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How are you celebrating the sesquicentennial?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 18, 2004

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Photo of Bob Reinsch

“I can’t say that I’ve put a lot of thought into it, but I might take the kids to the parade and enjoy the festivities.”

Photo of Faye Hale

“Me and my husband are going to the parade with our two children. We’ve planned our whole day around downtown.”

Photo of John Stamos

“I’m going to work all day, but afterwards I will drink a toast to Lawrence’s 150th birthday.”

Photo of Scott Driscoll

“I’m actually in town for a wedding. I don’t think they planned it that way, but it will be festive nonetheless.”


mdecoste 9 years, 7 months ago

I was in the parade, and didn't get to see it, but italian princess, please remember that Lawrence, for most of her history, has been a city that has always been political. So, I think that the political floats, whether anyone agrees with it or not, are truly a part of Lawrence's long history. Taking the politics out of Lawrence would be like not mentioning KU and Haskell.


Savage 9 years, 7 months ago

Was there a sanfransicko gay float, or a feminazi float? just wonderin.


Hi_Jinks 9 years, 7 months ago

Princess.....I hate to say this, but most parades that I've ever attended, there been many politically motivated floats. (I've lived in several other cities besides Lawrence.) I would imagine that it (political floats, handing out pins and bumper stickers) must be a "1st Amendment thing". I'm not sure what, if anything, anybody can do about it. Maybe someone else can explain it. I just know that I have seen what you have described in your post many times in my life...especially at Memorial Day parades for some reason!!! I guess that's how some people honor our nation's war dead.---They hand out political pins, stickers, and pamphlets.


italianprincess 9 years, 7 months ago

I just got back from the parade downtown with my son and it was great to see the bands, the floats, the elderly and the young celebrating out city here.

I was a bit bothered by the fact that since we are supposed to be celebrating our cities 150th BDay, then why was it so politcal?

I heard others standing around me talking about it and it seemed to bother them also.

I thought the elderly people riding in their old cars were great, and the young children of our future on the floats celebrating a birthday was fantastic. Then every other float or organization you would see someone running for this or that.

Am I wrong here about these type of parades? Are Birthday celebration parades always so political?

I'm sure one of you in here can explain this........


FlakeyT 9 years, 7 months ago

Bob Reinsch: "...and afterwards, I will take my kids home, beat them senseless and eat them."

Faye Hale: "Now could I borrow your grammar book?"

John Stamos: "Would you like to hear me sing a Beach Boys song?"

Scott Driscoll: "By 'it', I am referring to the wedding being festive. Well, no, the celebration. Of the city. No, wait, I also hope the wedding is festive but just a little less than the city's celebration. But if the wedding ISN'T as festive, I will go to the other party. If I can sneak out. Because...festive usually means free booze. Like at the wedding which I'm in town for. Can I tell you about my band?"


Wittmann 9 years, 7 months ago

lol nobody cares about it but the Hale family. Ironic or what?

Oh well I'm gonna celebrate it. I've set up a little camp by the river. Our camp represents a much larger camp out east and we're ordained by god etc I mean really its a fine little spot we got here. There's other camps in the area but most of them are populated by mean people who aren't as smart as us.

It's obvious that our camp is right and their camps are wrong. We might have to go and show them their error once in a while, and punish them of course.

If they bother our camp we'll whine about it for the next century or two.


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