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Did you have any problems because of the ice storm?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa on January 7, 2005

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Photo of Kim Fuller

“It took me a half an hour to get my doors open and start my car. We went out Wednesday night, though, and the roads seemed fine to me.”

Photo of Yi Tang

“The lock on my car was totally frozen shut. I had to pour hot water on it and push my door open from the passenger side.”

Photo of Amanda Curtiss

“No, I stayed at home until it was over. Then I had someone else break the ice off of my car.”


mrcairo 13 years, 5 months ago

I'm surprised at how little the City has done to clear the streets. I'm disgusted that the areas around schools are still in really bad shape. I'm sure the High-Rent district with all the fancy homes and all the Rich-Republicans have been taken care of.

dubbledownbku 13 years, 5 months ago

mrcairo, the streets of lawrence always are icy/snowy following a winter storm, so you just have to learn to deal with it. I am a "rich republican" and the street to the house I live in is covered in snow and ice. You are just like all of the other Democrats in this town...when something doesn't go your way, you blame the Republicans. I'd like to know how you define rich as well...Because you're a democrat, I assume you believe that rich is defined by the size of the bank account, which must be quite small for all of you democrats in lawrence who fought so hard to help Kerry win an election he was meant to lose. Hope to run into you on Mass street someday while you skip down the street and smoke your grass.

badger 13 years, 5 months ago

I live in the part of town that's north of sixth and east of Iowa, which people say is generally one of the ignored sections. My streets aren't great, but I saw pretty steady salting and sanding starting Tuesday night, most of Wednesday, and into Thursday morning.

There's only so much they can do. With ice, plows aren't that useful. Salt is bad for the roads, the environment, and people's paint jobs, so they're minimizing or phasing out its use. So we get sand and traffic to clear out the snow and ice. My area has an OK amount of traffic, so it's getting clear. Areas with less car traffic, which also might be the 'less republican' areas of town, wear down their snow layers differently.

Besides, of all the groups likely to get preference in this town, I'm thinking that Republicans are likely to be closer to the bottom of the list than the top. If it really was favoritism or politics, there wouldn't be a speck of snow on the streets between New Hampshire and Kasold, from Sixth to Ninth street, cause that's where all the 'cool' people live.

I don't see this town doing a whole lot of catering to the wealthy, or to conservatives. Frankly, as they get the catering in so many other towns, I'm strangely comfortable with it--to steal a phrase fron Connor McManus.

remember_username 13 years, 5 months ago

Ouch, we're off to a rousing start today! So is it always like this after an ice storm? Frankly I loved it. I drive a Jeep Wrangler so travel was more fun than a hassle, and the cold weather provided a fine excuse to drive rather than walk.

As for the political side it was interesting that the "conservative" KS government was given more time off for incliment weather than the "liberal" University of Kansas.

mrcairo, don't complain about "rich republicans" like that. Put it rather " the lingering road conditions were caused by cost-cutting essential services to provide tax cuts in line with Republican economic policies". Isn't that nicer? And correct or not, it's probably more effective.

Carmenilla 13 years, 5 months ago

We used the ice storm as an excuse to do nothing for 2 whole days! But than we tried to get into our car and it took 2 hrs just to get in it.....Shoulda stayed inside.

madcow 13 years, 5 months ago

my garage door was frozen shut and my power was off for about 16 hours. blah

its all W's fault too

tir 13 years, 5 months ago

My power was off for two days and nights and it was so cold I had to leave my house and go stay with someone else, and also had to throw away a lot of food in my fridge. It was an inconvenience. But overall, Lawrence fared much better than Wichita and KC in terms of the outages, so I feel lucky that I have heat and lights on now.

crashn 13 years, 5 months ago

mrcairo, you have it all wrong. You live in Lawrence Kansas, home of the Jayhawks. Do you really think that the road crews will clear off the streets that the "Rich Republicans" live on? Hell no!!! The guys driving the snow plows dislike the Republicans just as much as everyone else in Lawrence. And even though Republicans our outnumbered in Lawrence, I know several with small bank accounts who were skipping down mass to support Kerry while smoking "grass" as DUBBLEDOWNBKU put it. Even though they are Republican, they didnt want to see Bush for another 4 years.

