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Do you think the city should raise the fine for speeding?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on December 2, 2006

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Photo of Samantha Schmerge

“No. I think they already cost enough. I’ve never had one, but I wouldn’t want to pay more if I did get one.”

Photo of Allison Chase

“I come from a small town where it’s $110 if you get caught going under 10. People here should feel lucky that it’s as low as it is. If you don’t want one, just don’t get caught.”

Photo of Mark Kennedy

“I don’t think so, because with all of the costs and stuff you already have to go through to get a diversion, it’s only going to complicate the situation.”

Photo of Tony Two-Hands

“No, of course not. I think it’s too much as it is. People have too many expenses already. They won’t be able to afford it.”


number3of5 8 years ago

conservative-- I'm with you. There is only one reason in the world I can think of to speed, and that is in a medical emergency. Then I would use my flashers and horn to alert everyone of my emergency. In this world of overextending ourselves, we try to cram everything into the time we have and end up rushing to get where we either need or want to be. Slow down and live longer and better.

jonas 8 years ago

Seriously? That's. . . pretty intense, don't you think? And why 25? And what happens if they travel on the interstate? They would become a hazard.

And no, we don't need to raise the fine. It wouldn't deter speeders anymore than it does currently.

jonas 8 years ago

If you don't want one, just don't get caught."

  • Allison Chase, stagehand, Lawrence

Yeah, that's the real trick, isn't it?

geekin_topekan 8 years ago

I believe that anyone caught speeding who is under the age of 25,should be fined $500 and required to BUY a governor to be set for 45 and under,for a period not to exceed the duration of the school year.

KS 8 years ago

Somebody is going to have to pay for the new library!

conservative 8 years ago

I have no problems raising the cost of the tickets.

Can't afford the cost? Don't speed. Pretty darn simple folks.

classclown 8 years ago

Posted by jonas (anonymous) on December 2, 2006 at 6:02 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Seriously? That's. . . pretty intense, don't you think? And why 25? And what happens if they travel on the interstate? They would become a hazard.


I believe 45 is still the minimum speed for the interstate.

jonas 8 years ago

Doesn't make it safe. Most highways, going 45 is a death warrant, I opine.

ms_canada 8 years ago

The solution is soooooooo simple, can't pay the fine, don't speed. Notice all the young people above. They don't seem to know the meaning of slow and safe.

tyger_lily 8 years ago

I think the fine should be doubled if the offender is talking on thier stupid cell phone while driving. I also think that Lawrence cips should start enforcing the law that it is illegal to turn into the the furthest lane when making a right of left hand turn. I come from a small Kansas town and I know that is the right thing to do, why does nobody here do? I do understand it is hard to turn into the right lane when you are gabbing on your cell phone, having a smoke, and shoveling french fries in your mouth though....

SpeedRacer 8 years ago

The City needs to re-evaluate some of the speed limits on the more widely used streets. Some of them are just too low for the volume of traffic. Yes, some do go through residential areas, but that does not mean they can't be more reasonable.

Sigmund 8 years ago

It won't be too long till we have speed cameras set up on Iowa, Wakarusa, 6th, 15th, and 23rd streets. They will be sold to the citizens as a public safety issue when in reality it will be a "profit center" for the city. You heard it here first!

bankboy119 8 years ago

tyger, I have seen police enforce it.

If this issue were really about safety I would say sure go ahead and raise the price, but it's not. It's about the city making more money to spend on studies that they don't want to hear the answers to anyways. I say no, don't raise the prices anymore. They just went up a few years ago anyways.

gyrodukc 8 years ago

I think people should get a tax rebate if they get caught speeding. People drive way too slow in this town.

BorderRat 8 years ago

Don't want to pay the ticket price, don't speed...DUH.

Bone777 8 years ago

I have received speeding tickets in Lawrence and they seem expensive no matter what you pay. A person paying $80 is going to think it sucks almost as bad as a person paying $110.

The real issue is having to pay court cost when you choose to pay the ticket out-right. It doesn't cost $40 to have a clerk take your name off of the court docket.

I_Bejewel 8 years ago

"I come from a small town where it's $110 if you get caught going under 10. People here should feel lucky that it's as low as it is. If you don't want one, just don't get caught."

  • Allison Chase, stagehand, Lawrence

I appreciate Allison's logic, but somehow feel it wouldn't be hard to "get caught" if you're going under 10 mph.

I personally don't care if they raise it, or where the money is being spent because I am not in the habit of speeding.

Grundoon Luna 8 years ago

I have no idea how much it costs these days as I can't even remember the last time I got a ticket knock on wood but I think if anything get's raised it should only be for those going 15 or so mph over the posted limit.

Militant, sheweee man, good to see you live up to your moniker. While I agree that people in this town are moronic about yielding to those already IN the roundabout (to whom I honk and scowl everytime they pull in front of me when I am already IN the roundabout - and I agree OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!) but why signal at a roundabout? There is only one way in and unless you like going around in circles you are eventually going to make a right turn out of there for which noone would have to yield to you for?

Grundoon Luna 8 years ago

Py, I totally agree with you about those that continue to go through the light long after they have turned red. One time at 6th and Iowa A semi with two trailers attached was attempting a left turn on to Iowa from 6th and couldn't complete it until the light had already change to green for those of use going left on to 6th. 5 cars proceeded on AFTER the truck when the light was already red for the truck! I was first in line to go and the light turned yellow on me. But it wasn't red so I was allowed to complete my manuever.

Oh, hey, and thanks for the stack!!

I make a fantabulous raspberry sauce with raspberries from my garden that I mix with maple syrup for pancakes. St. Alphonso would want to steal some.

sunflower_sue 8 years ago

PY, I had my own "red light" experience in the shopping line today:

I quickly ran into a store to pick up 1 item that I saw my 12 yr. old admire the day before. I took it to the registers with my "40% off any item" coupon. The registers were packed. sigh I got in a line and settled in for the long haul. A woman came out of no where and cut in front of the woman in front of me. ok...Neither of us said anything because: 1. it's just not worth fighting over 2. she only had a couple of items in her cart 3. she's obviously demented fine...the "butter-inner" then proceeded to put (and I'm not kidding here) at least 25 more items in her cart. WEIRD!!! (I guess I now know who they market all of those things at the registers to.) I started to giggle but quickly composed myself and just watched. Then the "line-jumper" did not want all of the items rung up on the same ticket. I was really getting giddy, finding this whole thing quite absurdly humorous. I tapped the shoulder of the woman in front of me (who had 3 items) and asked if she would like a 40% off coupon (I had an extra). So, I got a laugh (even though I had to wait) and the woman in front of me got rewarded with saving a bit of money. I guess the moral of the story should be: "Good things come to those who wait." But I think it's really: "Don't smoke crack and go shopping or you'll end up buying everything in front of the register." :D

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