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Where should they put the governor’s dinosaur eggs?

Asked at Massachusetts Street and at the Lawrence Outdoor Aquatic Center on August 4, 2005

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Photo of Gideon Yoho

“They should give them back to the mommy dinosaur, so she can sit on them until they hatch.”

Photo of Samantha Steele

“In a museum for dinosaurs so people can look at them. I would want to go see them in school.”

Photo of Ireland Ziegler

“I would put them in my rock collection so I could look at them.”

Photo of Thomas Lisher

“At the museum here in Lawrence with the fossils so people could look at them.”

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10 years ago

NorthLawrenceDude: You don't have kids, do you? I can tell since you don't care about quality of education.

GreenEyedBlues 10 years ago

Who named their kid "Ireland"? It's kinda pretty. I can see why they wouldn't have wanted to use Dublin...

I think the eggs should go to the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. Why is it that the badass library is placed in a cesspool like Topeka while we're kinda stuck with Green Screen and about 200 books?

NorthLawrenceDude 10 years ago

Display them on Mass, so they can be vandalized like the Jayhawks were. Or put them on a big pedestal in the middle of a Round a bout!

Hey everyone, don't forget to post questions for Randy Wesemen...he will be doing live chat today. LETS TELL HIM THOSE TEACHERS DON'T NEED MORE MONEY!

Manson 10 years ago

Crack em open and cook em. I like mine over easy.

craigers 10 years ago

One suggestion: Let's build our own Jurassic Park.

Centrist 10 years ago

American teachers are almost the lowest paid in the Western World.

grilled_cheese 10 years ago

I think the paper should interview children for questions like "Do you think marriage is a stronger institution in Kansas than in other states?" or "Should high schools prohibit sexually suggestive dancing?" or "What is your opinion of John Brown?".

No really, I'm serious. :)

NorthLawrenceDude 10 years ago


we all can tell your a teacher! LOL What does quality of education have to do with greedy teachers in Lawrence wanting a 15% raise? Rediculous! Yes, I have 2 children...and both have finished college. When my kids were in school, teachers taught for the profession and the kids..NOT THE MONEY. You knew what you were getting into when you went into the education field. If you don't like the money, then get another job...thats what I did. Also, if you think you have it bad in Lawrence, go teach in KCK for just one day. I bet you won't be "speaking your mind" as much about quality of education in Lawrence.

10 years ago

NLD: You know very little about education. Teachers and greediness, first of all, are a contradiction. Teachers have the future of this country in their hands, how much is that worth? Worth the respect of people like you? You are making it sound like you respect teachers.....aren't you? It's your own greediness that is keeping you from respecting us.
I can see your confusion when you make broad generalizations that don't hold water, "teachers taught for the profession and the kids...NOT THE MONEY."
Are there no more teachers like that? You cannot say since you do not know. Making generalizations is easy, respecting the future of this country is quite another!

Ann_Plowme 10 years ago

Yeah, Bob! Who are the crazies?!

Carmenilla 10 years ago

I see the bitter hate-fest continues even when there is cause to be happy. Gideon Yoho's answer put a smile on my face this morning. Anyone else? Or are you all too busy bashing teachers (yah, they are sooooo greedy compared to say, Westar energy executives) who teach "for the money". I find that incredibly absurd.

But continue on with all the senseless complaining, by all means. It makes the world a better place. Really it does. And don't you feel better when you do it? You're solving the world's problems on here, folks. Keep up the good work!

end sarcastic rant

Centrist 10 years ago

.. If you're paying peanuts, you'll get monkeys ...

tell_it_like_it_is 10 years ago

I think northlawrencedude is right on the money myself. But today thats not the question. I had my 3 year old look at the picture of the eggs and he said he thought we should get mommy to cook them eggs for him.

Liberty 10 years ago

They should put the Governor and her dinosaur eggs in jail as contraband and a violation of the city ban if we should obey the letter of the law. They fall into the catagory of an "exotic animal" which was banned by the City of Lawrence...

