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Have you ever received any X-rated spam at your job?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on January 12, 2005

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Photo of Katy Wade

“I usually delete all of my bulk mail before I look through it, so I’ve never had any problem with it.”

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“No, but I get it all the time with my Hotmail address. Yahoo and my KU address are really good at blocking spam in general.”

Photo of Paul Leffingwell

“Not at work, but I have in my private e-mail. I received less before Hotmail was improved. Now that it has changed, I get more than ever. I only keep the address because I have had it for so long.”

Photo of Nan Leffingwell

“No, I actually never received any X-rated spam in my entire life. My Sunflower account does a great job. I don’t really receive much spam at all.”


remember_username 13 years, 5 months ago

"topography of a different kind" - now that's funny!

italianprincess 13 years, 5 months ago

I never get any with my Hotmail. I have no idea what Hotmail the others have or what they have logged onto lately, but I never do.

I have always used Hotmail. I did try Yahoo as a second, but I started getting all sorts of spam that I truely didn't need. Like I really need to know how to enlarge my p#n!$. They seem to send alot of things like that. A friend gets things like this all the time in hers.

I like Hotmail and have used it for years now. I would like to change my name though, but I'm having trouble figuring our the newer version.

jonas 13 years, 5 months ago

And a second on twiggle's suggestion. I switched to firefox a few months back, and pop-ups and personals ads have gone away. Granted you have to switch back to I.Explorer every once in awhile, because some sights and flash screens only show up on I.E., but all in all it's a much better program.

twiggle 13 years, 5 months ago

And I always though chocolatier was spelled, well, chocolatier.

Anyway... Firefox good. Internet Exploder bad.

repeat with me...

twiggle 13 years, 5 months ago

Also, I've had GREAT success (wait for it) with Microsoft's Beta Spyware remover. I know, I know, Microsoft's evil. But when it comes to knowing their own products and being able to disable/remove/kill spyware, nothing I've tried yet has been as effective (on windows xp, that is) than Microsofts Spyware remover.

Just yesterday had a nearly hopeless case and said "what the h***, I'll try it on this machine that seems hopeless, since I was planning to reinstall anyway" and sho' nuff, it caught near about everything. Good stuff. Saved me a few hours of pain.


You can get it at Microsoft Anti-Spyware

badger 13 years, 5 months ago

The only thing I still have problems with in Firefox is the website (go fig!). The games won't run every time (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, I blame Microsoft, not a flaw in Firefox!) without some little thing pertaining to IE. I solve that by playing games on

Jonas, if you're running Windows, and you get the stacked popups, you can press the 'window' key + D to minimize everything and drop you back to the desktop. That allows you to close everything without the genitalia assault.

I once had that happen, by the way, at a state government site for Missouri. They've got a site that will design topographic maps based on satellite and GPS survey, and I guess they got some embedded coding bomb, because every time you opened that website, you got topography of a different kind on your screen. The site was offline for a couple of days, then came back and the problem wasn't there any more.

twiggle 13 years, 5 months ago

Sure fire ways to get spam:

  1. Sign up for un-moderated lists
  2. give your email address to a business with a not-so-good privacy policy
  3. unsubscribe from those links in spam messages (this just verifies that someone checks the account so they can send you MORE SPAM)
  4. Using your primary email account to do any of the above things. Get a free one for that stuff.
  5. Putting your primary email address on any web page. Sometimes it's necessary, but the email address harvesters will get to you sooner or later.
  6. Having an insecure computer. Getting a virus or having your computer compromised in some way virtually guarantees that your address will either recieve more or send out spam.
  7. Install adware or spyware. Not only does it annoy you with popups, but they can and do spy on what you are doing and keep track of what addresses email is being sent from on your computer. This one's easy to control. Use Firefox ( instead of Internet Explorer.

Both hotmail and yahoo have spam controls, you just have to look in the options for those accounts. Sometimes you can also petition your mail administrator (in the case of a corporation) or their boss to begin filtering spam at the server level (before it ever gets to you). Think of your email address as one more piece of personal information that you would not want an identity thief to have, and you'll find that you get much less spam.

jonas 13 years, 5 months ago

The wouldn't let me check my personal email at work, but I had it happen a couple of times where I would do a google search for a person I was looking for, click a blind link, and have giant boobies (and assorted genetalia) pop out at me. Then it was time for some rapid fire windows closings! Damn things would just keep popping up over and over.

For the record, what does a chocolateer do? Is that an actual job title, or is she just putting a good face on her unemployment and chocolate addiction?

To boldly go where no cocoa has gone before.

Carmenilla 13 years, 5 months ago

I used to get it at my hotmail addy all the time. But it was never that good! Kidding aside, I believe that a chocolateer is a person who melts and than shapes chocolate into molds, forms, etc....

twiggle 13 years, 5 months ago

Ah yes, the flash problem. Fear not, you can install the flash and shockwave players for firefox as well. You can get them from: and (look for the link to free flash player)

They're both quick downloads and easy installs.

badger 13 years, 5 months ago

Twiggle speaks wisely.

I run Mozilla at home, and love it. I also run Lavasoft's AdAware (get it for home use at or, which finds a lot of spyware. There are other adware/spyware killer programs out there, and some of them are very good, but never ever download one that comes up in a popup ad. Those are usually ones that delete everyone else's, but hide their own. It's a trap.

I've got seven email accounts, from 'work' to 'spamtrap' to 'I don't know you and I'm not sure I like you, but you need an email point of contact so here's a throwaway address that tells you nothing about me' to the one I used when jobhunting that had my full name in it. Add in one for the forum I moderate (which gets a lot of spam because it's posted on the forum, but I have to check daily in case there are questions I need to answer), one to use Y!IM, one that pictures can be sent to (large download limit), and one for general communication and use, and that covers all the bases. I get email from the power company, the phone company, the gas company, my online journal, my forum, my side writing gig, amazon, my family, my friends, the bookstore, and places I habitually order from; I don't consider any of that spam.

In reality, it only takes me about ten minutes to check them all in the morning for pressing questions, then half an hour later in the day to check and reply to the non-pressing questions.

Hotmail, Sunflower, and Gmail are great about spam. Yahoo is terrible. I've adjusted my Yahoo 'spam filters' about eleventy-twelve times, and I still get Cialis ads daily while mail I want is tagged as 'spam', but Hotmail only miscategorizes something once or twice a month, now. Sunflower gets waves (Oh, look, nine offers of Rolex watches!), and then it adjusts something, and starts catching them. Gmail hasn't missed one yet, but that's because I don't use that address for anything.

I can also recommend ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm firewall (, as well, for home use. I've been happy with it. The only other thing I do religiously is that if I'm giving out an email address on a message board I try to spell it out like datalorax at yahoo (dot) com. That way, the spiderbots have a harder time getting it.

Au_contraire 13 years, 5 months ago

There are times I will walk by another person's computer session and all of a sudden, out of my peripheral vision, whatever that person was working on gets quickly minimized. I never say anything but it always seems furtive.

BTW Badger, thanks for the 'Windows'key+D tip. Now I can look furtive too!!

italianprincess 13 years, 5 months ago

I also agree with the switch. I now have Monzilla Firefox and I have no more pop ups or spam here at home which is where I work.

Internet Ex is bad to have. I got a virus each time I connected to it. Its gone now and no longer is used.

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