretty tooth or three, be able to operate a tractor, and be able to keep her kids quiet during the pageant.

Sucklings will be grounds for scoring deductions during the Q/A portion.

beatrice 8 years ago

The ability to ignore the fact that beauty pagents are sexist, stupid, and exist to provide masterbation fodder for men -- as the above answers prove.

marion4pres 8 years ago

Jolly good, the feeling is more than mutual, sir.

marion4pres 8 years ago

a world "piece" of warm cherry pie... beauty pagents... masterbation... Mr. Burns....Now, I need a cold shower.

trinity 8 years ago

oo! ooo! killjoy, i CAN do that!!! :)

jonas 8 years ago

Two x chromosomes, if possible.

Charlie Bannister 8 years ago

Marion you rock, I would love to meet you! She should be everything you said and be able to look good in nothing but a pair of overalls. Why don't they have an "overalls" competition? Beatrice you are obviously no fun whatsoever. Lighten up and live a little. Pretty girls are one of the things that make the world a beautiful and desirable place to be. Everyone can't be good looking, that is life - deal with it.

JayCat_67 8 years ago

Ow... Ow... Ow... Ow... Oops, need to back up from the computer desk a bit ;-)

JayCat_67 8 years ago

Seriously though, functional grey matter is a must. Looks only last so long and plastic surgery can only do so much. Anyone seen Joan Rivers lately? Whoa!

beatrice 8 years ago

Oh kosmo, lets just say you and I have a different definition of "fun." Plus, I was really curious to see if the phrase "masterbation fodder" would remain up.

oldfashiongirl 8 years ago

Hi y'all,

Marion, what you describe as the qualities a Miss Kansas should have are exactly those of our current Miss Kentucky in the Miss Universe pageant. One report said she spent long hours in New York bars, had no morals and "only God knows what else she did." Anyway the Donald, as in Trump, was thinking of ousting her from her position, but I read today that she had packed up and moved out of one of Trump properties. What an embarrassment!. We'll trade you!!

trinity 8 years ago

bea it's probably still up only 'cos he spelled masturbation wrong.


sunflower_sue 8 years ago

Py, he must hold the door for all. He must carry groceries for little 'ol ladies, look good in a T-shirt and well worn Levi's, be able to do a vast array of manual labor, and provide dark chocolate to women in need. He must NOT have baby soft hands. Did I mention he must look good in well worn Levi's? And, oh yeah, he must never "cruise chicks" in Westport or have filed for chapter 11.

beatrice 8 years ago

sue, lol. That statement was truer than anything I've ever read here. No to soft hands, but they needn't be overly course, either. They also need to be warm, and dry. And no chewing of the nails. And certainly NO! to the Westport Cruiser.

trinity 8 years ago

LOL, oh, py&ss, you's are my heroes-or heroines shall i say?? i bow to your greatness!

i wants me a mr. kansas who'd give me a niiiice, sweet bath with lotsa bubbles; shave my legs for me; bring me a glass of wine whilst still in the tub;

AGGHHH ooops i thought i was writing for that porn site again!

Crispian Paul 8 years ago

Sorry, guys, I am too old and probably have too many skeletons in my closet to be Miss Kansas. Too bad though :(

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