Carmenilla 10 years ago

OTTR, are you really the most bitter man on Earth or is it all an act?

Is there anything you DO like? I have yet to see a post from you that doesn't make fun of or bash someone else, whether its teachers or fat people or whatever! You are not a pleasant person. Find some happiness, dude.

And now I'm sure you'll whine about being "picked on".


Carmenilla 10 years ago

Amen, TOB, amen...

I like mine poached with a little hot sauce.

Redneckgal 10 years ago

TOB..scrambled with lots of cheese green peppers onions and tabasco. Damn I think its time for lunch.

NorthLawrenceDude 10 years ago

mindspeaking and pippin,

You want more than a reasonable raise...say 2-4% like the rest of us get? THEN GET IT FROM YOU UNION PRESIDENT THAT STOLE ALL YOUR MONEY LAST YEAR. Give me a break, SHZEEESH.

Funny thing is, I AM IN the education field at the University level. So don't complain to me. Lawrence teachers are spoiled, that is all there is too it.

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Don't even talk about Paradise. Its too depressing. Sigh.

Redneckgal 10 years ago

Grits now there is some good food. And fried cornmeal mush too.

Tasslehoff 10 years ago

Got any dinosaur (hogasaur) chitlin's to go with those eggs?

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Where are the touring bands supposed to go for breakfast? Where are people who love downtown and have kids supposed to go (Milton's is NOT kid-friendly)? Where am I supposed to go when I'm slightly hungover and in need of mellow socialization and Cowboy Eggs?

It was a sad day for Lawrence when the 'Dise closed down.

Tasslehoff 10 years ago

On a serious note, they really should go to the KU Museum of Natural History. They have a decent fossil display there, I'm sure they would love to have them.

Redneckgal 10 years ago

And heck e_m thats just for breakfast.

happyone 10 years ago

Has anyone else heard about JB Stout's being cited for Health Code Violations?? Its true, Its Darn True!!

happyone 10 years ago

As for the Dino eggs They need to go to the KU Museum of Natural History.

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Oh yah, the question of the day. I'm down with the Natural History Museum. It makes the most sense to put the eggs there. Or maybe we should put them side-by-side with the bible at the Courthouse. Evolution vs Creationism for all to see. Or would that bother people? Hee hee...

A while back when my kid was still "little" she was asked by an LJW reporter what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without a moment's hesitation she said, a paleontologist. The reporter looked confused and amazed that a 5 year old would say that (I'm assuming thats what her look of befuddlement was about). My kid quickly asked:

"Do you need help spelling that?"

Still gives me a chuckle to this day.

grilled_cheese 10 years ago

You people are on crack.

Chill pills for everyone! (Except for the person who's gonna cook me up those eggs...)

happyone 10 years ago

Wait a minute......we can't have those eggs in Lawrence there's a Ban on exotic animals....wouldn't dino's be considered "exotic"?

happyone 10 years ago

If we all take "chill pills" will that put an end to global warming?

Carmenilla 10 years ago

What don't you buy, hottruckinmama?

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I worked at the KU Natural History Museum for several years during my undergraduate years.

The facilities there are rather small and minimal, but they can certainly house a display of two eggs with some educational materials to compliment the display.

KU has one of the most famed paleontologists in the country, Larry Martin. Dr. Martin and the KU Natural History Museum staff has struggled for years to secure funding to create a separate facility just to showcase all the dinosaur digs they have for the public.

I believe the residents/taxpayers of Kansas deserve to see where the funding has gone and what discoveries have been made utilizing their money. The purpose of the University of Kansas is to puruse ongoing research, but also share that information with its constituents.

I really hope the KU Natural History of Museum is chosen as the permanent recipients of the dinosaur eggs.

