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Who is one of your mentors?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 24, 2006

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Photo of Pauline Ness

“My parents. They’re everything I want to be. They’re hardworking, they encourage me and never give up on me.”

Photo of Jackie Treiber

“I’m going to say (Lawrence poet) Ed Tato, plain and simple.”

Photo of Scott McCauley

“Adrian Frutiger. He’s a famous typographer and designer. He has really simplistic ideas on design, and as a graphic designer I look up to him a lot.”

Photo of Devon Teran

“Mark Eaton. He’s a family friend back home who’s a great guy - somebody I always looked up to growing up.”


trinity 11 years ago

pauline-i love your answer! what a delightful young lady and what a tribute to her folks.

my mentor? somebody i used to work for&no longer do-that reminds me, an email MUST go out asap!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

My mom.

BG, sorry I missed my sounded lovely. I was so sore from pulling weeds, moving dirt, mulch, etc., that I couldn't have gotten off the couch had the 'nado come my way.

RI, Don't you know if I say it isn't going to rain, it's because I've also washed the car and watered all the outdoor plants in an effort to MAKE it rain. (My little rain dance.) Next time, you'll have a heads up. Oh, and, Happy Birthday yesterday! Hope you got a good fortune in your dinner (in bed).

My good deed for yesterday: had the hubby remove a 6 ft. black snake (that I almost stepped on) to greener pastures. Them snakes are strong! (Guess he didn't want to leave my yard.) Next time I'm mowing at 2".

neopolss 11 years ago

Captain D -

Making cod fish sandwiches all day HAS to be exhausting. Only the hamburgler has it worse. Those two taught me everything I know.

horrific_changeling 11 years ago

My father of course, he always did things with me and taught me valuable habits for life. Like this:

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

My mentor? Jimmy Carter's cardigan.

I generally don't check the board over the weekends (too many other things taking my time), but I do catch up on what I missed. And I missed some fun posts, including a small spat over That Guy Before Reagan, You Know, The One Who Wore That Sweater On TV. I'm sad I missed that.

enochville 11 years ago

It used to be my research advisor, but he passed away at the beginning of the year and I have yet to find anyone to be my new advisor. I used to have wonderful mentors at my church that provided an excellent example, but I recently quit my church because I don't believe in it anymore, so I don't have those mentors anymore.

So, I am a man currently making my own way looking for a new research advisor and once I decide what direction I want to go in with my beliefs, I'll be looking for a mentor again.

I think it is important to have good role models who can teach and train you how to succeed and grow in the area of their expertise.

enochville 11 years ago

Did anyone else wake up to find hail dings all over their car?

geekin_topekan 11 years ago

Barry Tucker and Max Humphry. Old school from Quantrill's.

trinity 11 years ago

wow, barry tucker...that's a name from way back; i knew him, long time ago. really great guy.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

R_I, how do you mow with a holster? I've always found it more efficient to mow with a lawnmower.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 11 years ago

I live near the Oread area, and I got some 2" hail. I'll be paying off my car and get some new roofs sometime soon. My car got hammered.

Mentors? I've had many over the years. God has put the people in my life that I needed, when I needed them. No man is an island.

horrific_changeling 11 years ago

No man is an island? macon47 is well on his way don't you think?

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Chinese (in bed)? What a perfect birthday! Happy post-birthday, R_I.

jonas 11 years ago

I'm going to have to go with Amefurukami, the japanese rain god that causes me to skip the rest of my classes on days like today when I get soaked to the bone on the way to class and sit in a dripping puddle, shivering and failing to concentrate.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Watch out, rightthinker -- there are always retorts to political comments like that.

beatrice 11 years ago

Dick Cheney - he taught me the importance of shooting straight from the hip. Rush Limbaugh - he taught me how to bad mouth others when high. William Bennet - he taught me how to gamble. Tom Delay - he taught me proper money management. George W. Bush - he taught me how to be a decider.

sgtw: did you mean something like that?

Grundoon Luna 11 years ago

Emma Goldman

Nah, it's my mom. She's a small but mighty feminist but not an anarchist.

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Yeah, beatrice, I figured somebody would come up with something like that. Although I didn't expect that many from one person! Way to exceed expectations.

Also, I thought the "Bush taught me..." would involve the word "strategery."

beatrice 11 years ago

Since John Lennon was one of my idols, though not a mentor, of course, and since sgtw. goaded me (by offering a Klondike Bar, I believe) into responding to righthinker's attack on Bill Clinton, I have decided to just keep going. For anyone who would like a laugh at George W. Bush's expense, please enjoy the link below. If not, feel free to ignore it. It is a song parody of Bush's "I'm the Decider" line, sung to the tune of The Beatles "I am the Walrus." (Amazing how quickly people turn this stuff around.)

Again, it is a song, so be careful if opening it up at work. Enjoy - Koo Koo Ka Choo

curiosos_husband 11 years ago

Garrison Keillor..Lake Wobegon ...I mean, doesn't that mentor everyone?

