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Do you know anyone who is addicted to video games?

Asked at Southwind 12, 3433 Iowa on June 4, 2005

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Photo of Dustin League

“Yes. One of my friends from school is. He pretty much plays anytime he’s not at work or school. He probably spends about $200 a month on them.”

Photo of Scott McIntire

“Yes, my roommate. He comes home from work and immediately starts playing. Sometimes he even takes days off of work to play.”

Photo of Anne Peterson

“No. My husband plays about an hour a day, but I wouldn’t say that he’s addicted.”

Photo of Sydney Lartigue

“Yes. My friend Stanley is. He plays Madden all the time. Probably about four hours a day. It depends when he gets off work.”

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simple_simon 13 years ago

Excuse me, not Dustin, Scott! I meant to say Scott. Well, regardless, neither one of them looks like Ali G, that's for sure!

Hong_Kong_Phooey 13 years ago

Enochville: Judging by the length of your friggin' novel, you have put entirely too much thought into this...

Video games are fun and you get to be comfortable while playing them (i.e. lying on the couch). Don't tell me the City Commission is going to put a ban on them...

happy_me 13 years ago

I think that video games can be very addicting. Fortunately not for me, but I have friends that you can't get away from the things!

Sunflower: yesterday either you or Kansas was wondering about certain breeds being 'put down' at the animal shelter here in town. yes they do. Several years ago I had lost my job and couldn't afford to keep my chow thinking the right thing to do was find her a new home I (after several weeks of trying to give her away) took her too the shelter. 2 days later a cousin who came in to town said he wanted to adopt her so we went to the shelter and was told "Dogs that are of breeds known to be vicious are automatically put down" It was so aggrivating she was a really sweet dog.

sorry about the length but people need to know

Fangorn 13 years ago

enochville: HKP, may admire your work, but you ain't got nothing on the length of some of my posts. I mean, yours is all in one post! A real novel needs at least three or four posts to complete. ;)

I don't personally know anyone who I would say is addicted. But then I was in my teens before Atari 2600 and Activision became an amazing new form of entertainment and computer games on the Commodore 64 took an hour to load from a cassette tape. Anyone under the age of 25 has had access to these things their entire lives. I think that the earlier and more extensive the exposure to video games, the more possible addiction becomes. Of course even people who play quite a lot rarely get addicted. enochville's definition (in his amateur length novelette) is accurate: it's only addiction when it interferes with other areas of your life.

Fangorn 13 years ago

Das_Ubermime: I'm not sure if you'll see this today, but I did see your post a few days ago about name tags for cashiers and servers. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I had never thought of that before. I really thought I was being polite and respectful to them as people. I hadn't considered the point you brought up. I will keep it in mind when I'm at restaurants or Wal-mart, etc.

Anne Bracker 13 years ago

Perhaps the question for tomorrow should be, "Do you know anyone who is addicted to posting comments in the On The Street section of the LJW website?"

Because I sure see a lot of the same screen names here each day.

enochville 13 years ago

I know several people who are addicted. Some guys can do it in moderation, but many, many can't. My definition of addiction is when gaming negatively affects their life, but they continue to play video games instead of addressing the problems that came from playing. It can negatively affect their work, school performance, and their social relationships, and can cause financial problems.

The reason that video games are so addictive are: 1) when playing them they command complete attention through music, graphics, and new tasks to complete, 2) Successes give the user mini-highs and a feeling of accomplishment, 3) if you fail, you can try, try again and you get better the more time you spend with it, 4) it is challenging, yet doable, which gives the user a sense of control, and 5) just like other addictions (pornography, drugs, cutting, etc) they provide an activity where the user can escape the pains in their life by providing an altered state of consciousness. This is very reinforcing.

Just as many people can drink alcohol without becoming addicted, some people can play without over doing it. But, for those who are addicted, if they ever want to get control of their lives, they will have to avoid video games altogether. Some may think I am exaggerating, but when your relationships fall apart because you are not spending enough time and effort nurturing them, or you fail out of school because you are too tired to make it to class and never make time to study, etc, you'll see that things can get as serious as I'm saying.

If you try to stop or "cut back" and are unable to, you will feel even worse about yourself for failing to quit. The mental health professionals in Lawrence know how to treat addictions. Seek out there help if you have been able to identify with the things I've said in this post.

enochville 13 years ago

By the way, there are many other things that can become addictions for us besides the typical ones. All they have to do to be considered an addiction is that we repeatedly choose that behavior even when it is causing problems for us in other important areas in our lives. With that definition in mind, overworking can be an addiction if it negatively affects our relationships. Chatting or surfing the internet too much could be an addiction. Watching tv, reading books, or going out with friends can be an addiction if done in excess.

Yes, sometimes we need to escape and relax for a while. That is needed and is helpful. We should have hobbies and pasttimes we enjoy. But, for our own health and well-being, they need to be done in moderation and not repeatedly used to escape problems or pain in our lives that need to be addressed.

We can all do what we want to do, but it is at least useful to take note of what our behaviors are doing to the rest of our lives.

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

We don't own video games. We do have a few "cheap-o" handhelds for when we are on LONG car trips or on an airplane to keep the kids from getting bored (they still do).

I take my first sentence back. We do have a few games on the computer. Addicted? No. I limit my kids' time playing as well as watching TV (they need to be active or creative). I also limit MY time on the computer. This thing can suck away life like no other!

Larryville, thanks for the KBI info yesterday.

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

I'm going to play Playstation 2's 2005 NCAA Football right now...

...let's see if I wither away on the couch playing!

chevygal 13 years ago

wow! dustin league..hottie!! oh games umm i dont kno

Jayhawk226 13 years ago

Guilty as charged jayhawkanne!!! ; )

not_a_ten_times_a_day_poster 13 years ago are soooo right about that! There are several posters on this board who post waaaay too many times per day and they are quite annoying!! God!, are they annoying!!!

Jay Bird 13 years ago

Chevy-sure did, but doesn't scott remind you of Ali G?

sunflower_sue 13 years ago

jayhawkanne, you may be right.

Ten times, why are you even here reading if you find it annoying? Now, that's twisted!

not_a_ten_times_a_day_poster 13 years ago

Sunflower Sue, I like to read other people's thoughts and opinions each and every day on this board. I have no problem reading what others think and say about whatever's going on in the world.........I just don't happen to enjoy reading the same five or six people's thoughts and opinions about whatever OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN--IN A SINGLE DAY!!!!

not_a_ten_times_a_day_poster 13 years ago

.....and I'll just post my third and final post of the day (as opposed to ten posts a day like some people on this board) by saying to you, Sunflower Sue, that at least there's one other person in Lawrence (jayhawkanne) who seems to read this board on a regular basis and it sounds like she has noticed what I have long-since noticed ---frequent daily posts by the same group of people! Whether she finds that as annoying as I do, I cannot say with 100% certainty.......but her post did seem to suggest as much. It had a rather subtle "read between the lines" way about it, in my opinion.

chevygal 13 years ago

hey did i mention that that dustin guy is hott?

Jay Bird 13 years ago

Sorry to post so late, got caught up in my game. I don't think they are affecting me. Gotta go, Xbox is calling.

simple_simon 13 years ago

Happy, Dustin looks like Ali G.??, not really! I think you need glasses!

Jay Bird 13 years ago

Simon-Ali Gish. Cocked head, goofy look, self employed, whatever.

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