Anybody have the Gov.'s direct line?

memoirs_of_a_sleepwalker 10 years ago

Dude in North Lawrence, You're "In the education field at the University level," and you confuse "your" with "you're"?! You spell "ridiculous" as "rediculous"? You write "You" when you mean to say "your"? You use comma-splice runs-ons when seperate and complete sentences need to be fused with a semicolon?! And you're whining about teachers receiving better pay to, among many things, help people learn to write correctly? Do you not see any irony in this?!

Ceallach 10 years ago

I'm wondering -- why does there have to be a permanent assignment to the eggs? Why not display the eggs in both museums on a revolving schedule? Statewide and regional accessibility.

As for cooked eggs, I'll have mine scrambled with salsa, thanks.

I was not going to comment on the teacher's issue but cannot resist one observation. If making generalizations about teachers is so bad -- why make the rediculous generalization that " Teachers have the future of this country in their hands, how much is that worth? Sounds to me like it's worth 5 to 7 years of therapy to Get Over Themselves. Teachers who believe they 'control the future' are scary to say the least. It's my understanding that they do not even control the curriculum.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I'm so happy you just responded to the "in the education field at the University level" made by NorthLawrencedude who still makes his way over the Kaw river unfortunately.

His unclassified/classified status as a JRP mail delivery man may not get his annual pay increase with time off, and therefore believes "Lawrence teachers are spoiled."

I just wish these idiots all around the state would realize the power of higher salaries when drawing/recruiting intelligent and competent teachers into the field.

Keep paying teachers wonder the brightest minds don't enter the field to TEACH YOUR KIDS. You're getting stuck with people who are "ok" making significantly lower money than what their credentials would offer in other fields.

I don't know what the problem is with actually thinking things out in this part of the country...ugh!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Ceallach--you are correct about the teachers not "owning the curriculum." We can thank the President for that one.

As for "how much is it worth to pay us because we house the future?"

Get you honestly think I care about that? I am doing what I do best--guide, mentor, lead, instruct, evaluate, teach. I'll help a kid to the best of their ability.

But I care more about myself. I knew I would make a fantastic living as an educator in the State of Illinois. Don't think for one second I changed majors to become a teacher because I think I can change the future. I plan on making a decent living, so I left KS to teach in a state that actually supports their education.

memoirs_of_a_sleepwalker 10 years ago

Agreed, JayhawK 226! As the bumper sticker says, "Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit."

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Can I buy that one online? Or at the Douglas County Fair somewhere?

Carmenilla 10 years ago

I had mine scrambled with salsa this morning, Ceallach.

On teachers....The idea that they "have the future of the country" in their hands is more literal than figurative. They DO have our children in their hands. Maybe they can't control the curriculum but they still influence our children.

Whitney Houston (or whoever really wrote it) said it best:

"I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside."

I am joking here people!

But I'm saddened to see how many people are coming down on the teachers. They still fulfill a vital role in our children's lives.

grilled_cheese 10 years ago

Actually, I was hoping that the crack would come in a generic brand, so I could more easily afford my drug habit...

Anyway, as a geologist at KU, I see everyday on a firsthand basis the amount of dedication, intelligence, and enthusiasm the individuals have at KUNHM, as well as support/related staff and faculty have. If the eggs are going to stay in Lawrence, the NHM is where they belong.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago


I appreciate your support. But I should reveal a secret too...

...don't think for a second we even care what a parent generally cares anyway. Times have changed and we realize that they think they can do our job better than us...blah blah blah. That's all we hear from them.

They generally don't have a clue what they are talking about. I might return one phone call to a parent in a given week, unless I'm scheduling an IEP meeting for one on my caseload.

This is why we thank the Illinois teacher's union concept of tenure. "Talk to my boss, but I'm not going anywhere moron. But feel free to think of me during your next property tax check, keep footin' my salary!"

memoirs_of_a_sleepwalker 10 years ago

Jayhawk 226, You can buy them at bumperart. com as well as on a slew of anti-Bush sites. They're a bit expensive, however. Or, as you say, one might find them at the Douglas County Fair easily enough . . .

