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Do you think it’s OK for a campaign worker to go to someone’s house to collect an advance ballot?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on October 26, 2004

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Photo of Jared Caudle

“No. Voting is something that should be private between a voter and their ballot.”

Photo of Katy Wade

“I don’t think that it is. It would be easy to cheat, and it’s lazy.”

Photo of Chuck Chapman

“No, I really don’t. I think that you should have to vote on Election Day or in advance at the courthouse.”

Photo of John Turnbull

“That is politically incorrect. The person should make up their own mind. If they have already decided, then they should vote themselves.”


Larry 13 years ago

Amen Andre_Linoge! Amen, my friend.

Kontum1972 13 years ago

hoof and miss my middle finger...i did my service...what about you?

Richard Heckler 13 years ago

Considering people/companies working for the republican have been accused of destroying democrat registrations it would seem high risk. How do you know that your ballot would get counted? I do understand the logic behind the effort.

Kontum1972 13 years ago

no matter who wins the friggin election there is still a "WAR" on and it is not going to "GO AWAY".....its a Jihad.

Hi_Jinks 13 years ago

Well I see LuLu has completely overtaken Original_Bob's body! He is now completely under the spell of LuLu! We've lost another one, folks!


Hmmm......Who's next?

Jonas? nicegirl? We'll see............................

jonas 13 years ago

Maybe. . . .

The shrub is. . . bad, and uh. . . ah the hell with it.

Can't do the parody this morning. Oh well. O-Bob, my hat to you.

nicegirl 13 years ago

I think that it would be okay in a perfect world. There are many elderly and disabled people that cannot get out to go to a polling site. However, it is probably best that they're advance ballots are mailed or something. There is too much controversy over the handling of ballots and elections anyway. Why add fuel to the fire?

P.S. Does anyone else think John is on something or that he totally did not understand the question? The scary thing is he is probably voting!

lunacydetector 13 years ago

For Original Bob...

Democratic: Democratic Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Democratic Party.

pike 13 years ago

lunacydetector ....... Is this guy for real??.....AHhhh cant reply busy choking .......on huge..... load of...... crap

nicegirl 13 years ago

I only comment because I have in fact met John through someone else that I know and he is a construction worker, not an engineer. Besides, what is wrong with campaign workers changing ballots? That way they can help ensure that their candidate wins. (Please note the sarcasm before jumping on me).

Hi_Jinks 13 years ago


Perhaps John is a construction worker.

However, my comment was about his response. I've just reread it, and it still doesn't seem to make any sense to me! I don't think he understood the question properly.

mrcairo 13 years ago

Again, the masses miss the question and begin to spew. The question is: Do you think it's OK for a campaign worker to go to someone's house to collect an advance ballot?

Imagine a disabled person, who wants to vote, and can't get out. To have someone simply pick up a ballot that is already filled out is a wonderful thing to do. Unless of course you believe that the disabled have no voice or no right to vote.

The key words in the question are: To Collect a Ballot, not to force someone to vote one way or another.

Andre_Linoge 13 years ago

While it does make it easier for the Democrats to conduct thier vote fraud activities by facilitating the manufacture of fraudulent ballots and the destruction of ballots cast for the Republicans, it should probably not be allowed.

lunacydetector 13 years ago

with democratic fringe groups being caught (even paying for votes in return for crack cocaine), and the 122,000+ fictitious people or felons (like two convicted Al Qaida terrorists) voting for democrats in ohio, the convicted felons voting in Florida, the attempted suppression of military votes by democrats across the country - it leaves the door wide open for widespread fraud, especially in communities where the democratic party has a lot of power.

the democrats in other states are doing it (fraud). how does the local democratic party explain away the illegal actions committed by democrats in other communities? most democrats feel the election in 2000 was "stolen," even though it was not, so the conscious guilt for fraud has been removed in some democratic minds, obviously.

Hi_Jinks 13 years ago

Good point, nicegirl. You know, I thought of that myself....but I didn't say anything at first because we have some posters here on this site who insist on getting all bent out of shape when they read other posters' comments (like mine) that are directed towards the people in the pictures (like John). So I refrained from doing so (until now)!

Also, I think that if you vote at home, the voting cards/sheet is put inisde a sealed envelope isn't it? I would hope so! Judging by Jared's comment, you would think that a person just hands over their ballot---with no envelope! If that's the case, then Jared has a point. But I can't imagine that that is the case! If it is, I would never choose to vote that way (at home)!

mr_daniels 13 years ago

All folks must know that there is no longer an Honorable Democrat Party; it simply does not even exist! If ever there is a time for voter fraud levied upon the voter, this is it. Third party handling of a ballot will lead to the Government having to force new and National permanent voter change. Voter I.D. is on the horizon. Perhaps that is where we are going! But make no mistake about it oh fellow Conservatives, the Liberal Left has managed to morph itself in the new Democratic Progressive Socialist Party of Amerika and has an agenda for big government and a gradual dismantiling of the U.S. Constitution and the 10 Bill of Rights. Essentially, we Conservatives must guard the Red, White and Blue from those whose banner is that of the Hammer and Sickle!


nicegirl 13 years ago

Yes Hi_jinks: I think the question eluded him. I was responding to O_B on the part about him not being an engineer as O_B mentioned he wondered what type of engineer he is.

Kontum1972 13 years ago

Wow ...if we could bottle up all this hated and negitive energy between both factions and send it over to Iraq we might defeat the bad guy's.....Jeez.....we are own own worst the way... troop strength is really is morale....and supplies......nobody in now will be able to get out.....they are in for the long haul....recruitment quota's are not being if u need employment..sign-up you "Patriots"......Huwah!

missmagoo 13 years ago

well if i was collecting ballots door to door, i'd throw the dem ones away too.

who's to say ballots by mail get there anyways? hell they can't even count them right half the time at the polling stations anyways.

hoof_hearted: right on, buddy! kontum: lover or hater?

lunacydetector 13 years ago

I wonder what happens at all the rest homes right here in Lawrence, Kansas? The LJW NEEDS to do an investigative report on the rest home residents and how each one voted. Last election I saw a lady with a stack of ballots delivering them from a rest home.

Just tell me how all the old folks knew who they were voting for.

Hi_Jinks 13 years ago

Oh, boy! Here we go! I'm sensing that things are going to get REAL UGLY around here before this day is over!

People, my I remind you that this site is monitored!

Redneckgal 13 years ago

hoof_hearted-what kind of hoof is that? Jackass? That would be appropriate for you.

Kontum1972 13 years ago

HOOFY....sorry i missed u....!

just came back from a funeral for a 29 year old Army Captain killed in IRAQ.....8 days after his birthday...

He made the ultimate sacrifice....! His Family is devastated.....!

What have is you made lately?

exercise your american right and take care of business on NOV 2nd......and as far a my Patriotism is concerned...i earned my "Red Badge of Courage".....from 1971-1973...i earned my Medals....Honorably!

BYE.....BYE! ( * )

Grundoon Luna 13 years ago

I've been watching this blog for months and I have to say it, Hoof Hearted, you are a hateful, contemptable pig. I've never seen someone in such desperate need of a chill pill. Someone should throw a Xanax bomb in a room and lock you in it. Is your hoof cloven 'cuz your meaness and hatred is sinister, man. . .

Grundoon Luna 13 years ago

Yeah, but he definietly needs his own script! He needs plenty - of the huge bar style, too. Maybe some Seroquel and a little Prozac to top it off.

Grundoon Luna 13 years ago

I shudder to think . . . my mama loves me but she could be jivin' too . . .

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