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What did you do for your mother on Mother’s Day?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on May 9, 2005

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Photo of Jenny Hunt

“I made her a CD and bought her ‘The Letters of Frida Kahlo.’ I wrote her a nice note on the inside cover.”

Photo of Davi Serrao

“Just gave her a call. She lives in Brazil, and I won’t have a chance to see her for a while.”

Photo of Alan Buck

“Nothing. We don’t do Hallmark holidays.”

Photo of Stephanie Monslow

“I bought her a card made by little kids that goes to benefit the Lions Club, and took her out to lunch.”


BOBOHAZE 13 years ago

My Mother died in 2001. All of my brothers and sisters got to together for Mother's Day to celebrate. We all got together at Mom's grave around dusk. Uncle George showed up with a back hoe and we retrieved Mom's Casket. We all went to the river with two kegs and Mom in tow to party. We brought Mom's favorite recliner so she could be comfortable watching us party on. Uncle George was the designated sober person. Mom was back home by sunrise. Everything was cool.

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

I called my Ma back home in Chicago...and confessed the card I bought her would be arriving late.

She laughed...thankfully she accepts for who I am!

galfromku 13 years ago

I took pie, ice cream and board games to her house and spent the day. I donated $$ to Diabetes research in memory of my brother who passed away from it.

galfromku 13 years ago

I took pie, ice cream and board games to her house and donated $$ to diabetes research in my brothers name, who passed away from the disease.

Ceallach 13 years ago

Only the names change -- to protect the idiots!

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

9:55am and no politically-charged, rude comment thrown somebody's way yet!

bleeding_flower 13 years ago

My sisters and I bought my mother flowers for her garden this year and planted them. My son (with my parents help) picked out a movie for me. The special edition of The Princess Bride.

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

Went to spend the weekend with her (and the rest of my siblings w/ grandkids in tow). A friend whose Mom has passed away came also. Bought everybody awesome Mexican take-out. Sat in backyard watching kids (yound and old) play "HORSE". (nephew won). On Sunday I cleaned my Mom's house while my hubby took kids to the park. Bought and installed a water purifier for her sink so she doesn't have to fill that blasted fridge pitcher anymore. Tended to the outdoor maintenance (tree care, etc...) Wish I could have done more. Gave her lots of hugs and kisses. She's the best! She made us strawberry-rhubarb cobbler. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Topside 13 years ago

Congrats to the J-W for finding four of the biggest cheapskates in town!! What a bunch of jerks! It was all about a barbeque and a round of Peticures from me to the best ladies around on my mother's day.

Topside 13 years ago

I want to apologize to Stephanie. I didn't read that she took her mom out to lunch until after I posted. Darn you MTV for that short attention span! The fact remains those two dudes need to show more repect.

acg 13 years ago

Bought her a plane ticket to my niece's wedding in June. Normally wouldn't get her a $400 gift but it's her first grand daughter, so, whaddya gonna do? I also called her and listened to the obligatory one hour guilt session about...let's see, working while being a mother, not attending church often enough, not getting rid of my cat because I'm pregnant and cats are awful for babies and pregnant women, not putting the color carpet she picked out in my living room and deciding to elope in September instead of spending a ton of cash on a lavish BS wedding. Ah you gotta love mom

Ceallach 13 years ago

Called her after the "local" siblings had gone home, talked until she was ready to stop. Did not send flowers this year, instead sent a gift card to use toward things she will need for her Alaskan cruise in June. This is her first cruise and she is a lot excited, and only a little nervous. It was good to hear her laughing and planning. This is her first Mother's Day without my dad. They had eight children together and he always made Mother's Day a really big deal.

GreenEyedBlues 13 years ago

I had a bouquet of tiger lilies sent to Mom's house. I also ordered her one of those Isabel Bloom sculptures she loves so much. My same-gender domestic partner and I stayed the weekend at her house and made brunch and dinner on Sunday. Mom had also been dying to see "Far From Heaven", so we rented that, too.

italianprincess 13 years ago

My boys got the most beautiful flowers. They smell so wonderful.

My mom's birthday was yesterday, so we took her out to dinner at " On The Border ". Good food, great drinks, and way crowded.

Also bought her a small cake, gave her cards and bought her " Phantom of the Opera " She loves musicals so I knew she would love it.

Hope everyones Mom's Day was fantastic.

Ceallach 13 years ago

It is amazing that the "get rid of cats if you are pregnant or have a baby" thing is still around. Although, I believe expectant women are still instructed to avoid changing litterboxes.

wichita_reader 13 years ago

Isn't there a microorganism in cat feces which adults are immune to, but little ones aren't?

Don't play with the cat poo. Seems simple enough.

Topside: so you're a jerk if you don't spend lots of money for mother's day, and you don't show your Mom respect on Mother's day if you don't spend lots of money on her? Well, I guess by your reasoning I'm a jerk and don't respect my Mom; however, my Mom wouldn't agree with that assessment. Seems pretty shallow to me that you would think spending lots of money makes for a good Mother's Day.

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

Since very few people care to comment on their Mothers, I'll address the cat poo issue.

No, I'm not an expert (I just play one on TV), but this is what I know: What you can find in Cat Poo is a microbe called Toxoplasmosis. 20-40% of adults have already been exposed and had it at some point w/ or w/out symptoms. If a pregnant mother gets this (especially in the first tri-mester) it can be devastating to the infant. Symptoms are flu-like (aren't most). I had 3-5 cats during both pregnancies ('cept they were outdoor cats). My children were both fine 'cause "Mom avoided the Poo". Also, you need to avoid digging in dirt where the critters are prone to poo, too! Absolutely the best excuse to make someone else clean the litter box!

Ceallach 13 years ago

I am surprised by the lack of posts for today's question.

Fangorn 13 years ago

I sent Mom a card earlier this week and then called her yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to travel to visit later this summer.

Probably a lack of posts because there really isn't anything to argue about.

We have had 5-7 cats both times my wife was pregnant. Of course I did all the litter scooping each time from our decision to try all the way until she stopped nursing. My understanding is that Toxoplasmosis is contracted through inhalation not contact (although I still wash my hands everytime I scoop). Most adults' immune systems are robust enough to make this illness a non-concern. Not so for infants. btw, neither of our children was born with extra ears or teeth in the wrong place or anything, so we must have kept them disease-free! (Thanks to sunflower_sue for the information.)

jonas 13 years ago

Wichita-Reader: Thanks for the post on the "more spending=love" defense. I didn't have time between school and work to compose a reply to that.

I sent my mom a nice card and called and talked to her. She lives in Carlsbad, CA, so taking her out to lunch or dinner was a little difficult.

Fangorn, O-Bob: Oh, ye('s?) of little faith! If it wasn't so late in the day I'd make a nicely rediculous flame-bait just to show you that it's always possible to make an internet forum reduce to argumentation. It would probably have something to do with gay-marriage and adoption.


Fangorn 13 years ago

Jonas: Your mom lives in Carlsbad? I used to work in Oceanside. I lived in San Marcos, though, which meant commuting down 78 every morning. :-P (btw, "ye" is already plural; I believe the singular would be simply "thou" but I'm not certain.)

Whether you cooked, called, sent a card, or spent a ton of cash, I think most moms just want to be recognized on Mother's Day.

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