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Is the situation with the flu shots indicative of how the government would handle vaccinations in an emergency situation?

Asked at flu clinic, Free State High School on October 24, 2004

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Photo of Becky Combs

“I think that this is a lot more controlled. There would be more panic in an emergency. They are keeping us well-informed while we wait in line.”

Photo of Tom Carmody

“I think that this is being handled quite well. If there was an emergency, I think that everyone would stay in line.”

Photo of Angi Booth

“I do have a fear that it would be handled this way. I think they are doing the best they can, but I’m not happy about it.”

Photo of Albert Cook

“They should have opened the doors at 8 a.m. if there were already people here. If this was an epidemic, you can bet that this line would go all the way to Eudora.”


my_Two_cents 13 years, 4 months ago

My goodness after all we have seen in the last few years, It surprizes me that there are still beleivers. They just fall in line like cattle. The goverment get there shots first. So if everyone in the country gets the flu and dies except for one person. The goverment is still here to make sure he pays his taxes.

mrcairo 13 years, 4 months ago

Anybody who gets a flu shot to begin with is an idiot.

The Government has been pulling a fast one over the gullible for years. 90% of the time the flu shots received have not contained the protection against the strain that actually hit. They almost never get it right.

But to answer the question, in my opinion, the Government isn't 'Handling' anything, they are letting 'Market Forces' dictate who is willing to pay what price. Kinda like a game, the Government is playing games with peoples health.

It's the Republican way, to make money off of other peoples misery.

Lulu 13 years, 4 months ago

I agree with mrcairo. You are enlightened in regards to how corporate greed and shrub's forces take our health in order to fill their pockets with money from the drug companies.

Beck Wilson 13 years, 4 months ago

Jane: Most likely the self-proclaimed homemakers were taking small children in for the shot.

ladysilk 13 years, 4 months ago

I wanted to remind the public that this was an exercise to practice a plan. The public health community and their partners learned a great deal from this exercise and thus will be better prepared in the event of a real emergency. I also wanted to let "my_two_cents" know that if a health department employee wanted a flu shot they were required to stand in line with the public they did not receive priority of any kind. All of the comments that I heard from community members leaving the clinic were positive and they were impressed by the organization of the clinic. I am disappointed that the ljw put such a negative spin on their article today. There were more content people than disgruntled people but they only focused on the negative. My HUGE thanks go out to the KU students that gave of their time to help at the clinic...especially the Black Student Union and the KU Pharmacy Students. More HUGE thanks to all of the community volunteers that gave up their Saturday to help out. Our community is lucky to have people so willing to volunteer. In the case of a real emergency we will have no trouble finding people to help. If you are unhappy about the way things were run I suggest you give up some of your time to help out. All suggestions by our volunteers were taken seriously and many were implemented on site. In case it was not noted the health department had mental health professionals on site to assist with anxious clients, we also had the Red Cross on site giving out blankets. There were wheel chairs available and escorts for elderly people, many of the students were serving in this capacity. This was a well run clinic and highly praised by all of the evaluators.

gogetter 13 years, 4 months ago

Regardless of whether this flu shot clinic was run perfectly or not, the fact is that a lot of people received the flu injection. Fortunately, I did not need to attend the clinic, as my physician had some for his at -risk patients. Three comments: the first goes out to Jane and relates to the reason that two homemakers were in line to get the flu shot at the clinic. Jane, how do you know those women were not high risk? Are you their health provider? I look the picture of health and am very athletic. However, I also have severe asthma from time to time. The one time I come down with the legitimate flu, I was in intensive care on a respirator, and didn't get to go home for 3 weeks, and was darn lucky to get to home at all. In short, Jane, those womens' health is none of your business, and you have no idea what their medical condition is or is not. Futhermore, if you haven't had the flu in years, yet have not had an immunization shot, then why do you care? Congratulations on your good health! My second statement goes out to ladysilk: I was not at the clinic today, so I did not see whether things went smoothly or not. However, in general, I agree that in our community especially, and in times of great need, many, many people step up to the plate to help out. I wonder how many people were immunized that otherwise would not have had the opportunity. I also agree, as is evidenced by the other comments here, that a whole lot of people sure like to see all the negative in something so positive, and they don't mind voicing their opinions after the fact. Perhaps if they bother to chip in next time, their experience will be somewhat different and substantially more positive. My last comment goes to mrcairo: thank you for attempting to insult everyone who has received or attempted to receive a flu shot. Note that I said "attempt." Dear mrcairo, even if conspiracy theory is valid, it is a huge waste of time. All that aside, 95% or more of those who die from the flu are at risk individuals, many of whom are over 65. Even if the shot misses its intended coverage mark more than half the time in two of every three years, the odds still say that it's worth spending $25 or so a year as a preventative tool. Be happy that you are so healthy, physically, mrcairo, and that you have not needed to gamble and "waste" the money. To everyone else who waited in line, I think that you did the right thing, and we can only hope that mrcairo, Jane and others are not so unfortunate that we prove them wrong. Stay well!

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