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What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 16, 2006

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Photo of Allison Budimlija

“Being a Christian, just the Easter story. Jesus’ resurrection.”

Photo of Mark Hurst

“Plastic grass. You know, that weird stringy stuff they put in the bottom of Easter baskets. I used to love playing with it when I was little.”

Photo of C.J. Kemp

“The reassurance that I am saved and that I do have Jesus in my life. It’s a reminder every year. Just like some people make New Year’s resolutions. It’s like starting over.”

Photo of Stephanie Teagarden

“Celebrating the risen savior and getting everyone together for a family dinner.”


Linda Aikins 12 years ago

I'm right behind you OMB! Hoppy Easter everyone!

I always loved hiding eggs for my kids.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

Spending time with my family and friends. Happy Easter Y'all!

Staci Dark Simpson 12 years ago

That Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead. I love singing He Arose on Easter morning at church it is so powerful. I also love hiding eggs for my little one, he is so excited and the look on his face is priceless. Very Happy Easter to everyone!

mztrendy 12 years ago

spending the entire day with my family who I just can't get enough of.

jonas 12 years ago

I've always just been fond of the spelling of Easter. It's just a pretter word to look at. Easter. And it looks just like it says. See the first part Eas comes out real smooth, and then the ter has to be spit out with a second effort. EEaass Ter!!! Not to mention that I personally just love words with both the combination phoneme, and a good long EE sound. Well constructed word, that Easter.


gyroduck 12 years ago

Each year at easter a few more people confront the fear of death by the realization that with death comes more life. Dying to selfish desires and the insecure false self created by them ends the illusion of the material world and sets us free from conditioned responses and the prison created by our own self imposed limitations. Jesus shows humanity how to die so that we can see our selfs for what we really are beyond the personalities we create through insecure dellusions. The story of Jesus tells us how to evolve, isn't that something? If you want to challenge what I'm saying first ask yourself (what am I defending? -the truth or my own fear of being wrong, which would kill my false self)

Happy Easter, I wish everyone healing in the body, peace of mind, and love in your souls.

                                           - GyroDuck

yourworstnightmare 12 years ago

My favorite part of Ishtar is all of the dead prophets walking around. I mean, you can't swing a dead Nazarene without hitting one.

yourworstnightmare 12 years ago

To learn about you true Lord and Savior, visit the following website and be forever changed.

Bless His Saucy Meatballs!

yourworstnightmare 12 years ago


As mentioned above, the word "easter" comes from the Sumerian "Ishtar", the goddess of fertility and war. This is yet another pagan holiday and word that was co-opted by X-tianity in an effort to be more palatable to converts.

paladin 12 years ago

Dear, would you be a lamb and carve the ham?

ms_canada 12 years ago

The etymology of the word Easter is so long and drawn out and involves so many different cultures, very many of which were pagan. Many eastern cultures refer to this day as Paschuas and that word comes from the Hebrew word pesach or passover and the sacrificed lamb was the pesach lamb. And we know that Jesus was or is the pesach lamb. Because of the many pagan connections to Easter many fundamental Christians have begun calling this day Ressurrection Day and that sounds very appropriate to me. So Happy Ressurrection Day to you all and even to those of you who scoff at this celebration and at those who celebrate. Your nasty remarks are inappropriate. How dare you make fun at the expense of those of us who revere Jesus the Christ and what He has done for us. Shame on you!!! But all the same, Have a nice day.

mooseamoose 12 years ago

What I like best about Easter is not going to church. Jesus is a myth and never existed.

Liberty 12 years ago

Yes, Happy Resurrection Day to all who have faith in the Lord Jesus (He is the Life and the Resurrection) and the power of God the Father who raised Him from the dead, and will also do the same for those of us who believe and put their trust in the Son of God.

paladin 12 years ago

The Quest

I've searched, I've searched the avenues of life, the pristine chapels, the Bowery flophouses. I've searched the Halls of Justice, on both sides. I've looked under the leaves and behind the clouds. I've searched through the rain and pain of forgotten memories, broken promises and shattered dreams. I've yearned for the answers to all the questions, some as yet unasked.

I've loved, the earth, the sky, and all the animals, and, I've hated myself!

I've dreamed, I've dreamed of dancing on moonlight and traveling to the stars. I've dreamed of worldly delights, while searching through the bars. I've dreamed of better worlds, with peace and tranquillity. I've seen the cold shoulder of inhumanity, and, Sometimes I've found it to be mine.

I've been, I've been in and out of jails, in and out of Hell. I've been ostracized, penalized, deluded, denuded, and institutionalized.

I've seen, I've seen the deathly gray pall of time passing uselessly by. I've seen the fire of a new dawn, when, Through an alcoholics' haze, I witnessed the birth of a new life, My own!