Everyone should read that, and the sequel, it's ever funnier, but you need to read the original first.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

I need to issue howard_ beale a public apology. I used the word "attack" the other night when describing the way he treated our beloved Ms_C. Let it hereby be known that he did not "attack" her in any way. (I have it on good authority that she is happy and well in Canada.) I hereby nominate myself to be tied to a post in the middle of a roundabout, bedecked with balloons, and forced to wave at passing cars throwing fruitcakes and wet noodles at me. Kind of damp out today. I'd better drag out my pleather jumpsuit. ;o)

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Sue, I was going to protest that the fruitcakes would hurt you (if they hit you), but then I realized the balloons would protect you.

Still, those are some harsh consequences...

Drew_Carey 11 years ago

As for me I have many... here are a few...

and Uncle Miltie:

On the google search, second page, I also found out he and I share a similar physical characteristic. I guess that's how we got so far in comedy.

Monkeywrench..are you referring to God himself..Stan Roth? Didn't we read about him?

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

RI, Don't have a pistol. Would my 22 be too cumbersome on the mower?

Sgt, I happen to love fruitcake...but only the ones from Collin Street Bakery in TX. (Throw those.)

Now that I have time to comment on the mentor topic, I'll expound on "my Mom."

My Mom taught me everything practical that I need to get through life. She taught me how to cook, sew, ride a bike, throw and catch a ball, how to cast a fishing line, how to put my own worm on the hook, how to think for myself, how to be generous, how to be forgiving, how to hug and kiss my children everyday, how to help those who need help, how to really care, how to not feel sorry for myself, how to move on, how to live life to the fullest because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, how to be happy no matter what life throws at you. How to pray.

beatrice 11 years ago

Drew, are you sure about this similar physical characteristic? Good thing the transvestite Uncle Miltie was popular in the 1950s. Women's skirts extended below the knee.

sun_sue: I accused the same howard_beale of being our new village idiot. I don't apologize. Have you seen some of his posts on other stories? Outrageously bad behavior. I say, if the pointy hat fits - wear it.

paladin 11 years ago

Anyone remember Frank Nelick? Now, there was a mentor. I think Torey got in trouble later for molesting young puppets, so he's been discredited.

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

My mentors: There are so many! one more bob Ron Burgandy Sunflower Sue Sgt Wolverine Multidisciplinary Old Enuf Ceallach jonas Hannibal horrific changeling The Original Bob Beatrice ms_canada prospector easy mark harley azure das_ubermime oh, and Drew, I wouldn't was to loose out on pts!

and so many more...all of the good people who worship me so!

and now we have Thorny Ramathorn,interesting name.. I wonder who that could be!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

bea, he contacted me off-board and I really didn't want to start another "SHOEMAKER INCIDENT." I told him I would issue a public apology for using the word "attack." So, good to my word, there you have it. My post was entirely sarcastic, but I think I must have forgotten to put the little sideways smiley face at the end of it. My bad!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

bea, You were right. The pointy hat does fit. I shall now climb down from my pole, collect my fruitcakes, and go home. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

Please note... I was not including howard beale in my list of mentors, just in case anyone had that thought!

(disclaimers to note- :D :P :) :( :O ;> and all of those cutesy things)oh, bad hair day &:(

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

I also have to thank my mother for teaching me not to say "shut up" as it is very crude language and just sounds so juvinile. :oP

homicidal_blabbermouth :o) ;) :oP

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

Well, they yanked that nasty word in less than ten minutes. Too bad they didn't yank him!

Sue, you are too fast to forgive a very bad man. Remember, no Klondike bars for naughty children.

guy_who_defends_other_posters 11 years ago

Hey there, "Howard"!!

That's no way to talk to the ladies here!

You must treat them like the dainty fragile weak flowers that they are (like I do)!!

And if you keep on being rude to them, I'll have to challenge you to a fist-fight!

If you're man enough (which I don't think that you are)!!

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Wow. New usernames appearing by the second. We may run out at some point.

beatrice 11 years ago

Oh my guy_who_defends, all this fuss over little old me?! But we must not have any fist-a-cuffs around here. We are above that.

Howard, thanks for dancing on command. This is certainly a quality we like in our village idiots. Sorry I missed your naughty word. Maybe if you just use the first letter I can imagine how strongly you cursed. I might add, we all know that cursing is a true sign of a strong intellect.

Now dance for us h_b, dance.

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

Sue and Beatrice..amazing..omb has taught us how to poke with a stick too!

sgt..there are 359 pages of usernames LOL. Most we never here from.That doesn't include the bumped names.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

bea, I think someone cut his strings. :(

Guy..., I love a man that would fight for me! Do you have a tractor?

RI, I now give you the OK to spread that bug poison on your lawn. There is enough moisture left in the grass. Just wear your Wellingtons!

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

I've always been proud of my foil wrapper, it's only here that I get to use a stick.

And sgt, you said you wouldn't do anything for "me"...that makes me so sad :*(. Too bad we can't send pictures on LJW! Of course, if I did send you a pic, you'd probably put it on your website! Of course, everyone's seen a Klondike bar, haven't they?

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Everyone's seen A klondike bar, but not everyone has seen THE Klondike_Bar...