Redneckgal 10 years ago

Ceallach..I have to agree on the teacher thing. I think that is what folks get tired of..all the self important poor little me BS.

Ceallach 10 years ago

Seems northlawrencedude is not the only one flunking around here, please, in your minds, change my rediculous to ridiculous :):) I feel so much better now. Just when I think it is safe to make quick posts without double-checking everythibng -- boing -- Mrs. Bolton (former English teacher) rears her head!!!

Was the spelling and punctuation lesson, so tactfully given, intended to humiliate, educate, or was it just something mean to do? Regarding our writing skills, it should be obvious that our teachers are the ones at fault. Me tinks they dent ern there pay!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

The people of KS are lucky as heck it is illegal for teacher's to strike... wouldn't know what hit ya when those schools close down for 2-3 weeks and you have to find your own childcare and/or teach your kid(s) at home, until we get our 5-10% salary increase.

Solidarity Forever!!!!!!!!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I'm not bitter at all...just don't understand why things were run the way they were during my 7 years in Lawrence and Kansas City.

memoirs_of_a_sleepwalker 10 years ago

Oh, it was intended to be completely mean, of course; this is what teachers do, since they're angry and underpaid.

[insert irony here.]

trinity 10 years ago

thanks carmenilla, now i'm thinking the greatest lurve in my head...over...and over...and over, prob'ly for the remainder of the day. :p

eggs? over medium please, cooked in real butter with a side of sunflower seed toast slathered in butter. i love butter.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I will admit, I would like to return to KS one day.

I visualize myself bringing down a score of progressive, forward-thinking, realistic, get-down-to-work, liberal-minded cronies with me.

I'd love to take over the State and just overhaul as much as possible. I know it would be hard for many to cope with, but at least they'd be part of the 21'st century and hopefully the narrowminded ways would gradually be weeded out.

If not, they could always migrate North to Nebraska. only rid the "good 'ol boys" with "da Machine." And you seem like an intelligent guy Bob, I would certainly provide political patronage to you and a top position. You have great comments on this site. Your hard work should be rewarded.

Now Northlawrencedude, we just may have to just reconstruct that bridge over the Kansas River. Too bad for him it's going to "take a few months" before it's completed. Guess he'll have to take I-70 around the North and pay a little toll for us.

Cha-ching, cha-ching $$$$$

Carmenilla 10 years ago

OTTR, I am not hungover at all. I don't really drink during the week, only weekends. I'm a mom not a college student.

You say you're a "happy" guy. Read over some of your old posts and you will see why I think you are such a whiney piss ant. Don't you have some fat retarded people to go make fun of, you classy guy?

Ceallach 10 years ago

Jayhawk226: Thanks for making my case with your last few posts. Oh, lest I forget, thanks for leaving Lawrence and giving parents a hope (no matter how slight) that their child's teacher may not think he/she is worthy of worship, praise and of course more and more MONEY! -- while they are ignorant droids. You false gods are all alike.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Yeah and Carm,

That dang Whitney Houston song is planted in my head now...

...I think I need more Bailey's in my coffee for relief!!!

happyone 10 years ago

So the truth comes out Jayhawk is just an Alcoholic thinking he's a teacher. He had to run away to Illinois to get away from the truth.....

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Hey I had to join a powerful entity of professionals who won't back down to anybody, including those tax payers who fund their worth is priceless and I would hope you think the same of yourself, regardless of what you do.

Why one would settle and suffice just because other people don't think they're worth more, is just plain stupid.

And call me selfish, I am.

But anyway, I'm shifting gears...I'm in the mood to laugh and have fun here in these posts. No more foolish teacher salary talk (I promise I'll try hard to not respond again). Opinions aren't ever changed in these posts anyhow.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Illinois is the 3rd largest binge-drinking state for adults over the age of 25...

