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Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 8, 2006

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Photo of Jamie Christie

“An optimist. I like to see what’s good in something instead of what’s bad.”

Photo of Nicole Krische

“I definitely see the glass half full. I like to think positively.”

Photo of Tim Young

“It depends on my state of affairs and it depends what’s going on in the world.”

Photo of Jay Kubassek

“Optimist. I try to have a good attitude and expect the best to happen.”


enochville 12 years ago

I can't give a one word answer to this. There are times when I worry and fret over the worst possible outcome in a given situation, but there are other times when I am optimistic and hopeful. I am not sarcastic or a nay-sayer. I guess overall, I am more optimistic than pessimistic, but saying I am optimistic is an oversimplification.

I am definately not a "Pollyanna".

classclown 12 years ago

I'm an optimist. I'm optimistic that I'm always somehow going to get screwed over and things will never go my way.

geekin_topekan 12 years ago

Hope for the best,prepare for the worst.

Vote for Nicole.Hottest hostess.

lunacydetector 12 years ago

my whole life an optimist, then the progressives took over.

mr_daniels 12 years ago

Eternal optimist! Have a great weekend all!

TheEleventhStephanie 12 years ago

I'm probably gonna spill it anyway.....

Purell 12 years ago

Some comments are just plain hard to swallow.

ms_canada 12 years ago

I think perhaps a better description of my attitude to life would be a realist. There are things in my life and the lives around me that do not invite an optomistic attitude. For instance, I just had a dear friend lose her husband to a very painful death by cancer. We prayed for either a miracle cure or that the Lord would take him quickly. What could be optomistic about that situation? Well, we knew that he would go to be with his Lord and suffer no more. And our God was faithful, He took Gordon quickly.

Liberty 12 years ago

I am:

An optimist when things are on the right track, and we want to keep it that way.

A pessimist to give the people a kick in the seat of their complacency to wake them up and get them moving and on the right track so we can be optimistic again.

james bush 12 years ago

Depends on age ... young optimist but old pessimist

moralebooster 12 years ago

Do all Optimists meet for breakfast?

jonas 12 years ago

I'm usually an optimist, I'm just pessimistic about you.

james bush 12 years ago

I'm more optimistic since reading some of the these posts.... I hope so anyway!

bankboy119 12 years ago is that 9:58 post or that login still on here? It's been almost 3 hours.

classclown 12 years ago

Posted by bankboy119 (anonymous) on April 8, 2006 at 12:44 p.m. (Suggest removal) is that 9:58 post or that login still on here? It's been almost 3 hours.

Because all the optimists in here optimistically assumed that someone else would hit the "suggest removal" button.

canyon_wren 12 years ago

In spite of being married 31 years to a pessimist (I'm no longer in that position) I recovered well and am now back to my optimistic self. However, I do feel a little bit pessimistic about the direction our country is taking--and I blame BOTH Republicans and Democrats. They have lost track of what "we common folks" believe and hope for. I AM pretty optimistic in our ability to ultimately straighten things out, if "they" will just give us a chance.

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

I'm w/ geekin topekan and also w/ Ms _C. I always hope for the best, but the realist in me overcompensates on preparing for the worst. I think the loss of several loved ones in my youth probably has a lot to do with that. Generally speaking, I'm a very happy person. We have no control over most of our lives and we aren't guaranteed a party today!!! (I'm doing just that with a party at my friend's tonight and all my family coming to my place for a party tomorrow.) Grab life by the horns! (that was said especially for your benefit, MD) baaaahhhh ;o)

sunflower_sue 12 years ago

p.s. what did MME do (or is he back already)? I bet I could guess on the second ?. Surely he didn't get bumped for saying that he used to date me. I went to bed and didn't get to read if he said anything after that. I'm a big girl. I was not offended. I dated quite a few guys in my youth (before I met the man of my dreams) but I think I would have remembered MME!

kansas_prairieland 12 years ago

I am an optimist!!!

Like the song says in Monty Python's "Life of Brian".......

"Always look on the bright side of life..."

Hugs, who's meatperson?

nefball1031 12 years ago

hey reach around,

just so you know i go to school with nicole. and she's a junior in high school.

oldfashiongirl 12 years ago

Of course, I'm an optimist!!!

About a week ago someone was lamenting the fact that the midwest was cold, gray, depressing and the weather was awful and hoped the changeover to Daylight time might help. I enjoy any kind of day and the Good Book says, "Today is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it."

I am optimistic that all these specialists I'm seeing can solve my anemia problem--now I'm having blood transfusions every 14 days. Wonder what they did 200 years ago?

Y'all have a great Palm Sunday and I'm planning to attend all the Holy Week services all this week all the way through Easter Sunday.

classclown 12 years ago

200 years ago the weak died while the strong lived. It was "god's will". Toying with lives and whether or not the days would be bright and cheery or cold and dreary and all that other "working in mysterious ways".

bearded_gnome 12 years ago

okay MD, I'm here, still under the weather, thank you for asking.
I'm shocked, though, there's no OTS today?
so we need our own OTS then?

in light of the recent question asked in douglas county RE the voters of Jackson co... which kansas county has the best tourist attraction? and, which the worst? and so, what should the voters of Random County Kansas do to improve their attractiveness?

best tourist attraction: Leavenworth, you just can't beat a town with a high security federal prison, and a military one too!

worst, douglas county, we need to turn the roundabouts into tourist traps.

should the voters of douglas county vote to change all roundabouts? buy "the thing" and other freak show items including "hitler's car" and put them in our roundabouts?

see what you do with this one.
and now, a nap for me. zzz

Disgusted 12 years ago

It's nice to be an optimist and look for good things but if you happen to be a victim of mobbing or gangstalking, all the optimism in the world won't help you. Look it up on your computer and see what this is and how widespread it is. Some people are harassed all the time, they are followed and have all sorts of horrible things happen to them. They are electronically harassed and even have their phones tapped. Check it out, there are hundreds of items on the computer when you google gangstalking. Wake up, people.

Disgusted 12 years ago

If you look up gangstalking on the iWon site it has a lot of information and a place to click that shows the cops are in on it, too.

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