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Do you think students should have access to vending machines in public schools?

Asked at Southwind 12, 3433 Iowa on February 5, 2005

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Photo of James Herd

“Yes. I don’t see a problem with that. They should have a wide selection of snacks though, so they have the option to make healthy choices.”

Photo of Sean Flynn

“Yes. I wanted them back in the day. As long as there is some healthy content, and they can only use them at certain times. I think people forget what it was like to be a kid.”

Photo of Dan Eyler

“Yes, but it depends on what’s in the machines. I think that could be limited.”

Photo of Sean McKinney

“Yes, they should have access to vending machines, but they should keep some health food in them and not just junk. Kids probably get enough of that at home.”


Hong_Kong_Phooey 13 years ago

I think that if they are going to have vending machines in school that they should be stocked with health food. We've got too many young people that have to waddle wherever their fat little legs are going to take them. I don't think the school's should be a contributing factor. Besides, eventually somebody will end up suing the school's because little Fatty McButterpants is overweight and "it's the school's fault"...

BunE 13 years ago

Vending machines in the School? What for, so that Sara Lee can put cupcakes in them for 75 cents? Are they refrigerated? As far as healthy snacks are concerned, anything that does not go bad in a day or two is chock full of nasty preservatives (sp?) and has no business going into our kids. Further, I bet that that those vending machine companies are keeping the lion's share of the profits. Never mind that they are teaching our kids that a candy bar is a positive snack food. This is when kids learn habits for life... Bah! Have the french club sell oranges during break.

my_Two_cents 13 years ago

Hong_kong_phooey I liked that Fatty butterpants, Good one. I went to Spain a couple of years ago and meant a couple that became good friends. Last year they decided to visit me here. A couple of lay overs after entering the united states, I meant them at KCI. Maria my friends wife, when she saw me her eyes opened wide like she had the scare of her life. She ran over and whispered in my ear, Is every one in the united states Fat. I said hell yes we even have vending machines in schools. They are only in school 7 hours and eat lunch half way threw that. Owell that is just my two cents

lunacydetector 13 years ago

no, no, and 'h' 'e' 'double toothpicks' no.

kids are at school to learn, NOT snack. this controversy is idiotic.

how will snacking on vending machine crap help a kid learn? just like the "Coca-Cola" controversy.

if the schools have the highest grade point average in the state, only then should they bring up this vending machine idea.

on another note....... why did the liberals shut down reader reaction? isn't this a form of censorship?

kansas 13 years ago

Jane, that's soooo true what you just said!!! One day not too long ago I was in a grocery store and I was at the register waiting in line to pay for my groceries. A girl, about 10 years old, was standing in front of me. She asked, and then ultimately begged her mom if her mom would buy her a candy bar. Well, eventualy the mother caved in! Caved in, alright!! The mother ended up grabbing about 3 packages of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and a package of M&M's!! Geez! So, to me, your point is correct, based upon what I have seen!!

CeeCee 13 years ago

Kansas, the woman you saw at the store may have had more children at home she was grabbing candy bars for. My daughter often accompanies me to the grocery store while the others like to stay home with Dad. If I come home with something for one and not the rest... not good. Although, my daughter knows that begging will not get her anything!

jonas 13 years ago

If we ban them from the school, isn't the real lesson we're teaching our children "If something unhealthy tempts you, it's best to not worry about willpower and responsability and just get rid of it altogether?" I see no problem with having limited access to vending machines, in study hall or during lunchtimes. I'm going to have to second (third) Jane's notion: the obesity problem in America starts (and pretty much ends) at home, not because of vending machines in public schools.

kansas 13 years ago

Thank you, Jonas.

Ah, and trust me CeeCee, judging by the physical appearance of both mother and child, I would say that those candy bars were for those two--and those two alone!! I think if that mother had more kids at home (and they happened to be as big as the girl was) I'm reasonably sure that the mother would have grabbed at least 10 candy bars instead of 4!!!

CeeCee 13 years ago

Okay, I'm now convinced it was not me you saw at the store! My daughter is 9 and barely 50 lbs. sopping wet. I go to the grocery store once a week to get the majority of our groceries. (But will usually go again for milk and what-not when I'm alone and can make it a fast trip.) I also try to go when the kids are at school, but when one or more of them do come along I will get them a candy bar or something at the check out if they have behaved themselves while shopping. Just one a piece. I don't keep a lot of junk food in the house so it's really not a big deal. Just a treat once a week or so. You're right, it starts at home. If these kids have free reign of all the junk food they can eat at home, then that's what they will get from the vending machines. But, I think kids who have healthy snacks at home will be more likely to choose the healthy snacks from the machines.

I think it would be okay to have vending machines in the high schools as long as healthy snacks are available along side the junk food. Vending machines in the junior highs would be okay, too, but with less junk and more healthy selections. What do you think?

Plenty of rest is a must, also.

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