Hong_Kong_Phooey 13 years, 5 months ago

Only Democrats would turn a simple question like "Did you have any problems because of the ice storm?" into a political bitch session...

My car was frozen shut on Wednesday. I had to use a screwdriver as a pry tool to get into my car on Thursday. Once I got inside I had to kick the other doors open. Then it took me an hour to scrape off my windows. I like snow but ice storms suck...

ive_got_my_ascot_n_my_dickie 13 years, 5 months ago

I awoke to the sound of my neighbor's tree crashing onto the roof of my house. After assessing the situation and getting things under control, I got ready for the 35 mile drive to work. It was a fun-filled ride with plenty of fish-tailing and near misses. One guy in a white pickup truck passed me at an excessive rate of speed. His "devil-may-care" style of driving put him in a ditch about two miles later. As I passed by him, I couldn't help but chuckle. Still, it took all the determination I could muster to keep my car on the road and prevent a similar tragedy from striking me!

BunE 13 years, 5 months ago

Mrcairo, I assume that your comments were in fun, especially since you have not added to the session today. My oh my, it is a kick to see repubs and dems get so defensive.

The election is over, there will be another one before you know it. Pray that the repubs come to their senses and stop hiding behind jesus and 9/11 and that the dems will stop whining and shrieking about how pitiful they are.

During the storm, I got to drive in the Subie, go to work every day and wonder why the heck Westar wasn't prepared. My folks down by Wichita have had 4 sets of friends as house guests since the thing hit. Oh and they were a mix of dems and repubs. AND THEY ALL LIVED.

madcow 13 years, 5 months ago

oh come on now, do you really think that it costs that much money for the war in iraq? heck no, that money was really used to build a giant snow maker and a fan to blow all the ice and snow across the midwest. W knows about it, but it was rummies idea. He thought it would be a good idea to test it out on us first, before they send it over to iraq. Think about how many "terrorists" they could kill off by raining down sheets of ice when they dont have enough heat and shelter. yeah... they can kill... "terrorists"...

Charlie Bannister 13 years, 5 months ago

Consumer1-you rule. I am always amazed at how some Dems (mrcairo) can take a simple subject and make a bitter political argument out of it. Anyway, the rubber tube that carries the washer fluid to my right side wiper got moisture in it and froze, consequently blocking the washer fluid from getting to where it belongs, which is on my windshield. This was quickly remedied by taking the car to the dealer, where an astute service writer had one of the professionals in the shop dispense some air from an air hose into the rubber tube, whereby the ice melted and restored the free path for the washer fluid to travel to my windshield where it belongs, thereby cleaning the windshield, and allowing me to drive back to my rich, Republican neighborhood where the streets are clean and free of snow and the living is easy. I'll also mention they did not charge me at the dealer for this service, as I am a rich, Republican and wield all manner of power and wealth, and they know it and take care of me there.

italianprincess 13 years, 5 months ago

For the last two days I didn't go anywhere due to my car being completely frozen shut. I did have to go out this evening though and heres a clue for all of you.

Before the freezing rain came I took two towels and covered my front windshield and another one for the back window.

Get a pitcher of hot water, pour it over you drivers side door handle to unfreeze it. Unlock your car, start your car and turn your defrost for both front and back on. Let your car run for about an hour and a half with the defrost on high heat then go and check on it.

After your car sits for that amount of time, go out and pull off the towels and your windows are clear. No scraping to do what so ever. The ice basically falls off your car, and its way to easy. Plus you can just push the snow and ice off of the other parts of your car as well.

Yes you may waste some gas, but its alot easier then feezing your @$$ off trying to dig your car out. Until I have a garage to put my car in when weather gets this bad, I'm doing it this way.

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