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What do you think the outcome of the Michael Jackson trial will be?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 9, 2005

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Photo of Patrick Moodie

“I think he’s going to be guilty. Most of the people who have taken the stand for him are friends of his and haven’t offered any real evidence.”

Photo of Jeri Baughan

“I say guilty. If they come out with anything else, there was some jury tampering or something going on.”

Photo of Jessica Juarez

“I think he will be guilty on two of the lesser counts. No jail time.”

Photo of Mindi Nichols

“I think he’s going to be not guilty. The kids that testified against him didn’t seem very credible.”


jonas 13 years ago

calleach: In regards to yesterday, you would never, ever have to worry about ninjas sucking up unemployment benefits, due to their very many ways to provide services, such as nightime surprise yard mowings, or especially crossing guards. In fact, were we to, say, employ them at the SRS office, I think total unemployment would probably go down in the city.

Ninja: Form say, 9 months you no have jobu.

Applicant: Man, I'm disabled. My knee hurts on tuesdays and thursdays. And no one will hire me.


Applicant: AAAH! I understand, I understand! (runs out with new found sense of purpose)

Ninja: Need new desk! Atarashii tsukue onegaishimasu!

See how much better that would be?

Oh, the question: No, I don't think he's guilty. I think everyone wants him to be guilty, because we are incapable of believing that you can desire to hang around little children without having sex with them. However, would I ever leave my own children within 2 miles of him without my constant supervision? Hell no! The real criminals in this case are the parents, who should be sued for neglect, at the very least.

jonas 13 years ago

Oh, and for extreme-makeover: You'll find that a ninja eats mostly the same stuff as the rest of us. The only difference is that, when a ninja eats food, you won't see or hear it doing so until it's way too late to do anything about it.

enochville 13 years ago

I really can't tell whether he is guilty or not. The crediability of the accusers is lacking. But, just because the kids and their mother have a history of taking advantage of situations, doesn't mean that Michael did not molest the kid. I think the interviews of some of the staff at Neverland ranch is pretty convincing that inappropriate things were happening there.

The defense has used character witnesses to say Michael is not cappable of something like that. In response I say, anyone is capable of something like that! Michael's team has also used the testimony of some young men who are now grown up, but who used to spend the night in Jackson's bed as children who said that Jackson never touched them inappropriately. Well, just because he didn't to you doesn't mean he didn't to someone else. How is it that some children know exactly what Jackson's private parts look like.

I don't know. I wasn't at the trial and only know what I know because it has been all over the news. One thing is for sure, whether they find him guilty or not, no unrelated child should ever be allowed in close proximity to Jackson again. He has lied in the past, such as claiming he has never had plastic surgury, and he behaves to oddly around other people's children to be trusted around them.

ms_canada 13 years ago

Jumpin' jehosophat! offtotheright, how many of those plastic owls did you put out. I was woken at 5:30 by the darndest racket on my patio. There must be 25 little furry critters out there all clammering for sunflower seeds. I've had to wake my husband and send him out for more food. And I thought I saw a couple of ninja's urging the furries on. Thanks a lot fellow!!! Haven't had time to think about Mr. Jackson. But sure do hope that justice will be served.

Surhoff 13 years ago

Just as guilty as OJ, but will walk just the same.

Redneckgal 13 years ago

Guilty as heck but he'll walk and probably do it all over again in a few years.

acg 13 years ago

Oh Mister Joe, that is my dream outcome of this particular case. I would just dance the jig if he was thrown in prison in general pop with the big scary guys that haven't seen someone as dainty as MJ since the last time they saw a woman. That guy (and I use the term loosely) creeps me out big time. What a freak of nature!

tell_it_like_it_is 13 years ago

Take his wierd a** and the nit wit parents lock 'em all up in the damn loney bin and throw away the key. Thats what I think oughta happen.

Jay Bird 13 years ago

He's guilty, just like O.J. If he doesn't walk, he'll be put in P.C. like Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan. Who knows, he as the money, he might end up like Martha and go to Club Fed.

Ceallach 13 years ago

jonas: So much to learn regarding ninjas! I had no idea. I must now study to learn appropriate methods of protection and/or retaliation:)

MJ, now there is a much scarier topic. I agree that any parent who has allowed such inappropriate contact should also be jailed. The defense has placed so much emphasis on the accuser's mother. That concerns me. A parent's lifestyle and acquaintances either increases or decreases the likelihood of their child being abused. However, when the abuse charge reaches the justice system, children should have the expectation of protection under the law, even if their abuse was enabled by parental neglect.

I hope he will be found guilty on some of the heavier charges, but I think he will either be guilty of lesser charges or not guilty. Celebrity justice is either a misnomer or a myth, not sure which.

