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How effectively do you think the United States has handled the Iraqi prison abuse scandal?

Asked at Kentucky Street on May 17, 2004

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Photo of Matthew Wilson

“I don’t agree with how they’re handling it, but I think they’re effectively getting their message across. It’s interesting to see how abuse by other members of the coalition hasn’t been covered.”

Photo of Brandon Smith

“I think Bush needs to be banned. He needs to get out of there. He’s not too smart, starting a war over something so stupid.”

Photo of Justin Atwood

“I don’t think they’ve done a very good job. Bush was pretty slow to come out with an apology, which upset a lot of people. It’s hard to tell who knew what, when, though.”

Photo of Jeremy Karshim

“I think the U.S. could have done a better job, but that kind of thing probably goes on at a lot of prison camps. Maybe the fact that the U.S. is up on a pedestal makes it seem worse than it is.”


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