...maybe this has been a facade all these years that I'm a teacher.

Well, to get paid to drink all day....sounds like Chicago to me!

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Sorry about the Whitney song guys.....

If it makes you feel any better its stuck in my head now too!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

In case anybody was curious as to the top two...

1 Michigan

2 Wisconsin

See what these "wonderful" winters will do to people. Well, and I'm guessing brats have something to do with it too.

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Ceallach, over-bearing Christians are a close second to liberal teachers on an ego trip in the annoying department.

Did someone pee in your eggs, honey? You sure seem testy.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

That would be one heck of a visual, ya know?!!?

Jayhawk226 10 years ago is lunch time extreme!!

happyone 10 years ago

you guys are making me hungry for some brats and kraut

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

If you have room for one more...your fixings sound pretty good.

The Phillies just hit a grand slam against my loveable loser Cubs, so I may be a little rough-around-the-edge, but lunch can change me around quickly!!

NorthLawrenceDude 10 years ago

I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts I will proof read my posts

Sorry teacher, I am too busy at my 47k a year job to proof read. Sure wish I had summers off so I could sit around all day and PROOF READ.

Jayhawk, I am not at KU. I am in KC, that is why I keep saying you guys need to teach a day in the city, for it would certainly change your mind about Lawrence Schools.

I still think the eggs should go in the middle of a round a bout.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I'm 25 years old and teach in a bordering school district about five blocks from Chicago. I make 53k with summers off, I'm watching the Cubbies right now as a matter of fact.

I think you should change your mind about Lawrence schools and realize they don't have it made.

happyone 10 years ago

Jayhawk-- What subject do you teach anyway?

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

special education....i'm a resource center teacher.

I taught for a year in KCK as a 6th grade resource teacher there too. My students had a learning disability or were "mentally retarded" (as the State defines them).

This year I have a similar position at the high school level. My caseload will have more students, but our students are in the mainstream classroom. At KCK, they were not included in the general education classrooms, so I was their primary teacher.

trinity 10 years ago

NLD-just curious, have you ever been on another msg board under the nic "ibescrewedup" or "foobar"? you sound/read familiar! color me curious

kansaskev61 10 years ago

They should be displayed on the Governors desk. Since she was elected she's "layed" quite a few eggs herself.

ms_canada 10 years ago

Well, I think I feel the same way as young Gideon up above. They should give them back to the mommy, I bet she is very unhappy to see her babies gone. I am off to the folk festival now. so have a nice day all you Lawrencians and Houstonites. and where ever else you live and play.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

we're gonna miss your post contributions canada...

...hurry back!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Ha! I'd rather talk about brats, honestly!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

TOB and OMB...I get so confused with your names usually.

But great news, you both make some funny posts. Always entertaining on here!

P.S. I have to confess, I only grill the Johnsonville beer brats here at home. ; (

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Quick question--

Do you guys pronouce it as:

"brat" (as in some bratty kid) or "braht" (rhyming with cot)

Ceallach 10 years ago

Carm: If only they had stopped at pee!

btw, how did I go"Christian" in my post? Overbearing anythings are irritating. The false god comment was intended to ge generic. But since you brought it up, teachers are just part of a long list of people in my life that I am unable to worship due to my faith (husband, children, employers, teachers, LJW posters, etc., :)

Anyone who has read my posts knows that I am in favor of higher wages for teachers. I am not in favor of picking apart a poster's English instead of responding to their comments. I thought this board had gotten over that a long time ago.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

I hear ya...

...I found myself in that pissing contest earlier. It's easy to do, it really is.

I am a "brat" sayer in public--I get weird looks.

I used to think it was just because I had mustard all over my face.

happyone 10 years ago

TOB was the little town in MO Hermann by chance?

tell_it_like_it_is 10 years ago

Not much humor TOB except the day Carl the Pooper was on here. What a hoot!

happyone 10 years ago

Hermann does have a wonderful Octoberfest. The Wineries are nice too. Stone Hill is my favorite though. The tours are really awesome.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago


The beginning salary for a teacher with 0 years of experience and a bachelor's degree begins at $26,825.