And who knows? Maybe MJ will follow OJ's example and spend the rest of his life looking for the real molester :):):)

youknowmebeanz 13 years ago

I agree, what is ole lonely bob doing checking out women on LJworld at 3:30 a.m!!!! Get some sleep man, or maybe a new hobby. Way to represent there Minder!

Surhoff 13 years ago

Benny, have you thought that maybe the high profile of OJ and Michael Jackson is the reason for the comparison? Before Robert Blake was on TV for the murder of his wife I had never heard of him. But I had heard of OJ Simpson before his ex-wife was murdered. And yes I had heard of Michael Jackson before he was on trial for child molestation...the first time. So the reason for the comparison is the high profile of these two individuals outside and before their court cases.

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

Well....we know there won't be a race riot based upon the outcomes of the trial.

Even if we knew what "color" he was...I don't think any "side" is willing to riot on his behalf.

The day's of L.A. are no more!

acg 13 years ago

That's awesome! Which race riots in this case? Maybe all those with mixed parents? I may not have all the facts of the case but something in my gut tells me that man is not right in the head. I don't give a crap about his upbringing. Waaah! He had a tough father, boo-hoo. My dad beat the crap out of us every single day and that's just the way it was, so using that as an excuse to be a sicko doesn't wash with me. And so he was rich and famous. A lot of child stars didn't grow up to sleep with young boys in their beds. It's weird and wrong and that's all there is to it. And those of you who think the parents are at fault are so right. I don't give a rat's ass how famous someone is, my son wouldn't have sleepovers at an adult's house.

simple_simon 13 years ago

Ah, benny! This isn't about race!

Everyone, benny's trying to play the race card (Like he's probably done many, many times in his life!), and in so doing, trying (Hoping?) to shut us "whities" up! Ain't that right, benny?

Yeah, whatever, benny!

simple_simon 13 years ago

offtotheright, yes he is white. (Well, for the past 15 or so years, anyway!) But I still think benny's looking at this whole thing from a "black activist" point-of-view. (And it's just wrong.)

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

What kind of sentence is he looking at?

And...will he honestly be mixed with the general prison population?

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

One More Bob, I actually went to that website you posted earlier. That was the scariest thing I have ever seen. And remember, I'm the one with all those yellow headed, diamondbacked, copper moccasins in my yard! oohhhh...I'm gonna have nightmares for sure!

wichita_reader 13 years ago

I think he'll be acquitted on most, if not all charges. Supposing Michael Jackson goes to prison, I suppose there are a number of his lyrics that might be appropriate, followed by the other inmates' chorus.

Michael: It doesn't matter if you're black or white. Inmates: It sure doesn't, Mikey.

Michael: I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it. Inmates: You have been a bad, bad, boy, Mikey.

Michael: Billie Jean is not my lover. Inmates: We'll find another lover for you, Mikey.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Ceallach 13 years ago

bennyoates: I cannot speak for other posts but my comparison of MJ to OJ was based on their celebrity status. Robert Blake has not been anywhere near a celebrity for decades. His highest accomplishment was his role in Capote's In Cold Blood, where he played (guess what?) a murderer!!! I have no expectations of celebrities receiving anything near to sentences you or I would receive as average citizens. Also Benny, you should not assume that everyone on this board is lily white, you might be surprised at the combination of people's heritages.

offtotheright: While I am curious as to why out of all the rather vile statements that have been made about MJ you took exception to my hoping he is found guilty, I will gladly answer your question. Because I think he is guilty, I also think the few boys that have come forward are the tip of the iceberg with him. The fact that he can talk in a sweet little boys voice for the camera doesn't alter the reality that the man is a gould! No one of sound mind would do the things he has done, and only one of sound pocketbook could have gone unpunished this long. Which he will probably manage to do this time as well.

I do not understand the kind of celebrity worship that causes otherwise intelligent people to rally after MJ continuously chanting, he may be innocent, he may be innocent. How many children are MJ fans willing to sacrifice to their god?

Ceallach 13 years ago

consumer1: Chances are very good that you will be proven right, community service, no jail time. (Here's hoping he doesn't have to do his hours with Big Brothers & Big Sisters or the Boy's and Girl's Club.)

simple_simon 13 years ago

Vile posts?

So was it you that had Mister Joe's post removed, Ceallach? I thought it was a riot!

Ceallach 13 years ago

Sorry to disappoint you simon, wasn't me. Sounds like I missed a duzzie (how does one spell duzzie?) doozzee? doozy? Anyway, I missed it!

happy_me 13 years ago

hey did any one else notice that there are comment boxes on all the stories today??