And now, I have seen --GOD-- and --MYSELF--, and, I am FREE, FREE to be ME

-Paul Wilburn

ms_canada 12 years ago

Oh yes, forgot to say what I like best about this day, going to church and singing and along with spacy staci, we will probably sing He Arose. And as for the historical Jesus. Moose, you are obviously not a student of history. There most certainly was a man called Jesus and there are many references to Him by reputable historians of His day. Now then, what you believe about this man is another thing. That is your prerogative.

classclown 12 years ago

Coloring rotten eggs and "hiding" them in South Park the day before Easter.

jonas 12 years ago

mooseatamoose: At the risk of feeding the troll I have to ask what the point is in directly attacking someone's faith in such a manner. Unless you have a better answer to life satisfaction, there's no use trying to undermine someone else's.

rabb 12 years ago

I'm still pondering what Boogeyman meant by his post. By pondering what Sam Kinison's afterlife is like, is he implying that Sam Kinison died in a car accident BECAUSE he made fun of Jesus? Does he think that Jesus had a PERSONAL VENDETTA against Sam Kinison?? Did Jesus put a hit out on Sam?? Maybe Jesus makes fun of Sam Kinison by holding up a steering wheel and saying, "Hey Sam, remember this?" First time I've ever heard Jesus described as being petty. Happy Easter!

Drew_Carey 12 years ago

Sorry Marion...almost forgot!

I wanted to make sure you all saw that Marion won yesterday's show, he gets 2000 pts for his link.

TheOriginalCA 12 years ago

Well, I can certainly see that the anarchist trolls pulled themselves out of bed finally and made their very predictable anti-establishment/socialistic re-marx. Now go straight to the intersection of 11th and Mass and hold up your favorite signs as you do each and every Sunday and be thankful for those who have fought and died so that you could have the freedom to bash them.

YourItalianPrincess 12 years ago

Happy Easter everyone and hope you day is going fantastic.

Easter is a wonderful holiday as we celebrate with family friends. We dyed eggs last night and of course I played the Easter bunny for my boys. They both opened their baskets to find goodies and have their egg hunt. My oldest of course helps hides the eggs now, then my youngest goes hunting. As he gets older each year we hide them in harder places to make it more fun.

Off to my mom's house in a few hours for dinner. She put her house up for sale and will be moving back home to Cali at the end of next month. Its going to be weird not having her around her many holidays anymore, but its time for her to go home and be with the rest of our family there now.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone, its a beautiful day.

Ember 12 years ago

Jesus is coming!! Hide the eggs!!

yourworstnightmare 12 years ago

The word "easter" comes from "Ishtar", a pre-christian God of Fertility and War. Ask yourself, what do chicks and bunnies have to do with christ? Nothing. These are pagan symbols of spring and fertility. Happy Ishtar everyone!

yourworstnightmare 12 years ago


Thanks for the explanation. One might guess that most of those names were derived from the ancestral Sumerian Ishtar. Religion and culture do have a way of persisting, after all, in this case Indo-european.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

Posted by anxiousathiest at 3:07:
"It is imperative the all religions are kept in the home, away from the public sphere so as to keep irrational, close-minded ideas from entering the public discourse."

Hey Pot, Kettle here, you're black, too!

paladin 12 years ago

Everyone on the face of this earth has a religion, Atheist, Agnostic, and Men of God alike. IT IS THE WAY THEY LIVE. This is guided by their Spiritual Essence, their Internal Knowledge of Right and Wrong. All Organized Religions are POLITICAL ENTITYS of MIND CONTROL for those folks who want an easier softer way, who are afraid of going to hell because of their lack of Spiritual Honesty, who are afraid to confront themselves and their ego, who insist that they have a Satan as a symbolic scapegoat for their refusal to submit to God's will and who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and the condition in which they find themselves, who want someone or something else to do it for them, to take responsibility. SPIRITUALITY is for those folks who have been to hell and back, who are willing to SURRENDER their ego, their will and their lives to the WILL of THEIR CREATOR, and pick up their own responsibilities to their CREATOR, to themselves and to all of humanity, because they know they will not survive if they don't face REALITY and SURRENDER to the WILL of The CREATOR! I have absolutely no intent to tell you how or what you must or must not believe, because I don't know how the Creator will reveal himself to you! I just know that he will if you seek him in all honesty and true openmindedness, and in that is your salvation and your survival. Moses gave us the Ten Commandments, and if we would adhere to these we would survive a whole lot better. Jesus exhorted us to seek the Father within, and to Love our Creator with all our mind, all our heart and all our soul and to LOVE our neighbors (everybody on the face of this earth) as ourselves. If we did that there would be no problems of survival. Buddha gave us the path to seek within, which very few have ever done. Socrates and a number of others have told us that an unexamined life is hardly worth living. There have been so many prophets and saviors, even unto the present day, And we still REFUSE to LISTEN. There are only Twelve Simple Principles by which one leads a truly Spiritual Life. Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Brotherly Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality, and Service. NONE of these are possible without the development of TRUST! YOU WILL LEARN TO TRUST ENOUGH WHEN YOU HAVE HURT ENOUGH. There is very little hope of ever putting these into Practice if we always do things the way we have always done things. WE MUST CHANGE THE WAY WE DO THINGS TO CHANGE THE WAY WE ARE! -- NOW!!

TheOriginalCA 12 years ago

anxiousatheist, FWIW, I see the earth as God's creation, you see it as otherwise, but we do agree that it needs to be protected. Let's just leave it at that and protect it.

Take care

badger 12 years ago

Just another day for me, really.

I do, however, really like to go buy chocolate bunnies and Robins' Eggs half-price right after Easter. Plus, you can get Cadbury eggs super-cheap.

More stuff closes here in Texas than in Kansas. Most restaurants around here were closed, except the chain restaurants, and some of the grocery stores were closed all day, not just until evening.

Hung out with the SO's family. They eat hardboiled eggs fried in butter. Not bad, but a little strange.

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