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Did you walk to school when you were a kid?

Asked at Borders, 700 N.H. on October 6, 2005

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Photo of Barry Lee

“No. I walked a block or two to the bus stop, but not to school.”

Photo of Allison Frizell

“No. I lived three miles away from school, so it wasn’t really an option.”

Photo of Scott Starr

“I did. It was only a few blocks away from my house. We weren’t on the bus route.”

Photo of Ling-lung Chen

“Yep. It was about 10 minutes away from my house, but that was in Taipei, Taiwan, not Lawrence.”

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gccs14r 12 years, 6 months ago


that's just one more reason to avoid Sino-Mart. Back before digital photography, those who sought to avoid being questioned by the authorities for "illicit" photos either had their own darkrooms or used Polaroids. Having seen "One Hour Photo", I'll never use film photography again.

GreenEyedBlues 12 years, 6 months ago

Ahh yes. I walked about 9 blocks to get to school.

I remember my mom once made me these jeans with a big Mickey Mouse embroidered on the thigh. She insisted I wear them to school at least once. I'll never forget that afternoon coming back from school, I rolled around in the grass and muddied myself up to make it appear as though I had been in some sort of fight.

When Mom asked what happened, I told her that these bullies had beaten me up on the way home for wearing jeans with Mickey Mouse on them. She never forced me to wear them again!

l_eustacy 12 years, 6 months ago

In the cold dark basement of the orphanage, I wasn't allowed to attend school. Thanks for making me relive that traumatic experience.
Speaking of traumatic experiences, I think I may dress up as a roundabout for Halloween.

Richard Heckler 12 years, 6 months ago

Oh yes we walked to school frequently and had great fun on the way home after school. It was 9 blocks. It was common for children to walk in the 50's and 60's at least in Wichita. Either walk or ride bikes...much more fun than being taken to school. Bike rack at our elementary school was generally full. Winter time with the exception of extreme condition bundling up in wool coats and heading out to school was part of the deal.

Jayhawk226 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked, on occasion to my elementary school, and all the time to my high school. Both schools were definitely over a mile or two away.

Maybe that's why I'm not so fat, like kids are today.

Aileen Dingus 12 years, 6 months ago

My schools were too far away to walk, but I did walk about half a mile to the bus stop.



trueninetiesgirl 12 years, 6 months ago

i walk to school in rain ,snow or even hot sunny the 70s oh the good old days. back when there were no rounabouts. i loved walking to school. not on the stormy days, i once seen lighting strick a tree, just feet from my little brother we were about 5 and 8 that was scarry. the tree almost fell on my little brother.

ms_canada 12 years, 6 months ago

When I was in grade one in rural Saskatchewan, believe it or not, I rode a horse to school. Her name was Lady and she was a sweetheart, until one day she took off at a gallop and I fell off and that was the end of my riding to school. Then it was, catch a ride with the neighbours. In winter we went in a caboose. I bet none of you have ever heard of, let alone ridden in a horse drawn caboose. It is a little house on sleighs. There is a window in front, the reins come in through two small holes in front to the drivers seat in the front. There are secure benches for the passengers and there is even a little homemade stove on the floor. It was quite a nice ride for the 2 miles to the small school. When we got to school, the older boys unhitched the horse and put her in the school barn for the day. One week my father would take us all and pick us up, about 7 of us and the next week the older neighbour boys would drive and barn the horse. In sumjmer we walked. In high school in B.C. I took the school bus as we lived 5 miles from town. But if I wanted to participate in any sports after school, then I had to walk home. I am still a good walker at my age. And that is a secret.

neopolss 12 years, 6 months ago

I always walked to school, but yet I remained a fat kid. Go figure.

I wanna dress up as a banned cigerette!

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked to school everyday.

So, what is up with all the unemployed people being interviewed lately by On The Street? I mean c'mon, isn't homemaker really just another term for lazy, unemployed hippie?


Genetic02 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked to New York Elementary School for 7 years. It was so much fun rambling on about nothing, all while the group increased in size as more of us joined in along the way a to the playground!

Hilary Morton 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked to Sunset Hill, Cordley Elem., CJHS, and LHS. I always lived in a pretty central location, and loved walking to school. I liked the quiet time in the morning, and getting a feeling for the day to come. I commute now, and still crave that personal time in the morning. I lived across the street from Cordley, and remember school starting at 8:40, and I wouldn't get up until 8:20. Oh, what a happier person I'd be if I got up at 8:20 today.

