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What country would you most like to visit?

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Photo of Krystle Iden

“Australia, because it seems exciting and I want to see all the differences between there and here.”

Photo of Alyssa Myers

“I would like to go to France, because I want to see what fashion is like there and go shopping.”

Photo of Lacey Wilks

“Spain. Just to see all the fashion and different kinds of music. I can speak a little bit of Spanish.”

Photo of Jordan Jacobs

“Germany, because I want to see how they live compared to us.”

Photo of Alek Joyce

“Brazil. I’ve heard it’s a very fun place to go, and I think I would enjoy it there.”

Photo of Kale Joyce

“Somewhere in Africa, just to see the wildlife.”

Photo of Charlie Thiel

“New Zealand, because all of the awesome movies are made in New Zealand, so I want to see the scenery for myself.”


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