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Should sex education classes include information about various abortion procedures and fetal pain?

Asked at Asked on Massachusetts Street on April 9, 2006

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Photo of Robert Lee

“No. I think that would just be more conservative propaganda.”

Photo of Melodie Brouhard

“I would say no. I think it would be traumatizing for the kids. I think abortion is a woman’s legal right and a decision they should face when they are mature enough.”

Photo of Kyle B.

“Yes, because if you are going to talk about it, I don’t think there is any reason to sugar-coat anything.”

Photo of Eric Haar

“Yes. If the plan is to teach comprehensive sex education, then abortion-related information must be included.”

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bugmenot 12 years ago

Robert looks pretty scary on the front page. Am I the only one seeing the blown up pic?

Sigmund 12 years ago

This is, or should be, such a serious desicion that all information should be available. What possible reason is there to teach about abortion procedures without teaching about fetal development also? Is it because we want to make it easier for girls to abort and we are afraid that if they know fetuses at a certain point experience pain it might make that decision harder?

Confrontation 12 years ago

Why don't we start by teaching kids how to AVOID pregnancy? Gee, that would be too easy.

Richard Heckler 12 years ago

If there is so much concern about abortion then why do the right side of politics continue to preach abstinence only. There are other means to prevent pregnancy that should be made available to whomever and discussed with some detail. This to me is the better way to continue reducing the number of abortions. Teach the Pro-Active approach.

Parents some of our children are going to engage in sex so let's be open minded and Pro-Active.

I am not sure how graphic the discussion needs to be however serious discussion on the emotional impact of abortion or adoption certainly ought to take place.

horrific_changeling 12 years ago

Interesting..opt-in, they want to let them know when a fetus responds to pain. I'm all for science in any class room, as long as we're keeping this at 7th grade and above, as far as pictures go. If parents want their children to see it younger, let them do that at home. We don't need kids needing therapy for years because of what they saw at school.

Has anyone else noticed? Did they set a record yesterday or something? Don't I recall a LOT more names on the board, and many more comments? Are all of those people GONE now? Also on the day before that. I think someone in the control booth got fed up, and went retroactive on the posters!

mommy3 12 years ago

I don't think they should teach that in school, but to make it known to the public in general that the baby does feel pain, and this is what abortion is. Most people tend to hide from the facts. I don't agree that abortion should be the womans right to choose. She made a choice when she did the deed. Maybe if we teach our children the fact that when you make a choice you pay the price good or bad. If I was to make the choice to place my three kids in the car without car seats, I would be veiwed as a bad mom, by pro-choice and pro-life, so why does a woman have a right to kill her baby? And thats ok!

Darrell Lea 12 years ago

So, everyone posting here today knows for fact that (1) a fetus can feel pain, and (2) their nervous systems and brain stems are developed enough to comprehend this sensation as PAIN and classify it as BAD. Gee, how'd ya know that? Recovered fetal memory? An in-depth discussion with a fetus?

Next thing you'll want me to believe is that there really is a heaven and a hell, and all I gots to do is beg sweet Jesus for forgiveness and I'm In with the Good Folks.

Right. Those who can't live with things they can't understand or experience can imagine anything, I guess.

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

RIGHT ON ERIC [above].

will note that eric Haar is an occassional poster on these boards, too.

visitorperson 12 years ago

So, everyone posting here today knows for fact that (1) a fetus can't feel pain, and (2) their nervous systems and brain stems are NOT developed enough to comprehend this sensation as pain and classify it as BAD. Gee, how'd ya know that? Recovered fetal memory? An in-depth discussion with a fetus?

If one were a demolition man and there was a house that you were about to destroy, and if one didn't know whether or not there was anyone in there, would one destroy it anyway? This type of situation happens all the time, and the answer is always no. Or how about a better question for those who are greedy and selfish. If you didn't know whether or not you had left money in something, would you throw it away? The answer is always no. Those who support abortion don't really care about the answers to these questions. They just want to have whatever they want no matter what it does to others. And on top of it, they find it easier to sleep at night when all of the facts are covered up.

With this in mind, one would hope you'd be able to say that maybe you were mistaken. However, I feel certain that you don't care. That in fact, you wouldn't care how many were tortured and long as you got what you wanted, were happy, and could live a life of hedonism without restraint or responsibility. I for one, am glad that there's a sweet Jesus who rewards humility with exhaltation and rewards bloodthirsty and unrepentant pride with damnation. I am not sure that Heaven would be a nice place if Hitler and Margaret Sanger were there.

local_support 12 years ago

Well if causing pain and suffering are evil then why do we continue to kill animals which obviously feel pain?