Redneckgal 12 years, 6 months ago

I was one of those country kids so I rode the school bus. Not to fun for a kid that got car sick easily. Never did up-chuck on the bus thank God but I usually got home and to school feeling about half sick. I was really glad when I was old enough to get a restricted DL and an old 77 Vega and drive myself to school.

Genetic02 12 years, 6 months ago

I remember when school didn't start until the second week in September. That was nice. I'm not a parent, yet, but I'm sure I'd much rather school start the second week of August, just to get the kids out of the house if I were.

Which was more exciting....

Walking to elementary/middle/highschool?


Walking/hanging out between classes in college?

Oh, yesterday, I clicked on a link posted on here that took me to a game where I had to toss a crumpled of piece of paper into a trash can, adjusting for wind speed. The highest I got was 20 in a row. Did anyone else play?

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

I think the board record was 31, posted by bankboy.

raven 12 years, 6 months ago

Yes, I walked to Elementary school and Jr. High. The high school was too far out to walk but I caught a ride usually until I got my own car.

redmorgan 12 years, 6 months ago

Yes. Two miles each way... probably why I wasn't a fat kid! I also played outside and rode bikes and didn't consider french fries as a vegetable!

jonas 12 years, 6 months ago

Hai. Kodomo no toki ni aruite de gakkou ni ikkata desu.

bankboy119 12 years, 6 months ago

Staff...I'm surprised your comment about enemployed people didn't get deleted, mine did the other day b/c I said the same thing! Oh well...

And I topped myself, was finally able to get 34 I believe and then I decided I should do some work haha.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

Staff04--isn't homemaker really just another term for lazy, unemployed hippie?

Before you make statements like that perhaps you should be a stay at home parent. Its not a job for some one who's "lazy"

Oh and the question yes I walked to school until we moved to the country then road the bus. Some of the funest times were during those walks :)

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

Happyone- It was a joke. Mainly directed at bankboy after his semi-tirade the other day about all the artists, baristas, and genuinely unemployed people.

Did you not notice the snicker* at the bottom?

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

Oh, and it says nothing about her being a stay-at-home mom, it says "homemaker." I don't know her, but she appears to be close to 50. If she's still got kids at home to take care of, then gawd bless her.

bankboy119 12 years, 6 months ago

Seriously though, go back and look at the OTSs and on many of them there is either some one who is unemployed or a "poet" (code for unemployed) or something else. Hopefully there isn't a 25% unemployment rate in Lawrence. But to be logical...when you're walking down Mass in the middle of the day you probably will run into 25% unemployed people because the rest of us are at work.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

ok ok BTW Staff04 love the game sight!!!! Especially this game my record is 374mph

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

Again, just a joke. Not trying to get us off the subject for crying out loud! I was really into the discussion about how everyone got to school when they were kids.

I used to ride my vacuum powered personal hovercraft that I bought instructions for how to build for 99 cents from an advertisement in the back of Boy's Life magazine. I also can throw my voice.

hottruckinmama 12 years, 6 months ago

we walked to school a lot when i was a kid. didn't always make to school on time though! me and my brothers always found the mud puddles to jump in or a frog to pick up or a lost puppy or something. those were the days! come on. i stayed home with my kids for a few years when they were little and i enjoyed it a lot..but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do it nor was it all that hard. believe me when you get a real job and have to run a house to its a lot harder.

happyone 12 years, 6 months ago

in this town you'll prolly get lots of hits

canyon_wren 12 years, 6 months ago

The walks to and from school were probably the best part of going to school when I was growing up.

I went to five different grade schools, two junior highs and three high schools, and walked to all of them except for about six months when we had to run a quarter of a mile to catch a bus. We could see it coming across the valley, and of course were always late starting.

I, too, remember walking home alone from jr. high school in Wichita-- through Riverside Park, and down along the river. There were tramps and dead cats along the way. It was always interesting, but I sure wouldn't let my daughter do that now!

My highest score was only 17--I feel like a piker!

sandrat7 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked to McAllister grade school, Central Jr. Hi and LHS. It was wonderful. Back then, we walked everywhere.

bearded_gnome 12 years, 6 months ago

"tramps" haven't seen that word for a while, except as "saddle tramp."

seventh grade, walked to meet the bus, and fer real was some uphill both ways coming and going. never had snow (santa cruz mountains) but for one day. walking was so nice in the clear quiet air. couldn't ride a bike to the bus stop 'cuz nothing to attach bike to.
except for our immediate neighbors, it was a quarter mile to the next humans' dwelling.
eighth grade, walked about half the time, again usually alone, much more traffic to deal with and more humans lived there but still the country.
high school not at all; they bussed us country kids into town and the bus was stopping at the bottom of my family's driveway.

