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What are the most important nutritional guidelines for children to learn in school?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 20, 2005

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“Eat lots and lots of ice cream. It’s what made me what I am today.”

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“I would say to only eat until you are full. People today eat so much more food than they need to.”

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“They need to stress eating fruits and vegetables in health and science classes and through their hot meal program.”

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“I would say to learn the basic food groups so that they get a little bit of everything they need.”


ive_got_my_ascot_n_my_dickie 13 years, 4 months ago

Less junk food and more fruits and vegetables are the key. The film "Supersize Me" had an interesting segment on school nutrition.

italianprincess 13 years, 4 months ago

My son takes his lunch to school everyday so I know what hes eating. I send what is healthy and good for him with maybe a couple little cookies for a treat every once in awhile.

He brings home what he hasn't eaten also that way I know what he did eat that day.

Todays lunch for him is as follows: A PB&J Sand, 4 baby carrots, Applesauce, A hard boiled egg, and 4 bite size oreos. Yesterday he brought home his lunch box empty, so I know he enjoyed it.

Not to sure how many other kids take their lunch to school, but I know he won't eat what they serve so I make his lunch.

Bad_Brad 13 years, 4 months ago

The most important thing to know about obesity is the following. Let C = calories consumed, and let B = calories burned.

If C > B, in the long run, you will gain weight, and eventually become obese.

If B > C, in the long run, you will lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and be a lean mean machine.

So, in order to reduce obesity, either:

1) Reduce C, or

2) Increase B

Increasing B is the better answer, because reducing C may also cause you to miss out on key nutritional nourishment.

Hong_Kong_Phooey 13 years, 4 months ago

Amazing how "Liberty" always manages to turn every question into a lecture on how our government was switched to a military one after the civil war. Loser.

"Italianprincess" I applaud you for taking such an active interest in your son's lunch. It sounds like a pretty good lunch to me. You can't really go wrong with a PB&J. Just one minor thought - just because he comes home with nothing left, it doesn't mean he ate it. Don't you remember trading with other kid's when your mom/dad packed something you didn't want?

"Merkin", given that over 50% of our adult population is overweight, if not obese, I don't think that the parents are exactly a model of good eating habits. Somebody has to act like an adult for these kids - it might as well be the school district. I agree with you. Get little Fatty McButterpants off of the Internet and out playing dodge ball or something. Better yet, why don't the parents go with them!

Richard Heckler 13 years, 4 months ago

Cut the sweets..just because some people think that sweets are part of being a child. How rediculous. Let the parents feed the children junk food not the public school system.

Watch out for cholesterol always... cut way back on meat and eggs.

Fruits,veggies and grains...whole foods. Excellent source of electrolytes.

Exercise is good for the body and brain cells.

Drink lots of water and V8. NO TO SODA POP. If parents think soda pop is so important let them send it along. NO SODA POP SALES IN SCHOOL. Pure fruit juices are good but too much fruit juice can be hard on the stomach liner. Water, water water.

Cut the fat fried foods in school.

Liberty 13 years, 4 months ago

That you shouldn't be taught nutritional guidelines in school when your country is falling apart. (There are more important things to know). It should come from your parents. You should learn English, Mathematics, Spelling, and other REAL subjects and talents. (Not being politically correct and brain washing/dumbing down so you don't realize what is happening to your country politically and physically with the invasion of our southern border with illegals).

One of the most important subjects is unaltered American History and civil war history where our government was altered into a corporation after the civil war and uses provisional military government to rule instead of our real government and with the military government quickly bankrupted the corporate United States during the 1933 depression with the Federal Reserve (This is the government which we have today instead of our original free government that used tarriffs instead of taxes to run the government) (with taxes comes control). The study of our soverign nation and true freedom instead of the destruction of nations into states of economic slavery of the United Nations global government which we are heading into today.

italianprincess 13 years, 4 months ago

Hong Kong,

When I was in elem school we ate what they school offered and of course back then school lunches were alot cheaper too. The lunches back then were okay and we brought lunch when we wanted to also. My youngest won't eat what the school makes, so I send his.

I'm actually not sure if hes trading with others because most of the kids at his school eat lunch provided by the school. Not to many of the kids bring lunch from home. I will have to ask him today when I pick him up.

As far as soda goes, I don't but it for the house. If we go out to eat we might have a soda or milk. I do keep tons of water in the house though because its better for you.

Exercise in my family is daily. Both my boys are involved in sports. My oldest has been playing ball since he was 6, and my little one started Tae Kwon Do this past October and is testing for his orange belt next Saturday.

kansas 13 years, 4 months ago

Food companies like Frito-Lay and fast food giants like McDonalds spend millions on advertising each and every year......and we wonder why there are sooooooo many fat people in this country??!!! I hate to say this, but it's beginning to look like we may have to hold food companies somewhat responsible for our nation's "fatness" and the adverse health effects that come with it----much in the same manner that we hold tobacco companies responsible for all of lung cancer victims there are in this country!! I mean, lets face it, for far too long food companies mislead the public--and in many cases refused to educate the public---about how fattening and cholestorol raising their products were/are. I want to see the government hold food companies feet to the fire the way that they do with tobacco companies. I want the govenment to force food companies to put warning labels on their products!!!

Like this:

Warning! Eating this chocolate bar may cause cavities and may contribute to weight gain. In addition, this candy bar contains a relatively large amount of sugar which may contribute to Type II diabetes. Eat this candy bar at your own risk.

Some of you will no doubt think that this is a wacky and extreme idea.....But is it really? Seriously, I think the crappy foods we eat, and the massive amounts of crappy foods we eat, are as harmful to us as tobacco is! I think it's only fair to have warning labels put on all junk food!!

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