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

oh, oh..put him in smoke jumper boots and shirtless! And someone take a picture for all of us!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

Smoke jumper boots and flannel. But he might be fetching in pleather.

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

RI, I'll grade your drive. I give it an "F." F is for "fissures." :P

Thorny_Ramathorn 11 years ago

Trying to keep up with this discussion while at work = nearly impossible....

sgtwolverine 11 years ago

Trying to keep up with this discussion under any circumstances = completely impossible.

Thorny_Ramathorn 11 years ago

I don't know if it will take out the frustration (hopefully not), but it will take your mind off of most things if you go to

Klondike_Bar 11 years ago

Prospector, you're welcome. I knew no matter who I typed, I wouldn't be able to get everyone in there, thus the "so many more". That list could have gone on for a lot of band width. But when did one more bob ever worry about band width ?

Thanks for reading,

eat more Klondike Bars

Dixie Jones 11 years ago

My 10 yr old son who is autistic he has proved to me and MANY others that it CAN BE done and IT will be done.

kcwarpony 11 years ago

Did Klondike_Bar just say "e*t me"?

Didn't know if I should spell that out or not...

Drew_Carey 11 years ago

50 pts to warpony for learning Uncle Miltie's and my secret for longevity.

Who needs little blue pills when Klondike Bars have always been right there in the freezer. I order them by the case.

And yes Bea. I'm sure you've seen me in a kilt on the show, it's very long. ;D

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

I love Klondike Bars. I have some in my freezer right now. Does this mean I can be your mentor too, K_B?

I'm not sure who my mentor would be. I guess my bad choices in life. I learned more from those than humanly possible.

I had a 2.5" hail stone in my front yard last night. That's some big stones...

RonBurgandy 11 years ago

We need to start a pool for the date that the village idiot will be banned from the ljw.

I've got 5/1/2005.

kcwarpony 11 years ago

Thanks Drew... and keep up the good work!


kcwarpony 11 years ago

Hey RonB, It looks like you lost. You should have picked today.

MrFlamboyant 11 years ago


Linda Aikins 11 years ago

RonB, which village idiot is banned?

What have I missed by being in Oklahoma?

RonBurgandy 11 years ago

Mr. Howard Beale was here and now is gone, all in a matter of three days. A lot quicker than I thought. I am sure he will turn up again under another screen name...anticipation.

kcwarpony 11 years ago

Oh wait, it was a time warp... RonB, are you doing the time warp?...

Time is fleeting Madness takes its toll

beatrice 11 years ago

I can't believe h_b is already gone. Sure, I wanted him to dance, and while he danced so near the edge of the cliff I didn't expect him to fall into the abyss so quickly. Oh well, nice not actually knowing ya.

Applications now being accepted.

paladin 11 years ago

I was thinking someone was going to challenge h_b to a duel. That would be fun. There hasn't been one of those in a long time. He wouldn't have lasted even this long back in the old West, when men were men and cows were longhorns.

fat_thirtysomething_housewife 11 years ago

Oh my God! What a terrible thing to wish upon somone!!

How demented!

sunflower_sue 11 years ago

Me thinks h_b is already back as guy_who... (seriously!) I think he was just posting under the two names...thus the backhanded compliment as "fragile wilting flowers" or something like that. Think about it. Who could say something as crass as wishing cancer upon someone.

C_V, Manly_e, h_b, guy_who...Go away and stay away! You are no longer welcome here.

I believe these monikers are all the same person and he just gets his jollies off of baiting us. Sick. Truly sick! Go get help.

paladin 11 years ago

Allot of depravity flitering about. Psychopathology takes many forms.

eight_dollar_an_hour_loser 11 years ago

My mentor was my high school gym teacher! He once told me that without a college degree I wouldn't amount to anything!

I guess he was right!

I didn't go to college...and I never did amount to anything!!

older_gal_with_bulging_abdomen 11 years ago

You are soooo right, Sue!!

What a truly bizarre human being!

paladin 11 years ago

Allot of anger there. It does truly suck being on the dark side, looking out at the light and not knowing how to get out there into it. But, its really not that hard. It has allot to do with attitude. And changing the way you think about things. And finding some hope. It can be done, happens all the time. Miracles, that is.

Linda Aikins 11 years ago

S_S, what do you think "his" original name was?

Andrew Dice Clay?

beatrice 11 years ago

sun_sue: I'm curious why, if they dumped h_b they aren't blocking his ip address, since there are clearly several of these logins coming from the same person. Oh what fun, to have a conversation with yourself, about yourself. The act of a village idiot. The spacing between lines is also similar to someone else around here who is terribly annoying and self-centered. Don't worry, I suspect this child will go away soon enough.

paladin 11 years ago

Your IP address is random and changes every time you log on to you IP's server. This may be binge behavior and will play itself out. Hope and pray he survives, again.

beatrice 11 years ago

then how were they able to ban e_m a second time, and then he wasn't able to get back on?

fat_thirtysomething_housewife 11 years ago

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guy_who_defends_other_posters 11 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

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