Oh and the question HE'S QUILTY but he'll go free for the same reasons Ceallach said (his $$)

wichita_reader 13 years ago

Exactly, offtotheright. As queer of a person as I think Michael Jackson is, with even queerer habits of sharing his bed with children, I can't pass judgement after only seeing bits and pieces of news coverage.

Any celebrity's perceived money makes them a target for suits. I say that because you can bet if there is a conviction, there will be a civil suit to follow (especially given the accuser and his family's history), where the plaintiff's burden of proof is significantly lower than that of the prosecution in a criminal case.

happy_me 13 years ago

and in the civil case he'll settle out of court with a large sum of money just like he did several years ago

wichita_reader 13 years ago

Yeah, unfortunately that's usually the best option for celebrities. They can either spend thousands, if not millions, in legal fees to fight the allegations in a prolonged legal battle, during which their name is dragged through the mud, I mean media, or spend thousands if not millions to settle out of court and have the public perceive them as admitting to the allegations.

Ceallach 13 years ago

offtotheright: Did we somehow get offtothewrongfoot? You seem particularly sensitive to my opinions today. Which is what we are talking about, opinions. Okay, maybe "vile" was a bit harsh, I will concede that :) But I will not concede my right to have an opinion on this topic. Just because I do not understand or agree with someone's opinion, doesn't mean I do not respect their right to express themselves.

I am still a little curious -- why does my thinking he is guilty elicit such a strong response from you, but when others hope he will spend years bedded with a brute or passed around the prison -- that goes unchallenged?

Ceallach 13 years ago

kns: I will try with all my heart and soul to keep my chin held high and not give in to the slings and arrows of others no matter how extreme my pain may be . . . . . . sorry, if I use a specific word to hastily I have no problem retracting it, but I can't make any promises about the melodrama. Could we blame it on me having a rough childhood?

The only time I thought I needed to stand up for my rights was in answer to offtotheright's post to me. I posted directly back to him/her regarding my surprise that my statement caught their attention but not some others which I considered to be (you know the v word).

So now, kns, if you read a comment directly posted to a specific user, and still consider it a comment about the entire board denying rights, isn't that a little melodramatic? :) Oh, no! Seems we may have something in common.

Jay Bird 13 years ago

Benny-I mean Jackson is a Rich black man who will get away with his crime due to his money. O.J. killed those two, paid out the nose, and got off. If Jackson gets out of this with out jail time, I just hope a parent blasts his ass. It's not so much he's black as it is that he is buying his freedom. Don't care what color you are, do the crime, do the time.

Fangorn 13 years ago

bennyoates: Michael Jackson is black?!?!?! Really? (Just kidding!)

OMB: The song you posted made my day. I'm forwarding the text to a friend of mine who believes the Illuminati are the ones calling the shots these days and all the rest (elections, wars, McDonalds protests) are all just window dressing. He'll love it!

OK, now about the question. I only know about this bloody trial because I can't fall over drunk without bumping into the wall-to-wall coverage of it. (No wait. Since I don't really drink: I can't step around all the people falling over drunk without bumping into the coverage.) Jackson's behavior is bizarre and no sane parent would let their child stay with the man. But the prosecution has to prove that specific behavior was illegal beyond a reasonable doubt. From the admittedly little I've seen, it doesn't look like they're doing that. Few of the witnesses (for both sides, actually) seem credible.

I have a question, though. If he's acquitted, will he devote his life to finding the real molestors? OJ hasn't had much luck finding the "real" killer and probably won't unless this mythical murderer works as a groundskeeper for a golf course or a bouncer at a nightclub.

ms_canada & ceallach: We've arrived safely. Lot's of cool, dry air here!

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

Ms Canada, In-laws just went to Montreal...spent about a week there. LOOOOOVED it! Saw Cirque de Solei (sp?) there. I told them what you said about Old Quebec. Said they'd have to go there next.

Since the first part of my post is bound to upset someone, I'll for the record say something about the Jackson trial....In my opinion, the parents are MORE guilty than MJ. Did you hear about the mother that left her 8 yr old home alone w/ their 2 pit bulls? Who is more guilty? The dogs for doing what it is in their nature to do? Or the Mother who knowingly put her child in harms way?

Leaving an 8 year old home alone...insane! Leaving an 8 yr old home alone w/ pit gotta be smokin' crack!

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

Ceallach, Looked it up:

doozer, doozy, or doozie are all correct spellings. Use whichever you like

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

Was Mister Joe's post the one about "talking with your mouth full"? That was hysterical! Let's see if I get zapped...........

Ceallach 13 years ago

sunflower_sue, thanks for taking the time to look that up. It truly is the little things that mean a lot. (You dun reel good girlee!) Must sleep now, batteries are low, low, low. For some crazy reason the office had work for me to do -- all day long! Sheesh.

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