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Is advertising the ‘Spider-Man 2’ movie on bases at major league baseball games a good way to get youths interested or excessive advertising?

Asked at Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt. on May 6, 2004

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Photo of Cassandra Fox

“I think that Spider-Man and shows for kids should be advertised at those events because it will inspire them to do things.”

Photo of Leighton Watts

“The advertisements are a good promotion for kids to see the movie after they see the ballgame.”

Photo of Nick Bergin

“I think it probably would bring younger kids into the sport. All the little kids will want to see Spider-Man on the bases. How cool is that?”

Photo of Dayna Carleton

“I’m opposed to advertising in general. We shouldn’t be barraged by commercialism everywhere we turn, especially at the all-American sport of baseball.”


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