Linda Aikins 12 years, 6 months ago

Consumer1, I suggested removal for you. I didn't want you to feel disappointed that you were included!

wonderhorse 12 years, 6 months ago

sometimes i walked, sometimes i was bussed. i was an air force brat and moved quite frequently...sometimes i didn't know where i was, and walked to a different state.

Ceallach 12 years, 6 months ago

Yes, I walked to several of my schools. My father was nomadic, and since he earned the bread, we moved quite often. The first semester of my 7th grade, in Las Animas CO, the school had no cafeteria, I was the oldest of 6 so lunch was seldom packed, I had to run home for lunch and run back to stay within the allotted time.

Having taken care of answering the question of the day, I look forward to being entertained by our own even_money and one_more_bob's cartoons. (No, I have no plans to spank the monkey, and now have way too much information on TOB's coffee breaks :)

lunacydetector 12 years, 6 months ago

i walked 5 miles to school every day. the winters were so cold that the wind would literally cut through your skin. i had tears freeze on my face and my hands would be so cold that I couldn't feel them.

i remember in school one day, the teacher decided that in science class she would teach about the elements. so she stood in the front of the class and said, "children, if you could have one raw element in the world what would it be?"

little stevie raised his hand and said, "I would want gold, because gold is worth a lot of money and I could buy a Corvette."

The teacher nodded and called on little Susie.

Little Susie said, "I would want platinum, because platinum is worth more than gold and I could buy a Porsche."

The teacher smiled and then called on Little Johnny. Little Johnny stood up and said, "I would want silicon."

The teacher said, "Why Johnny?"

He responded by saying, "Because my mom has two bags of it and you should see all the sports cars outside our house!"

lunacydetector 12 years, 6 months ago

actually i took the bus, when i was a little boy i remember one day sitting behind the busdriver. As we were driving along, i sang, "If my daddy was a bull and my mommy was a cow, then I'd be a little bull." Annoyed, the busdriver told me to sit down, but i continued, "If my daddy was a stag and my mommy was a deer, I'd be a little stag." The busdriver, told me to shut up, but i kept singing, "If my daddy..." The busdriver suddently turned around and asked, "What if your daddy was gay and your mommy was a hooker?" i then began singing, "If my daddy was gay and my mommy was a hooker, then I'd be a busdriver."

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

Leftist propaganda? I'm not a big fan of the source, but the story is great!

coolmarv 12 years, 6 months ago

Isn't nomadic another word for unemploeyed?

Just following suit today.

staff04 12 years, 6 months ago

I suppose so, but its not like he was pointing a gun at the picture or burning it or anything...

rhd99 12 years, 6 months ago

Especially during my elementary school days, no I never walked. In fact living on two military installations, one outside the U.S., & one here in this country, busing was the norm. Now, I never did walk to school, always rode a bus or was driven or drove myself (obviously when I was at the legal age of course).

Ceallach 12 years, 6 months ago

coolmarv: In my dad's case, no, it's another word for trucker :) He was always employed, usually with a national company that had several hubs. He never met a part of this country he didn't like, may he rest in peace.

ps: you want to be careful "following suit" around here, the tide can turn very unexpectedly :)

oldfashiongirl 12 years, 6 months ago

I remember in 1932 walking to school along a dirt road-no sidewalks,often muddy, and when it really poured down, the creek near the school would rise up above the little bridge that covered it. We had a wonderful neighbor who would wade thru the water carrying each of us on his back to the other side. Really scary!!

My brother would take a dozen of our eggs to the grocery store and swap them for a pound of lard or meal. When it was freezing weather the eggs would freeze and crack, but the old grocerman took them anyway and sent the stuff my mother wanted.

No, I never rode a school bus in my life-there just weren't any in my day and time. I always said, "I used to walk 5 miles to school and back. " In later years I drove the distance from the road closest to our house and it was only 3/4 mile. I still had to climb over the big holler to get home with Mom admonishing us not to get our shoes muddy. You pick your way now!!

Hong_Kong_Phooey 12 years, 6 months ago

Oh, look! It's boring question week at the Journal World!

sailor 12 years, 6 months ago

I walked all the way from 23rd and Kasold to South Jr. High. I have no idea how long that was...

Chris Bohling 12 years, 6 months ago

youch, sailor, that's like 2.5-3 miles. Pretty good haul. I walked from 19th and Naismith to South, probably more recently than you, so all my classmates thought I was crazy. Now I walk 5 blocks to LHS, and people still think I'm crazy for walking that far. mrph.

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