The highest salary slot would be for a teacher of 30 years teaching experience and a doctorate at $50,887.

If the LJW is reporting the Lawrence USD average teacher salary is $45,000, that would only suggest that the Lawrence USD is saturated with veteran teachers who are about to retire. This is going to leave massive unfilled teacher positions because most people would not even consider a $26,000 opening position when you can cross over into Johnson County and start at $34-35,000.

And I don't think most teachers would be opposed to working 12-months in a year. Of course we love the summer break, but 2 1/2 months off in summer is too long. I'd rather be in the classroom most of that time.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

A copy of the 2003-04 salary scale for the Lawrence schools can be found at:

Feel free to compare to the Illinois schools salaries of teachers and administrators. The reason I am so outspoken about higher teacher salaries is because it happens, just not in KS.

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

The Pale Ale is my favorite KC it!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

A BS+10 would mean that at the time of contract signing, that respective teacher has completed a bachelor's degree and 10 additional graduate hours toward a master's/doctorate degree.

I wouldn't be surprised that your wife makes more than a Lawrence teacher...they are known for having a very low salary offering to its teachers.

Ceallach 10 years ago

e_m: loved your graphic for the ms_canada booby prize award, very clever!!

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Ceallach, wasn't meaning to take you to task. I thought you were getting all preachy on us. I understand your comment better now. Anyway, I was only trying to point out that we're all pretty FOS in some way. I love this forum when we emphasize commonalities NOT when we make fun of eachother and bash those who can't defend themselves. Granted I have been known to take some poopy pants posters to task because they deserve it! Guilty as charged on that account.

GreenEyedBlues 10 years ago

I think at least once a day someone should bring up one topic on which we can all find a common ground. I think it will unify us as a board, and perhaps allow us to realize that we're not so dissimilar after all.

I'll start: All the comfortable freedom of walking around your home in socks is ruined the instant you step into a spot of water. Any rebuttals?

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

That water spot could even be dog pee...

....that's worse yet, because now you have a wet sock and it's stained yellow.

Carmenilla 10 years ago

Or worse yet, cat puke! Sorry that just happened to me the other day....It sucked!

Carmenilla 10 years ago

The similarity of our simultaneous posts is uncanny!

Jayhawk226 10 years ago

Yeah, that's a mood-breaker there for sure!

Ceallach 10 years ago

Soooo, we're agreed! Being FOS is one thing we all have in common :):)

Redneckgal 10 years ago

I woke up with a huge and I do mean huge black hairy spider crawling on me one time. My husband had a hell of time killing that thing. He finally stabbed with a kitchen knife and in the process cut a whole in our water bed. Good lord what a mess. That was a rental house and believe you me we moved PDQ after that and I got rid of that bed. I think that must have been my worst middle of the night experience.

grilled_cheese 10 years ago

omg!! I can't believe Houston got a shout out!!

I can't believe I only have 1.5 weeks left in this city and then it's back to Larryville..

Where does time go? (I think I spend it reading all of these rIdiculous posts...)

bankboy119 10 years ago

Well okay I'm just kidding but it's kind of funny how much people argue about this stuff. Makes it an interesting read at a boring job though.

Ceallach 10 years ago

e_m: right back at you. You've been oh so good today, I vote for opening the cage. Don't make me regret taking such a chance :)

Linda Aikins 10 years ago

I stepped on a slug once and wish I had been wearing socks.

Ceallach 10 years ago

I broke up with a slug once, but I didn't step on him. (Come to think of it, I probably should have :)

happyone 10 years ago

ewww slugs are nasty!!! They give me bad heebeegeebees! Fun to pour salt on them though

Ceallach 10 years ago

Kline: Who? Oh darn, have I missed something again?

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