And visitorperson while we're on the subject of asking questions then why is it that if God knew that I was going to go to hell when he made me then why in the world did he even bother...As an example? There are a lot more non-christians than christians in this world and it would seem like that would be a terrible thing for an all-loving God to do, sentence so many people to damnation because they didn't follow specific requirements of salvation written down in the New Testament.

Those who support Christianity don't really care about the answers to these questions.

Meanwhile they support a president who has caused the deaths of countless individuals in a very questionable war while simultaneously protesting abortion as immoral...How does that make a lick of sense?

horrific_changeling 12 years ago

Local...all good points.

I might mention however, having viewed the way they've been monitoring the board, or perhaps the way some people have been offended, it appears it is perfectly appropriate to speak of abortion in graphic ways, that's just fine.

But if you want your post to stay on, I'd hesitate to use a word as sordid as lick in any sentence.

Larry 12 years ago


God didn't make you with the thought that you were going to hell. He made you with the thought that your free will would allow you to chose to go the Heaven by acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savoir. Oh boy- here come the posts now. I made the JC statement - so I'm in big trouble. As for your statement on non--Christian vs. the number of Christians. Could it be that practically every church is involved in some sort of witness program rather it be here in the US or abroad is due to their attempt to save others. Maybe the reason for all of these international witness programs is to catch the Non-Christians? Therefore - the Christians do care about the non-Christians and their actions clearly support this.

As for President Bush - do you truly believe that he enjoys seeing so many people die? Seriously! I'd say he did what was necessary to remove an evil dictator. Are you one of these people who feel sorry for Saddam, (after all Saddam has done in past years) yet ridicule Bush for doing what was necessary. Every once in awhile I read the post of a person claiming to be a soldier who has served in Iraq and they claim that the war is wrong. Funny thing is - I've never personally talked to a soldier who doesn't support the war and I've personally spoke with so many soldiers, I can't begin to count. Sorry guys - no contacts in and I can't see well without them. Not planning to edit this post. Have a good evening. Oh - and YES - as much literature about abortion and it's effects on the fetus as well as the mother who is aborting should be made available.

jonas 12 years ago

Man, put this on a Sunday and it's still Godwinned with plenty of time to spare.

Thanks, Marion!

And no, neither subject should be taught in a school sex ed class. Focus on preventing pregnancy, including the statistics for everything (abstinence, too) and perhaps bring up adoption.

lunacydetector 12 years ago

if they teach about it, they should give a reality check and show some films of abortions being performed and what transpires after the procedure. for being the most common surgical procedure in the country, you'd think they would show some procedures, even on the learning channel/discovery channel or whatever channels show surgeries.

just some harsh reality instead of the current censorship. i wonder how the liberals would handle it, or would they keep censoring it?

ianozti 12 years ago

'Sexual Health for Life' is a sex education course working in thousands of schools in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the UK. This series of sex ed workbooks is working becuase they are comprehensive and non judgemental. Therefore, supplies all the facts and allows for choice.

Harry_Manback 12 years ago

I just want to know how Robert can be a "junior" at a community college? JCCC is only a 2 year school...

But to stay on topic, I think they should briefly go over abortion, but I don't think kids need to see the pictures of the fetuses. But they should know that it is an option.

trollkiller 12 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

bugmenot 12 years ago


It's truly sad (and pathetic) that you can't learn to read. His pic was taking up the whole page, like 10 inchs tall and I was simply stating that it was messed up. Not that he looked messed up or fugly. Oh well, I guess you're living proof of what inbred children turn out to be like, bitter and retarded.

mommy3 12 years ago

Wow!! What a hot topic. For those of you that put down Jesus...You know he still loves you, I hope you don't ignore it forever. It's sad when just a conversation becomes a name calling event. Oh, Well I guess that just shows how mature you are, Hows life treating you?? Not too good huh? Thats why your so bitter! Grow up, stick to the topic!

visitorperson 12 years ago

"Well if causing pain and suffering are evil then why do we continue to kill animals which obviously feel pain?"

I think this about sums it up. When someone compares a human to an animal..there is something seriously wrong with society.

Grundoon Luna 12 years ago

So we should eliminate the right to choose and do what Christian women are doing. Aborting their children after they've already been born. Great idea.

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