What is your favorite memory of your father?

Asked at Downtown Lawrence on June 19, 2005

“That would probably be his 40th birthday party. It was a surprise party, and he got all these gag gifts. It was really funny.”

“I think my favorite memories of my dad are of him teaching me how to play basketball.”

“Going fishing at Shawnee Lake in Topeka.”

“My dad was a wonderful storyteller. He was always ... embellishing them more each time. They were always when he was my age.”

“The advice he gave me about marriage. He told me, 'When you're married, you're married a long time.'”

“Going to the Wyandotte County Lake when I was 4. I still have a picture of it in a box somewhere.”

“I think it was just going to the beach and hanging out. It was good just to have some family time together.”

“Car racing. We did it every weekend while my mother was at work.”

“I just remember him having quite a few kids, and always being a very hard worker.”

“Probably going out pheasant hunting, and just being together outdoors.”