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Do you believe in the groundhog’s prediction regarding six more weeks of winter?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 3, 2005

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“Yes. I think he is usually right, but I sure hope he’s wrong.”

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“No. It’s just an animal, and it can’t predict the weather.”

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“Yeah, I believe it. If he’s been around this long, there has to be some truth to his predictions.”

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“I believe in it religiously. What better gauge do we have for the end of winter?”


Jayhawk226 13 years, 2 months ago

Do we really have a choice either way.....?

craigers 13 years, 2 months ago

No, I don't agree at all because this last month has had both winter and spring temperatures. Chances are we will have a February with average temperatures in the 40s and then off to the 50s in March. Springtime is comin!!!!

acg 13 years, 2 months ago

Okay, I heard that if the groundhog saw his shadow it meant six more weeks of winter but if he didn't it meant spring would be here in 6 weeks. Isn't that the same thing? Maybe I'm not up on my groundhog/weather prediction trivia, so if anyone knows how it's really supposed to work let me know. Thanks!

italianprincess 13 years, 2 months ago

I was quite bummed to hear we would have 6 more weeks of Winter. Everything looks muddy, ugly and dead. I can't wait until Spring begins and everything starts looking green and pretty again.

The groundhog certainly wouldn't see his shadow if it was cloudy out anyway. so its kind of misleading anyway.

A quick question though.........Whats going on with the Reader Reaction in here? Its not even available to click on since last night.

jonas 13 years, 2 months ago

I.P. They cancelled it, due to the deterioration of dialog on the forum. There's a link on the front page, just below the link for this area, that says:

"Reader Reaction was started as a place for meaningful community dialogue. Over time, it has evolved into something much less.

We have tried to spend more time monitoring this message board, and we've tried to implement stronger rules, but nothing seems to have worked.

Until further notice, we are shutting down the Reader Reaction message boards.

Our plan is to have new board software, as well as a much-better moderation policy and strategy in place within the next few months, if not sooner."

Sigh. . . I'm sad they feel that they had to cancel it, but I certainly can't argue about the deterioration of dialog. Hopefully the bash-everybody-different-than-me elements will stay clear so this one will still stay up.

For the record, I'm going to have to agree with that rodent this time around. It doesn't matter to me, though, as I'm cursed to live through this day, over and over again, until I get it right.

remember_username 13 years, 2 months ago

It is unfortunate that the little beasty has been in error recently, so much so that over the last few years he can no longer be relied upon as a weather forecaster. There is mounting evidence to suggest that his furry circuitry is out of calibration due to global warming. I personally think his predictions are off because increasing media coverage has triggered a manic-depressive crisis - but I'm not an expert.

ms_canada 13 years, 2 months ago

Well, interesting topic today. acg - what a mixup. It is confusing. I was interested in the origins of this silly custom. Seems that it is derived from the old Gaelic custom associated with St. Brigid, the patron of light and candles and hearths. It was and still is called Candlemas Day. It is too long to go into entirely here. But there is a verse from old England that gives a clue. "If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, Winter will have another flight. If Candlemas Day be clouds and rain, Winter is gone and will not come again." Candlemas Day is celebrated on Feb. 2. The ceremony with Punxsatawny Phil was begun in 1887 and he is said to be right 90% of the time. Therefore is he saw his shadow yesterday, spring is just around the corner. So take cheer all you people, and say a thank you to good old Phil. Have a nice day!!

craigers 13 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you Merkin about Self's choice to be upset with the crowd since you constantly see the players themselves mouth just as bad of words on the television screen. Practice what you preach and then the players saying it's okay because they have been called worse in Missouri. What is up with that? Well they did it first!!! Grow up kids.

BunE 13 years, 2 months ago

Of course the groundhog is right. You must have faith even though there is no measurable way to quantify this miracle. God hath placed him here on this earth as a vessel of his wisdom. You see, God hath planned this whole thing out. In the 6000 or so years since he created the earth and man and from man, (and thus subordinate to) woman, nothing has been a chance development. Since God can not be measured, we must just believe that this is all part of his intelligent design. What a clever God...Groundhogs are funny.

Or maybe its just another myth to make us feel good.

tell_it_like_it_is 13 years, 2 months ago

I hope the furry little guy is wrong. About the Reader Reaction: why is that newspapers do that? They start out wanting peoples honest opinion in columns like this but then when they get a little to honest they shut it down. My hometown newspaper did the same thing a while back. Its like okay give us your honest opionion jsut not to honest. I've always been a firm believer if you really want to know whats on peoples mind just let them vent in a column such as this.

jonas 13 years, 2 months ago

larryville: That was in the original Genesis, in which it is written: And on the seventh day, God said "let there be a medium sized rodent to telleth of the final days of winter." And it was so. That was all that was oneth the schedule for the last day, so He tooketh the rest of the day off, playeth 18 holes, scoreth -9, and saw that it was good. That was the Sabbath." Sadly, most of this passage was removed from the Torah when the Israelites came to Canaan, and the rest was revised, having survived for millenia, during the Reformation.

jonas 13 years, 2 months ago

tell it like it is: I agree with you that this was not a good thing for them to do, but it's less about being honest, I think, and more about whether you're willing to be respectful. A viper's nest had less teeth, and there were a number of regular posters that dropped off because of a few people who were rude and continually resorted to insults, demeaning language and namecalling.

Still, I don't see why we all had to suffer for it.

acg 13 years, 2 months ago

Jonas that absolutely cracked me up! Thanks I seriously needed a good laugh.

BunE 13 years, 2 months ago

I saw on "in search of" that the actual country club that God playeth his 18 holes has been found! It was ruined when a ship splashed out of the water hazard onto the 8th hole. This was known by the Hebrew name Ararat, it was a par 3, elevated tee box. You had to work your way back up to the green if you didn't nail it, but it sure made that sunday special when you did.

Thus endeth the lesson

jonas 13 years, 2 months ago

Larryville: Agreed on all points. I think that deriding someone for posting too frequently, much the same as deriding for simple spelling and gramatical errors, is just simply a way to try to win a point when you've gotten backed into a corner, and don't want to admit defeat. "K" was certainly never vindictive or abusive. Indeed, he was one of the posters I most respected. I took a lot of flack on several occasions for my prolificity (word?) in posting as well (I'm probably in first place in total postings on this forum, at any rate, just click on my name!!!) and it was mostly on the occasions I said something that the other person did not have an answer to.

italianprincess 13 years, 2 months ago

I don't think I said or did anything wrong in the Reader.

I do hope they bring in back soon, it was nice to see different view points from people, but the cursing, the bashing, and the yelling.

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