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Would you want to have a cell phone that let your parents know where you are?

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Photo of Weston Poeverlein

“No. I’m sure they might not like some of the places I go.”

Photo of Katie Fuller

“No, because they would probably get really mad at me. I don’t always go the places I’m supposed to go.”

Photo of Kendall Goodden

“No. Absolutely not. That’s just wrong. I’ll just call and check in. They would get too paranoid.”

Photo of Emily Donnell

“No, because I might get in trouble. They might not find the places I’m going acceptable.”

Photo of Tor Fornelli

“Absolutely not, because it would ruin my parents’ day keeping track of where I was.”

“Yes, because I love my mom to death. I want her to know where I am.”

Photo of Shannon Bergin

“I don’t know, probably not. They should have enough trust in me that they don’t need to do that.”

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